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The Autonomous Republic of Munzo (ムンゾ自治共和国 Munzo Jichi Kyōwakoku?) is a colony government featured in the Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin manga and its OVA adaptation.

Branches of Organization

National Diet

Munzo's legislature. Known political parties include the Zeon Party. It was in the diet building that Zeon Zum Deikun would make his ill-fated speech.

Munzo Defense Force

Established by the people of Munzo for their own self-defense, the Munzo Defense Force was ultimately subordinated to the Earth Federation Forces garrisoned in Side 3, which prompted some enlistees, such as Clamp, to resign.[1]

Munzo State Security Police

Under the command of Kycilia Zabi and recognized by the Federation Forces as an independent police organization, it was responsible for the protection of VIPs and public security.[1]


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