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Arbrau (アーブラウ Āburau?) is a nation featured in the Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS television series. Arbrau's territories include Russia, Canada and Alaska. They also had a territory on Mars, home to the city Chryse, but following the McGillis Fareed Incident, the territory was granted to the newly formed Martian Union.


Arbrau appears to be a parliamentary democracy, led by a Prime Minister and a parliament which is located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.[1]



The bulk of Arbrau's territory.


The capital and parliament of Arbrau are located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Following the McGillis Fareed Incident, the parliament building was renamed Makanai Memorial hall to honor Makanai and how he devoted his final years to freeing and abolishing use of Human Debris, it was where Rustal and Kudelia both signed a treaty regarding such.[2]


The first area within Arbrau's Earth territories that Tekkadan went to during their mission to Edmonton was the port at Anchorage, Alaska. There is a train running from Anchorage to Fairbanks.[3]

Martian Territories

Main article: Chryse Autonomous Region After the Calamity War, Mars was divided up into territories, each of which were ruled by Earth's factions. The Arbrau Territory (アーブラウ領 Āburau-ryō?) includes the city of Chryse which the government of Arbrau later gave limited autonomy to.


P.D. 205

Arbrau's government had given limited autonomy to its Martian territories.

P.D. 323

Following Kudelia Aina Bernstein's speech to the Earth Sphere, Ms. Henri Fleurs, Member of Parliament, visited the Arbrau Central Parliament Building (アーブラウ 中枢議会議事堂 Āburau Chūsū Gikai Gijidō?) where she met journalists who had heard rumors about ex-prime Minister Togonosuke Makanai, relating to bribery allegations and the potential return to his former position. With the plenary session taking place in two months afterwards, she was asked if she'd also run. She answered that there'd be an official announcement and wished a good weekend to her small audience before returning to her car. Upon returning to her car, she asked the other occupant, Iznario Fareed of the Seven Stars of Gjallarhorn, if Makanai was still at the Oceanian Federation. Iznario told her not to worry as they were tracking his movements and gives her a tablet featuring news about Kudelia. She asked if Makanai called upon the girl. Iznario stated that people always seek an idol, or rather a fictitious figure without caring about the truth.[4]

Ms. Fleurs had the backing of Gjallarhorn whereas Mr. Makanai believed he could win again with the backing of Tekkadan.[5]

Eventually Makanai won the election and proceeded talks with Kudelia.[6]

Arbrau-SAU War (P.D. 325)

Both sides built up their forces along the border of the SAU and Arbrau. The war started out right after a military reconnaissance jet crashed due to Ahab reactor interference from a mobile suit. After the incident the two side entered into open conflict with heavy mobile suit and mobile worker combat being waged in the forest and plains of the border region. Arbrau quickly assembled a defense force while also employing Tekkadan's Earth branch and Galan Mossa's mercenary group. The war waged on until Makani reemerged to settle the situation.