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Please note that this is the Gundam Wiki's article on the Mobile Suit Gundam SEED episode titled "Athrun"; if you are looking for the article on the fictional Cosmic Era character, then you should head to Athrun Zala.


Athrun in the Justice assists Kira fight against the Forbidden, Raider, and Calamity. As the fight continues, the three Earth Alliance pilots argue with one another, but they are interrupted when they are struck by intense pain. The Earth Alliance are forced to retreat and regroup. The two friends reunite and Athrun must decide whether he should continue obeying his father's orders or fight for what he believes in.





Notes & Trivia

Production Errors

  • During the Boosted Men's friendly fire, Calamity's beam cannon sounds were played when Orga yells to Shani before it was fired. This was fixed in the HD Remastered broadcast.
  • When Orga has suffered withdrawal symptoms, the sound effect was missing.

HD Remaster Changes

  • Shani's withdrawal symptoms was slightly slowed down.
  • Several scenes from the Special Edition release is added in this episode:
    • Clotho/Raider and Shani/Forbidden seeing Justice for the first time.
  • Newly Animated scenes:
    • New scenes of Dearka/Buster, Mwu/Perfect Strike and the M1 Astray team were added.
    • Forbidden firing his Plasma Induction Cannon with Shani yelling his battle cry.
    • The Raider deflecting Justice's beam saber.
    • The Calamity landing one of the ships.
    • The Calamity taking off from the field of Destroyed M1 Astray units, and Calamity firing his cannons.
    • The Freedom & Justice fighting Forbidden.