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The Arana Abijo is a mobile suit from Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam: Steel 7. It was piloted by Rosemary Raspberry.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Arana Abijo is a technological cross between the EMS-VSX2 Abijo and EMS-12 Arana and could be considered a variant of either. It should be noted that the Arana Abijo possesses the body of the Arana mobile suit and the head of the Abijo mobile suit.

Key features of the Arana Abijo includes the backpack fin-nozzles from the EMS-12 Arana which are designed for increased agility. The flexible thrusters are capable of moving in all directions to increase mobility. Another key feature is its small size and mass which aids in more efficient thruster operation, granting the Arana Abijo further agility, but in exchange it has very weak armor and a relatively small reactor. Its possibly that the Abijo's head contains more sensors than standard, which would fall in line with the Jupiter Empire's design characteristics (see EMS-07 Erebado), and if that is true, then the Arana Abijo would have more sensors than the Arana.

A key difference from its predecessors is that the Arana Abijo's main weapon are two beam cannons attached to its side armor. Their size and length indicates that these are high powered long range beam cannons and pack a greater punch than any weapon used by either the Abijo or the Arana. The mass of the cannons is offset by additional vernier thrusters placed on the rear of each cannon.


  • Beam Cannon


The Arana Abijo is piloted by Rosemary Raspberry and she joins the Crossbone Vanguard to fight against the Jupiter Empire.


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  • "Araña" means "spider" in Spanish.
  • "Abeja" means "bee" in Spanish.

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