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Baba (馬場 Baba?) is a fictional character that appears in Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny.

Personality & Character

Baba is extremely dedicated to his duties, believing that a soldier must always follow orders, no matter how unreasonable they are. To that end, he is willing to sacrifice his own life.

Skills & Abilities

Baba is a skilled mobile suit pilot, as shown when he repeatedly evaded the Minerva's CIWS defenses and fire from its on-board mobile suits during his attack runs. He even came close to destroying the Minerva's bridge, and was only stopped by the Freedom's intervention.


During Ergnes Brahe and Nahe Herschel's visit to Orb, Baba demonstrated the MVF-M11C Murasame's transformation ability to the Martians, who were surprised to see that transformable technology is available on Earth.

When Athrun headed to Orb in the Saviour, Baba led a team of Murasames to intercept him, telling him that Orb has allied itself with the Earth Alliance and is now at war with ZAFT.

During the Battle of Crete, Baba led a Murasame squadron to attack the Minerva. Baba's Murasame dodged through the Minerva's defensive fire, but just as he was about to fire on the bridge, the Archangel team intervened, and Freedom destroyed his beam rifle.

Cagalli, in the Aile Strike Rouge (Strike Rouge Ootori in the HD Remaster), attempted to convince Orb forces to stop fighting, saying that there is no reason for them to attack the Minerva. However, Baba responded that the current leader of Orb, Yuna Roma Seiran, ordered them to attack the Minerva, and that it is a soldier's duty to follow orders, no matter how difficult.

Baba then threw the Strike Rouge aside and launched one last attack run with the rest of his squadron. His Murasame was hit by the Force Impulse's beam rifle. However, he managed to crash it into one of Minerva's Isolde turrets, causing a massive explosion and killing him.


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