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The BMS-005SS G-Xiphos [Snake Sword Equipment Type] is a variant of the BMS-005 G-Xiphos that appears in Mobile Suit Gundam AGE -UNKNOWN SOLDIERS-.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The G-Xiphos equipped with the Snake Sword, a custom weapon developed specifically for the suit. The Snake Sword can only be controlled by highly skilled pilots and if controlled well, is capable of confusing the enemy in close combat and giving the equipped suit the initiative in battle.


  • Snake Sword
A composite weapon that is mounted directly to the left forearm via an attachment point built into the arm, it replaces the DODS Buster H. Besides the eponymous snake sword, which is a heat sword capable of changing into a heat whip, the weapon also has a shield, three claws and a beam gun. The shield has a skull emblem for intimidation purposes.


Wivik used the G-Xiphos [Snake Sword Equipment Type] to raid a convoy that was transporting narcotics. He successfully destroyed the convoy's containers and disabled the escort units.

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