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The B/D Rider is a Gunpla appearing in the Gundam Breaker Mobile video game. It is piloted by Ren Kotomori.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

A custom Gunpla based on the RX-80PR Pale Rider and GAT-X102 Duel Gundam Assault Shroud. The Gunpla also uses the Christina MacKenzie AI pilot.


  • Vulcan Gun
A standard armament of the mobile suits, they are head mounted shell firing weapons with a high-rate of fire, but little power and are generally ineffective against mobile suits.
  • Beam Saber
Mounted on the backpack, these are close combat weapons that can slice through armor without anti-beam coating.
  • Hand Beam Gun
Mounted on the forearms, these beam guns have a short effective range and are most suitable for use in close combat.
  • Beam Rifle
Based on the Beam Rifle from the RGM-96X Jesta Cannon. An aiming device is fixed on the top of the barrel for increased accuracy, and a grenade launcher is located below the barrel. Besides the normal firing mode, it also has a beam machine gun-like rapid fire mode.


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Notes & Trivia

  • The Beam Rifle is depicted with some blue details in-game compared to the all-gray weapon seen in the animated opening. 
  • In Ver. 1.3 of the game, the Gunpla features Ren's voice lines in place of her AI Pilots in the Free Missions until the Ver 1.4 update.


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