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Battle at Torrington (トリントン攻防 Torinton Kōbō?) is a eleventh episode of Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn RE:0096.


As they cross the desert, Banagher learns of Zinnerman's tragic past, and how his family were killed by the Federation Forces. He decides to head for the Torrington base, where new information will be disclosed, to look for a better way to use Laplace's Box. Loni, the pilot of the Shamblo that attacked the Earth Federation capital of Dakar, urges Frontal to attack the Torrington base. Meanwhile, Riddhe's Delta Plus joins the Ra Cailum, the warship commanded by Captain Bright. The Ra Cailum then learns that the Torrington base is under attack. Zeon remnants have gathered in response to Kirks's call, and the Shamblo has appeared in the Sydney Bay, indiscriminately attacking the nearby city. The fury of the Zeon remnants is driving Loni to commit a massacre.[1][2]




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