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Avil Zech (アヴリル・ゼック Avuriru Zekku?) is a fictional character from the Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn: The Noble Shroud manga. He piloted a AMS-129M Zee Zulu.


A supporter of Neo Zeon, 1st Lt. Avril Zech was a young mobile suit pilot being trained and dispatched by by the Sleeves to support the Zeon Remnants on Earth in the rebellion of Earth Federation's rule during U.C. 0096.


Zech was dispatched to Earth and assigned to support Zeon Remnant's convener, Yonem Kirks and his band of Zeon rebels at New Guinea Base in anticipation to the Zeon Remnant's attack to EFF's Torrington Base in conjunction to the Third Neo Zeon War (Laplace Conflict) in U.C. 0096. He was assigned to pilot AMS-129M Zee Zulu with his Zeon Remnant's counterpart, Tessera Massera. He was quite snobbish upon arriving the Earth, displaying the superiority of The Sleeve as backer and driving force of anti-Federation rule, much to the annoyance of Earth based Zeon remnants.

During the Zeon Remnant's strike at Dakar, Zech and Massera's Zee Zulu encounter a team of EFF's RAG-79 Aqua GM led by RAG-79-G1 Waterproof Gundam, but they were able to defeat the Federation's amphibious mobile suits. Later, Zech and Massera's Zee Zulu duo formed part of Zeon Remnants's landing team during the attack of EFF's Torrington Base. The duo encountered EFF's counterattack by RX-160S Byalant Custom, which disarmed Massera's Zee Zulu by chopping off both its arms, and then immobilized Zech's Zee Zulu by slamming it to a base building. Zech survived the attack, and was able to return to New Guinea Base to defend an impending raid by Earth-bound Pirates.


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