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The Bala Tortuga is a mobile suit from Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam: Steel 7.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Bala Tortuga is a rebuilt EMS-VSX3 Tortuga by the Strategic Naval Research Institute and still serves the role of defense and mid-range fire support. The only upgrade on the Bala Tortuga is the hammer hands are replaced with 2-barrel beam cannons.


  • Beam Gun
The Bala Tortuga mounts eight beam guns, one in each of the back-mounted spikes. These guns are mid-range offensive weapons used to counter attack an enemy that has been blocked by the beam shield. This usually leaves an opening for other members of the Death Gale team to attack
  • High-output Beam Shield
The primary armament of the Bala Tortuga, and the reason for its construction, is a high-output beam shield generated by emitters shaped as spikes mounted on the machines back. The shield generated is similar in size to the Bala Tortuga and is capable of blocking the attack from any known weapon employed by the Crossbone Vanguard's mobile suits, or the Jupiter Empire's mobile suits, several of which were captured and used by the Crossbone Vanguard. The greatest weakness of the beam shield is that it requires the Bala Tortuga's back to be facing the enemy, leaving its front undefended.
  • 2-barrel Beam Cannon

Special Equipment & Features

  • Fast-hardening Gas Emitters
Hidden within the Tortuga's bulky armor are six fast-hardening gas emitters. Should an enemy by-pass the shield and pierce the Tortuga's front armor with melee weapons, they are unlikely to hit a vital system and are likely to break one of the gas emitters. Once the gas is released it quickly hardens into a rubber cement substance that binds anything it comes in contact with in place. This includes mobile suits that are typically left open to an attack from the hammer hands.


The Bala Tortuga is piloted by Barnes Gernsback and he joins the Crossbone Vanguard to fight against the Jupiter Empire.


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