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Baker (ベイカー Beikā?) is a fictional character of Gundam Build Fighters anime series.


Baker is the PPSE's secretary for Chairman Mashita. She is a talented woman, more involved in management. She is also good-looking and a clear brain in the company. She and Allan Adams are colleagues.

Acting on orders of her superior, she requested that the World Tournament organizers activated a AI operated robot to destroy the Star Build Strike under the guise of a surprise event to add drama to the Battle Royal.

She later rigged both Sei and Luang Dallara 's positions on the matches so their Gunplas had to face each other in a baseball field, with the Star Build Strike having an inferior weapon (the glove) and Luang having both a superior weapon (the bat) which was enhanced further by the fact Dallara had been an exceptional baseball player in the past.

Having been unable to destroy the Star Build Strike on both accounts, she resorted to hiring Gunpla Mafia C to deal with the Gunpla once and for all. This plan failed to destroy the Gunpla, but managed to make them lose the match.

She is the only person aware of Mashita's concern over Sei and Reiji's (particularly the latter) presence in the tournaments, and Mashita confides in her that Reiji is a threat to his own secret as well as that of the Plavsky Particles. Before he can elaborate on that she knocked him aside to investigate the windows as she suspected that Someone was overhearing their conversation.

She is tough and professional, but she can also be vindictive, as she took great pleasure in setting the traps against Sei and Reiji to please Mashita. She displays frustration when, despite her many efforts, Sei and Reiji were able to place in the finals of the Tournament, mostly thanks to external interference (Fellini, Mao, Nielsen, Kawaguchi, Dallara and Mr. Ral) and Sei's ability to overcome problems with his own tactics and developments on his gunpla.

After the destruction of the giant Arista Mashita was transported back to Arian and Baker, having grown very attached to him, grabbed him as he disappeared. She was last seen selling Mocks with him on the streets of Arian and appeared to be rather happy with those circumstances.


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