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The Arianrhod Fleet is a faction introduced in Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS and is formally known as the Outer Lunar Orbit Joint Fleet.


Led by Rustal Elion, it is an elite moon-based unit tasked with intercepting any threats to the Earth Sphere and noted as being more efficient than the fleets of the Outer Sphere. It is also involved in the day to day monitoring of the various space colonies and keeping the peace within them. Gaelio Bauduin was unable to pursue Tekkadan into the Dort Colonies due to the presence of the Arianhod Fleet, showing that the fleet's influence is greater than the individual families of the Seven Stars. 


P.D. 323

The Arianrhod Fleet is first encountered by Tekkadan during the Dort Colony riots. After the workers' protest turned violent, which was actually a setup by Gjallarhorn, the fleet engaged and quickly subdued the workers. The fleet also engaged Tekkadan when they intervened, but were forced to lay down arms when Kudelia Aina Bernstein made her broadcast.

P.D. 325


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