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Astray's Blade is the nineteenth episode of Gundam Build Fighters .


The next opponent for the Sei and Reiji team is Nils Nielsen, the young prodigy known as the Early Genius. His Sengoku Astray, which uses an arsenal of weapons and techniques based on Plavsky particles, is definitely a tough enemy. On the eve of the battle, Nils contacts Sei and Reiji and tells them he wants to ask them about something. If they tell him, he is willing to withdraw from the battle.




Appearance Character
1 Georgios Laertius
2 Nils Nielsen
3 Sei Iori
4 Reiji
5 Baker
6 Allan Adams
7 Tatsuya Yuki
8 Chairman Mashita
9 Rinko Iori
10 Caroline Yajima
11 China Kousaka

Mobile Weapons




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