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Arnold Neumann (アーノルド・ノイマン) is the ranking non-commissioned officer of the Earth Alliance warship Archangel, and one of the few survivors of the ship's original crew.


Quiet and professional, he's usually overshadowed by his charismatic superiors.


First Alliance-PLANT War

Battle of Heliopolis

After the attack on Heliopolis, Neumann takes over as the ship's pilot. Later when the Heliopolis students enlist, Tolle Koenig works alongside as a navigator.

Battle of Artemis

When the Archangel is locked down at the space fortress Artemis, he takes charge and breaks the ship free.

Battle of Orbit

Equatorial Skirmishes to Orb

Battle near Orb and the Marshall Islands

Battle of JOSH-A

Battle of Orb

Following his defection and during the Battle of Orb, he stayed on the Archangel and continued to pilot it while it was in combat.

Battle of Mendel Colony

Battle of Boaz

Battle of Jachin Due

Second Alliance-PLANT War

After the first war, he is among the Archangel crew that joins Orb's military.



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