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The Battle of Jaburo is a conflict featured in Mobile Suit Gundam and the Mobile Suit Gundam II: Soldiers of Sorrow compilation movie. It was a failed attempt by the Zeon forces to invade the Earth Federation Forces' headquarters at the titular Jaburo underground base.



Zeon forces descend upon Jaburo (late November, U.C.0079).

On November 29, White Base finally reached the HQ of Earth Federation forces, Jaburo. In the same time, Char Aznable found the main entrance of Jaburo. Zeon began their initial attack by launching air raids, while Char led a commando squad to infiltrate Jaburo through another way after wiping out a post with a squad of MSM-04 Acguys. Char's squad found out the GM manufacturing factory inside Jaburo and planted bombs on the GMs, however, this is found found by the orphans from White Base. On the following morning, California Base sent several Dopps and Gaws to attack Jaburo, bringing a lot of MSs to be air-dropped and several marine-type MSs attacked Jaburo through river. However, Zeon miscalculated Jaburo's defenses, the Federation officers agreed that White Base's presence would lure Zeon to Jaburo. That was why the Federation had a better and prepared defense against Zeon and introduced some of their newly mass-produced GMs to the Zeon and overpowered them, but not without losing some of the GMs, tanks and other weaponry. The defense on the space port was strongest as well, since White Base was docked there, they expected White Base to bring the war to end. Char, defeated in a duel against Amuro, retreated from Jaburo and the rest of the Zeon forces retreated later on, with only the Zeon troops in North Africa continuing their resistance. After the battle, White Base left for space to provide a decoy operation.

On the other part of Jaburo, the RX-78-6 Mudrock Gundam was forced to defend it and the Pegasus-class ship the SCV-73 Blanc Rival  while incomplete, however, both were severely damaged by Zeon's Midnight Fenrir Corp [1].


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