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The Battle of Porta Panama is a conflict featured in Mobile Suit Gundam SEED.


A few days following the defeat at JOSH-A, ZAFT retaliated by attacking the Panama Base. The goal of the attack was to destroy the Panama Mass Driver, cutting off the Alliance’s supply line to their Lunar Base.

The Battle

During the battle, the Alliance forces introduced their new mass-produced mobile suit, the GAT-01 Strike Dagger. The Strike Dagger would prove to be more than a match against the GINN in combat and would help shift the battle more in the Alliance’s favor.

However, ZAFT deployed their new Gungnir EMP weapons. After activating, the Gungnirs disabled all Alliance military equipment in the area and destroyed the Porta Panama Mass Driver, the last mass driver in Alliance hands, effectively cutting off the Alliance space forces from Earth-based resources. The battle would end in an overwhelming victory for ZAFT.


Following the battle, a number of GINN pilots would slaughtered the surrendering Alliance soldiers in an act of revenge for the ZAFT personnel that died at JOSH-A.


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