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The Apsaras I is a Mobile Armor developed by the Principality of Zeon in the anime series Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Apsaras Project, approved by Degwin Sodo Zabi and led by Ginias Sahalin,[1] was a project to construct a mobile armor capable of descending from the stratosphere and destroying the Earth Federation Forces headquarters, Jaburo, using a powerful mega particle cannon.[2] The Apsaras I was the project's first prototype and its development focus was the Minovsky Craft System. As such, it was unarmed, and the mega particle cannon at its center was a dummy. However, it was capable of attacking by increasing the output of its Minovsky Craft to generate a shockwave.[3]

Special Equipment & Features

A lift-generating system that allows a vehicle to resist the pull of Earth's gravity. When Minovsky particles are released into the air, the positive and negative particles spontaneously align themselves into a three-dimensional cubic lattice. Because of the repulsive and electrostatic forces between the particles, this lattice resists compression, and the Minovsky Craft System uses this phenomenon to push the underside of the vehicle away from the planet's surface. This allows the equipped vehicle to float over Earth's surface. It is not installed on a standard mobile suit due to its power requirements and size. The Apsaras I can raise the output of its Minovsky Craft System momentarily to generate a shockwave that can be used as a means of attack.


In October, U.C. 0079,[4] the Apsaras I, piloted by Aina Sahalin, completed its first test flight, marking the completion of the first phase of the Apsaras Project.[1]

However, during a subsequent test flight, it experienced a malfunction and was forced to descend in Federation-controlled territory, encountering the Federation's 08th Mobile Suit Team in the process. In order to protect Norris Packard's DFA-03 Dopp, Aina rammed the Apsaras into Karen Joshua's RX-79[G] Gundam Ground Type, then unleashed a powerful shockwave using its Minovsky Craft. Terry Sanders Jr. fired at the Apsaras using his Gundam Ground Type's cannon, then jumped at it and attacked it with a beam saber. Though Aina was able to send Sanders's unit flying back, she was forced to retreat by the concentrated fire from the other two units of the team.[1]

The Apsaras I later crash landed near a village. While it was being repaired, Zeon forces occupied the village, disallowing anyone to leave in order to keep the presence of the Apsaras a secret. After the repairs were finished, the Apsaras I took off once again.[5] It was later fitted with a functional mega particle cannon, becoming the Apsaras II.[6]


  • Apsaras 0


Notes and Trivia

  • The name Apsaras is derived from a rendering of "Apsara", a female spirit of clouds and water in Hindu and Buddhist culture.


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