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Team ArstFaige is a Gunpla Battle team formed in the Kiyomizu Gakuen.



  • Salam (サラーム) (leader)
  • Matsuo (マツオー)
  • Gar (ガー)


  • MS-14Aaf Gelgoog - HGUC Gelgoogs customized by each member of the "ArstFaige" team. Both the shoulders and the ankles belong to the "HGUC Gelgoog J" and the left arms of different "mobile operators" was added. Each has a backpack that was made by dividing the "HGUC Loto" into three parts, these parts can be joined to form the Lotto as a support unit, and changes were made to improve mobility.
    • Salam Use - Leading machine. The left arm is adapted in the rocket launcher of the "HGUC Juaggu", it plays an effective role in support as a bomber. The backpack will be Loto's backpack.
    • Matsuo Use - The left arm is replaced with a flexible arm of "HGUC Hygogg", and is good at tactics that make use of the flexibility and high mobility of this arm. The armor has thinned as compensation for the high mobility. The backpack is made up of Loto's upper body and a turret.
    • Gar Use - The left arm is adapted to arm the hit unit of "HGUC Zogok", this and the heat sword, specializes in hand-to-hand combat and also made use of the Gelgoog's twin beam sword. Unlike the other units, mobility is somewhat lower. The backpack is made up of Loto's lower body.


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