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Characters, technology and setting of Anno Domini timeline, Gundam 00

Anno Domini is the timeline used by the anime television series Mobile Suit Gundam 00 and its spinoff projects. The timeline Anno Domini (abbreviated as AD or A.D) is derived from the real life term, which is the designation used to number years after the birth of Christ in the Julian and Gregorian calendar. The story of Gundam 00 is running within the same timeline as the present society is currently residing in, around 300 years into the future from today.


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  • At the age of 39, Aeolia Schenberg comes out with a solution to solve the Global Fuel Crisis: a theoretical basis for the combined Orbital Elevator and photovoltaic energy system.[1] As the level of technology available at the time of publication is not advanced enough to realize the project, his theory receives little public attention.
  • While working on the concept of orbital space elevator, Aeolia also works on the development of humanoid machines.[1] It is before the actual production of mobile suits so historically, he can be viewed as its inventor.
  • Aeolia postulates the fundamental theory about GN Particles and most of the technology (GN Drives, Veda, etc) around it.
  • At the age of 40, Aeolia observes that the world as he knows it is full of hatred, greed and violence. However, with his findings about the special particles that could transmit thoughts, he regains hope for humanity and begins to come up with an envisioned goal for all of mankind. It'll be later referred to as "Aeolia Schenberg's Plan."
  • The paramilitary organization Celestial Being is formed under the ideology of ending global conflict by Aeolia Schenberg in order to realize his vision of a world without warfare.
  • The supercomputer Veda is created to help further realize Aeolia's plan.
  • Using the genetic templates from several human donors, living Veda-terminals known as Innovades are created by Celestial Being. Among the first batch to be made are the Ribbons-type Innovades, which are made from the genetic make-up of Aeolia Schenberg's colleague, E. A. Ray.[2]
  • Aeolia Schenberg dedicates his life to the advancement of space colonization.[1] He later disappears from public view. It is speculated that he had settled on another planet and died there, though it is never confirmed.
  • A mission to send the exploration vessel Europa to Jupiter, backed by the Union, is launched.[3] The purpose of the mission is for the sake of space exploration. A crew of Celestial Being scientists is secretly among the people sent for the mission. One of their objectives is to manufacture the GN Drives on Jupiter.
  • Innovade Lars Grise, after killing his wife, breaks his ties with Veda and wanders the Earth to kill every Innovade on the planet.[4]
  • Five GN Drives are completed and sent back to Earth via an unmanned capsules.
  • The Incident at Jupiter occurs. One of the crew members involved with the Jupiter project killed the other remaining members, ejected all the data terminals he could find then attempted to completely destroy their ship.[5] The details of this incident are not known until the year 2225.
  • Two men from an unknown exploration team arrive at the ruins of the Jupiter exploration ship, where they find and retrieve a purple Haro.[3][6]
  • Planning and funding for the construction of the Orbital Elevators begin.[1][7]
  • Neil and Lyle Dylandy are born in the AEU Ireland. (March 3)[8]
  • The Republic of Moralia is founded.[9]
  • The 4th Solar Power War occurs.
  • The "Mars Tragedy" occurs. A space ship is afflicted with a incurable virus near the planet Mars. After pleas for help went unanswered, colony construction worker Robark Stad Sr. ventures out to the ship and finds a young woman still alive. The Union blames the incident on the woman and she is sentenced to life in prison. The woman would later be given an invitation to join Celestial Being with the codename of Marlene Vlady.
  • The 5th Solar Power War occurs.
  • The Advanced European Union (AEU) developed its first practical all-round MS, the AEU-05 Hellion (later AEU-05/92 Hellion Initium). The Human Reform League (HRL), on the other hand, have already begun deployment of the MSJ-06II-A Tieren.
  • Dr. Joyce B. Moreno leaves Médecins Sans Frontières and Ian Vashti resigns from the AEU military. Both accept an offer to join Celestial Being.
  • The Plutone incident occurs. The 2nd Generation Gundam Meisters intervene in a terrorist attack on the HRL Orbital Elevator. Ruido and Marlene are killed saving Chall Acustica, a fellow Gundam Meister, from the malfunctioning Plutone.[13][14] The incident is allegedly planned by Innovade Gundam Meister, Beside Pain, but never confirmed.
  • The Union's Orbital Elevator is completed. The HRL's is the next to complete. The AEU's Orbital Elevator lagged behind, and is still not completed in 2307.
  • The Ireland Bombing Incident occurs. KPSA was responsible for the suicide bomb attack. Neil and Lyle's parents and sister are among those who died during the incident.[15]
  • The HRL fights a battle outside the HRL Orbital Elevator. Sergei's wife, Holly Smirnov, dies in combat.[16]
  • Leesa Kujō graduates from an International Union University at the age of 17. Together with Kati Mannequin, they both sign on to train in the AEU as tactical forecasters.
  • Soran Ebrahim, under the influence of Ali al-Saachez, kills his parents and becomes a child soldier fighting for the KPSA during the Krugis Civil War.[17]
  • Robark Stad Jr., also known as Fon Spaak, becomes a member of a terrorist group base in the Union.
  • Celestial Being decides to send the 0 Gundam to intervene in the Krugis Civil War in order to test the Gundam's performance capabilities.[18] 0 Gundam's pilot, Ribbons Almark destroys both KPSA and Azadistan MS Forces on the scene, but spares one of the child guerrillas, Soran Ebrahim.
  • Chall Acoustica becomes a Celestial Being agent.[19]
  • Fon Spaak first encounters Celestial Being. He is recommended by Veda as a potential comrade (spare Gundam Meister) to Grave Violento.[20] He later joins Celestial Being.
  • Grave Violento proposed several candidates to be Gundam Exia's Gundam Meister, but Veda rejected them. He later learnt that Veda had approved someone else's recommendation for the role of Exia's Gundam Meister. Unbeknownst to him, Ribbons Almark had recommended Soran Ebrahim to Veda. Grave had no problems with the candidate being proposed by others as an unsuitable candidate would be eliminated in the subsequent tests.
  • Civil war in Celestial Being. Grave Violento was eventually shot by Hixar Fermi, who was controlled via Quantum Brainwaves.[21] The attack on Grave urges Gundam Meister 874 to launch in GNY-0042-874 Gundam Artemie and pursue the culprit. At the same time, Beside Pain seizes 3 of the GN Drives and launches a CBY-001 1 Gundam and two CBY-077 GN Cannons.[22] A battle erupted between Beside and 874. Beside was later defeated by Grave, who arrived in GN-XXX+GNR-000 Sefer Rasiel despite his mortal injuries. Grave dies shortly afterwards and his data in Veda is erased. Hixar disappears and is labelled dead by Veda. Beside Pain is pronounced dead and one of his body container is relegated into an Intelligence-type Innovade. Due to insufficient evidence to pin the civil war on Beside Pain, Gundam Meister 874 is put responsible for the incident by Veda and is restricted into a Haro information terminal as a punishment.[23]
  • Graham Aker tests the Iris Corporation's YMS-01A Flag.[24] He first demonstrates the mobile suit's mid-air transformation, capturing its spectators with awe. The feat is later dubbed the "Graham Special". The Iris Corporation's "Flag" defeats Belfactory's "Blast" for the position as the new mainstay mobile suit for the Union. The Flag is later developed and renamed to SVMS-01 Union Flag. Graham is later transferred to MSWAD and is granted the position of First Lieutenant.
  • October 6:[26] The AEU demonstrates their new mobile suit AEU-09 AEU Enact at the AEU Orbital Elevator in Africa. Celestial Being performs their first armed interventions; Gundam Exia cuts down the Enact in front of many AEU delegates and spectators. Celestial Being continues operations by exposing large numbers of AEU mobile suits in the Orbital Elevator and foiling a terrorist attack at the HRL's orbital station Heaven's Pillar. Celestial Being announces its existence to the world.[18]
  • Celestial Being's branch group, Fereshte, operates from the shadow to assist the Ptolemy team. The group is led by Chall Acustica, and uses upgraded Second Generation Gundams, powered by the fifth GN Drive, during their armed interventions. Fon Spaak becomes their Gundam Meister.[27]
  • Celestial Being lauches an armed intervention against ethnic conflict in Ceylon. Their actions did not end the conflict there; however, their action of overwhelming both sides in the conflict shows how serious they are in their goal of ending war through armed conflict.[1]
  • The Union forms the Anti-Gundam Investigation Unit (later renamed as the Over Flags and officially known as the United States of America 8th Independent Tactical Air Squadron).[28] Its task is to investigate the nature of the Gundams and, if possible, capture one. MSWAD Engineer Billy Katagiri and First Lieutenant Graham Aker are transferred from MSWAD to the newly formed unit. Graham is promoted to the position of Captain of its mobile suit squad. Professor Ralph Eifman becomes the unit's chief engineer. They were later joined by Warrant Officer Howard Mason and Master Sergeant Daryl Dodge.
  • The HRL denounces Celestial Being's actions in the media and promised to do all it can to destroy the paramilitary group.[29] The other two superpowers (the AEU and the Union) also condemn Celestial Being. However, they only promise to take action against the group if Celestial Being takes part in a conflict within one of their member states.[30]
  • The HRL forms its own special task force against the Gundams, lead by Lieutenant Colonel Sergei Smirnov. The unit is later renamed as the Chobu team. Second Lieutenant Soma Peries from the Super Human Research Institute is transferred to the unit to act as its ace against the Gundams.[29]
  • Taribia announces its succession from the Union. Celestial Being attacks Taribia's military for trying to incite war against the Union. Devastated by the outcome, Taribia reverses its decision and rejoins the Union.[29]
  • The AEU and the Republic of Moralia launch a large military exercise to lure the Gundams, hoping to overwhelm the Gundams with their sheer numbers and capture them.[9] The Gundams intervened during the exercise and destroyed Moralia's military within 5 hours. The exercise was a disaster, but the event made Moralia much closer to the AEU.[17]
  • La Edenra starts a worldwide bombing campaign in response to Celestial Being's actions. Celestial Being attacks La Edenra's bases world wide, inflicting huge damage to the terrorist group.[31]
  • The HRL's Chobu team launches an attack against the Ptolemy in order to capture the Gundams.[30] Their extensive operation ends in a failure and over 20 Tierens are destroyed. The existence of GN-004 Gundam Nadleeh is revealed.[32]
  • Celestial Being launches an attack on the HRL's Super Human Research Institute and destroys the facility. The attack, together with the leaking of information about the facility to the public, creates a large PR scandal for the HRL. They are forced to shut down the Super Soldier Program and arrest those who were involved in the Super Soldier project.[33]
  • The Middle Eastern country of Azadistan receives aid from the UN to build their own solar energy generation facility.[34] The event incites conflict between the conservatives and the reformists. The situation grows into a civil war after conservative leader Rasa Massoud Rachmadi is abducted by an unknown group.[35] The Union launches an operation in the country to end it's civil strife. Celestial Being also intervenes in the conflict; and later rescues Rasa from the mercenaries who abducted him. Rasa's return to Azadistan momentarily ends the civil war in the country.[35]
  • The AEU, the HRL and the Union agree to perform a joint military exercise within the HRL region around the Taklamakan Desert, with the main goal of capturing Celestial Being's Gundams.[36] They reveal the existance of a uranium storage facility to a terrorist group in the region, so that the Gundams will intervene. The Gundams intervene as planned and after being bombarded for over 16 hours, are overwhelmed by the superpowers' superior numbers.[37] As each superpower is about to claim a Gundam, Team Trinity, with their Gundam Thrones, arrive to rescue the Gundam Meisters.[38] Due to their arrival and a mass communications blackout caused by Team Trinity, the operation halts and is later declared as a failure.
  • Celestial Being observers hold an emergency meeting to discuss about the newly arrived Gundams. With the meeting, they decide to acknowledge Team Trinity as part of Celestial Being.[38]
  • Team Trinity begins their armed interventions. In one such interventions, they destroy the Union's MSWAD base, killing Professor Ralph Eifman who was investigating the nature of the GN Drives and the true objective of Aeolia's plan.[3] Team Trinity mostly targets military bases and arms factories during their operations. Among other bases they attack are the AEU's Northeastern Italy Base and the Union's Iris Corporation's factory. The soaring civilian death tolls during these armed interventions soured the public's opinion about Celestial Being.[39]
  • Team Trinity tries to disband Fereshte and attempts to forcibly take their GN Drive. Fon Spaak intervenes in Gundam Plutone and fights against them. Fon's neck bracelet detonates, causing him to lose blood and to self detonate the Plutone. Team Trinity eventually gives up on acquiring the GN Drive. Fon and Hanayo barely escape with the GN Drive.[40][41]
  • UN Ambassador Alejandro Corner invites UN test pilot Deborah Galiena and Historian Robert Spacey and reveals the GNX-509T Throne Varanus. Alejandro reveals his broken ties with Celestial Being and persuades Deborah to test pilot the Throne in able to defeat Celestial Being and the Gundams. Deborah's data and suggestion lead to the development of GNX-603T GN-X.[42]
  • Setsuna F. Seiei and the Gundam Meisters attack Team Trinity under the pretense that the Trinitys are promoting conflict through their armed interventions. The battle ends with the Trinity retreating from the scene. During the battle, the Trial System was successfully used in combat for the first time.[43]
  • The AEU, the HRL and the Union each receive ten GN-Tau Drives from Laguna Harvey, a Celestial Being Observer.[43] They decide to unite under the banner of the United Nations and formally announce the creation of the United Nations Forces to combine their military resources in order to better combat Celestial Being. The Anti-Gundam campaign Operation Fallen Angels begins.[44]
  • JNN reporter Kinue Crossroad is murdered by mercenary Ali al-Saachez while investigating about Aeolia Schenberg and Celestial Being.[44]
  • Introduction of the GNX-603T GN-X. Team Trinity attacks a military base in HRL territory, Guangzhou. During their operation, they are intercepted by the HRL's 10 new GNX-603T GN-Xs, fielded by the Chobu Squadron. They are overwhelmed by the new mobile suits and are forced to retreat.[44]
  • Celestial Being Observer Alejandro Corner, along with Ribbons Almark, embarks on a journey to the dark side of the moon, searching for the location of Celestial Being's supercomputer, Veda.[44]
  • Celestial Being Observer Laguna Harvey is killed in his office by Ali al-Saachez.[45] Alejandro Corner orders the elimination of all Celestial Being Observers after acquiring Veda.[46]
  • The United Nations counterattacks against Team Trinity. The HRL's team, lead by Sergei Smirnov, launches an attack against Team Trinity in Africa. The GN-X squadron overwhelms the Gundam Thrones. Sergei captures Team Trinity's base in Africa after losing a GN-X.[45][47]
  • The Union and AEU, led by Kati Mannequin, launch an attack against the Ptolemy group at Lagrange 1. In their first battle against the Gundams, two of their GN-Xs are destroyed. Gundam Dynames is badly damaged in combat. The GNR-001 GN Arms is first deployed in combat.[45]
  • During the AEU and Union's operation against the Gundams, Alejandro Corner cuts off Veda's backup system connected to the Gundams, disabling the 3rd Generation Gundams. Sumeragi Lee Noriega implements a Stand-Alone Operating System to solve the crisis.[45]
  • Ali al-Saachez kills Michael and Johann Trinity and steals the GNW-002 Gundam Throne Zwei. With Nena Trinity being the sole survivor, Team Trinity is effectively disbanded.[47]
  • Alejandro Corner takes control of Veda, thanks to Ribbons Almark, and discovers the frozen body of Aeolia Schenberg. He kills Aeolia, but this triggers Aeolia's system trap, which activates the Trans-Am System on the 5 GN-Drives. The system trap also makes the Gundam Meisters' (and their crew's) files in Veda non-existent.[47]
  • After Team Trinity's defeat, the UN focuses their sights on the Ptolemy group. With the newly acquired Gundam Throne Zwei, the United Nations Forces' 26 GN-Xs attack the Gundams. However, due to Trans-Am System and other new equipment that the Gundams acquired, 15 of the GN-Xs are destroyed. Two of three Virginia-classs are also sunk.[48] The UN considers the possibility of retreat.[25]
  • Gundam Meister Lockon Stratos dies at the hands of Ali al-Saachez. Before dying, he manages to destroy Ali's Gundam Throne Zwei. Ali sustains tremendous injuries and barely survives.[48]
  • The UN sends in the new mobile armor GNMA-XCVII Alvatore, piloted by UN representative Alejandro Corner, to reinforce their remaining GN-Xs in a last great attempt to destroy Celestial Being.[25] The UN loses almost all of their GN-Xs in battle, together with the mobile armor. However, the operation succeeds in shooting down the Gundams' mothership, CBS-70 Ptolemaios. They also confirmed the defeat of the remaining Gundams. With the defeat of the Gundams, the UN declares victory in the Battle at Lagrange 1.[49] Graham Aker is severely injured in a duel with Gundam Exia, but survives.
  • Aside from losing Ptolemy and the Gundams, Celestial Being also lost most of their primary team members. Joyce B. Moreno, Christina Sierra, and Lichtendahl Tsery are all killed during combat. Setsuna F. Seiei and Gundam Exia are missing in action. Allelujah Haptism and Gundam Kyrios were captured by the UN Forces. With the tremendous losses on their side, Celestial Being goes into hiding to rebuild.[49] Their chief tactician, Sumeragi Lee Noriega, leaves Celestial Being.
  • Fereshte successfully recovers Kyrios' GN Drive.[50] With Celestial Being gone, Fon Spaak wanders around the world, searching for battles.[51][52]
  • With Alejandro Corner killed during the Battle at Lagrange 1, Ribbons Almark takes Veda for himself and proceeds with his own world unification plan.[49] He then awakens a group of Innovades to form the Innovators from the shadows.
  • Various sightings of Gundams begin to spread. People even speculate their return in the same year. The UN denies the speculations and tries to control the information about Celestial Being being released to the public.[54]
  • Fon Spaak leaves Fereshte to pursue his own agenda. He takes off with Fereshte's GNY-001F2 Gundam Astraea Type F2. Chall Acustica declares him a renegade and asks Hixar Fermi's help to track him down. Hixar and Hanaya become members of Fereshte.[55][56]
  • Fon Spaak launches to space together with Astrea F2 with the help of a small group of Anti-UN Forces. Upon reaching one of Celestial Being's asteroid base, he steals the support ship CBS-68 Euclides. He then disappears from Fereshte's sights.[56][57][58]
  • The United Nations is reformed into a single world government, the Earth Sphere Federation.[49] Dissolution and reorganization of the various armies of the Earth Sphere Federation's member states into the global defense force Earth Sphere Federation Army begins and is expected to be completed in a year.[59]
  • Hixar Fermi finally manages to pinpoint Fon Spaak and the Euclides. Fon launches his plan of crashing a group of asteroids down to Earth. The Earth Sphere Federation responds by protecting the former Union Tower, prompting Fon to explode the asteroids before they even reach the Earth. The debris of the the explosion covered most of the former Union Solar Energy Generators from the Sunlight, resulting in a huge power outage in the Union territory.[60][61][62]
  • Using the asteroids attacks as distraction, Fon Spaak manages to pin point the location of Veda on the dark side of the Moon and seizes the super computer located there. Ribbons Almark, having foreshadowed Fon's actions, relocates the main computing system of Veda to Celestial Being.[63][64]
  • Fereshte is reintegrated into Celestial Being.[65]
  • In response to terrorism, the Earth Sphere Federation secretly creates an independent police force called The Autonomous Peace-Keeping Force or more commonly known as A-Laws.[66] It is an elite force under the direct order of the Federation government.[67] Homer Katagiri is assigned by the government to lead the secret task force.
  • Development of GNX-704T Ahead begins. The Ahead is later going to be the main stay unit for the elite pilots in the Autonomous Peace-Keeping Force, the A-Laws.
  • With the approval of 328 member states and the dissolution of various national armed forces, the Earth Sphere Federation Army is officially established. Its primary role is to be a peacekeeping force.[49]
  • Ribbons Almark, the leader of the Innovators, reveals himself to the Federation president to lend a hand in uniting the world under the banner of Earth Sphere Federation Government.
  • Ribbons Almark meets with Louise Halevy.[49] He offers her help in both her medication and realizing her revenge against Celestial Being in exchange for her financial support. Ribbons is grooming Louise to be humanity's first Innovator.[68] Ribbons later arranged for Louise Halevy to be admitted into the A-Laws with the rank of Warrant Officer.[67]
  • A-Laws commits at least fourteen massacres in the name of a "unified" world and is kept secret from the general public by Veda.[69]
  • A-Laws tests out their new GNX-704T Ahead during a mission to destroy the Katharon space station Lazarus.
  • A-Laws launches an operation to eliminate all suspected rebels and dissidents using their automatons at the construction colony, Proud. A group of Katharon members, an Anti-Federation group, tries to rescue their comrades at Proud, only to be intercepted and destroyed by an A-Laws squadron. During the A-Laws' operation, Setsuna F. Seiei, while investigating A-Laws, rescues Saji Crossroad, a civilian detained at Proud under false accusations of being a Katharon member. Setsuna also destroys the automatons in the colony and fights against A-Laws in a half-repaired Exia. Tieria Erde, in the GN-008 Seravee Gundam, launches to rescue and retrieve Setsuna and Exia.[67]
  • After the incident at Proud, the Earth Sphere Federation announces the return of Celestial Being and the Gundams to the public. They issue transfer notices to all soldiers who are experienced in facing the Gundams into the A-Laws.[69] These include Soma Peries, Kati Mannequin, and Graham Aker, now wearing a mask and nicknamed Mr. Bushido. The ESF congress also decides to integrate their Federal Security Agency under the direct command of the A-Laws.[70]
  • Leif Recitativo, an Innovade, is awakened by Veda for a mission to gather a group of six chosen Innovades. The reason for the gathering is not specified. He is accompanied by a fellow Innovade, Telicyra Herfi.[71]
  • The First Royal Princess of Azadistan, Marina Ismail is arrested by the Federal Security Agency for being connected to Celestial Being 4 years ago.[69]
  • Lyle Dylandy joins Celestial Being as Lockon Stratos. Sumeragi Lee Noriega is forcibly re-drafted back into Celestial Being by Setsuna F. Seiei.[69]
  • Celestial Being agent Wang Liu Mei locates Allelujah Haptism, who is detained in a remote prison complex within HRL territory. Celestial Being launches an operation to rescue the Gundam Meister. The A-Laws, led by Kati Mannequin, prepares a trap for Celestial Being, but is overwhelmed by Sumeragi Lee Noriega's tactics. Aside from Allelujah, Celestial Being also rescues Marina Ismail, who was also detained at the complex. Katharon also takes advantage of the ongoing chaos to rescue their comrades in the same prison complex. Celestial Being's GN-006 Cherudim Gundam and GN-007 Arios Gundam are first operated in combat.[70]
  • Ribbons Almark sends Ali al-Saachez to destroy the Kingdom of Azadistan. Ribbons takes advantage of the looming threat of the Gundams to make way for the Earth Sphere Federation Government to occupy the destroyed nation. The GNW-20000 Arche Gundam first appears.[72][73]
  • The location of Katharon's Middle East base is leaked to the A-Laws. They immediately launch an operation to destroy the base and sweep the area with automaton droids, killing guerrillas and civilians alike.[73][74]
  • The A-Laws tries to launch another attack on the Katharon base to eliminate possible survivors from the previous attack. Celestial Being intercepts them and successfully keeps the A-Laws from pursuing the survivors.[74][75]
  • Innovator Revive Revival is transferred into the A-Laws to help them in eliminating Celestial Being.[76] He is later joined by fellow Innovator Bring Stabity.[77] The Innovators in the A-Laws are immediately given the rank of Licensed Captains. Patrick Colasour joins the A-Laws.
  • The Federation Banquet occurs. The Federation holds a party for their top officials and financiers. Members of Celestial Being are reported to have infiltrated the party to gather intelligence. However, no one was caught by the authorities when this is discovered and all the infiltrators successfully escape.[76]
  • The A-Laws launches an operation to trap and destroy Celestial Being underwater in the Middle East. Celestial Being's CBS-74 Ptolemaios 2 uses the attack to launch into space, escaping the A-Laws' net. The GNZ-003 Gadessa debuts in combat[78]
  • Celestial Being heads to their asteroid base in Lagrange 3 for resupply and upgrades.[78] They are briefly engaged by the new GNZ-005 Garazzo. The newly constructed support unit GNR-010 0 Raiser is tested with the GN-0000 00 Gundam. The GN-0000+GNR-010 00 Raiser surpasses all theoretical expectations during the testing.[77]
  • The A-Laws launches a preemptive attack against Celestial Being in Lagrange 3. The A-Laws fails to destroy the paramilitary organization once again and is forced to retreat. The GN-0000+GNR-010 00 Raiser single-handedly turns the battle in Celestial Being's favour, destroying most of the A-Laws' mobile suits.[79][80]
  • Ribbons Almark sends Hiling Care and Devine Nova to the A-Laws. The Innovators have a new objective of capturing the GN-0000+GNR-010 00 Raiser from Celestial Being.[80]
  • Katharon launches an attack on the Memento Mori. Surprised by a Memento Mori attack, Katharon loses much of its fleet. Celestial Being joins the operation and ultimately destroys the Memento Mori.[80][81]
  • The Innovators attack Ptolemy immediately after Celestial Being's operation to destroy the Memento Mori. The ship escaped destruction and crash-landed in Europe. The Innovators continue to keep an eye on Ptolemy's location through Anew Returner The mobile armor GNMA-Y0001 Empruss makes its combat debut.[82]
  • Ribbons Almark meets with Setsuna F. Seiei in the former Republic of Krugis. He urges the Gundam Meister to surrender the GN-0000+GNR-010 00 Raiser, but Setsuna refuses to comply with his demands.[82]
  • The A-Laws launches a huge attack against Celestial Being in Europe. The A-Laws successfully breaks through the Gundams' defense line, and is about to destroy Ptolemy when a retreat order was given because of a rebellion at the Africa Tower.[83]
  • The GNX-U02X Masurao is first launched in combat. It is the first GN-Tau Drive unit to have the Trans-Am System installed.[84]
  • The Break Pillar Incident occurs. A coup d'état is led by Pang Hercury at the African Orbital Elevator. A-Laws massacres rebels and civilian hostages alike, but the information is manipulated and the general population doesn't find out. A second Memento Mori is shot at the AEU Low Orbital Station, but misses due to the intervention of Setsuna F. Seiei and the 00 Raiser. Part of the African Orbital Elevator is still hit, and its outer shell falls to Earth. Major civilian casualties are avoided due to the combined efforts of Celestial Being, A-Laws, Katharon, and the Federation Army.[16] The leaders of the coup coup d'état, Pang Hercules and Sergei Smirnov (alleged), are later killed on the location of the incident by A-Laws Second Lieutenant Andrei Smirnov.[16] Andrei Smirnov is promoted to the rank of First Lieutenant for his deed.[85]
  • Celestial Being goes out of action for 4 months after the Break Pillar Incident to recover their battle strength. A-Laws continues to pursue Celestial Being during the time period but still failed to eliminate the organization. A total of 20 and more operations are launched by A-Laws against Celestial Being.[85]
  • Thanks to information control during the Break Pillar Incident, public opinion sway more in favour of the A-Laws' operations against terrorists and dissidents of the Federation government. Thanks to this, within 4 months, the Federation Government managed to transfer the full authority of the ESF Peacekeeping Army under the direct control of the A-Laws.[85]
  • The Africa Tower reopens 4 months after the Break Pillar Incident. Celestial Being returns, destroying the second Memento Mori.[85]
  • The A-Laws launches another attack against Celestial Being moments after their return to action. It is another failed operation. A-Laws Captain Revive Revival is captured by Celestial Being.[85][86]
  • The Innovators infiltrate Celestial Being's spaceship, CBS-74 Ptolemaios 2. Revive Revival and Anew Returner sabotage Ptolemy and attempt to steal the GN-0000 00 Gundam and GNR-010 0 Raiser. The operation ends in a failure but Revive and Anew still manage to escape. They internally damage the 0 Raiser as well as steal data on the Twin Drive System and the Stand Alone OS. They return to finish off the weakened Ptolemy II, but they are intercepted by Setsuna F. Seiei and the repaired 00 Raiser. Anew Returner is killed during combat. The GNZ-007 Gaddess and mobile armor GNMA-0001V Regnant made their debut.[68]
  • The Intervention at Eclipse occurs. Setsuna F. Seiei and Saji Crossroad go to the abandoned Eclipse colony to meet Wang Liu Mei. Wang Liu Mei hands to Setsuna the location of the supercomputer Veda.[87] Hong Long and Wang Liu Mei are killed by Nena Trinity. Ribbons dispatches Louise Halevy who successfully kills Nena out of revenge for Nena's role in her family's massacre.
  • A-Laws pilot Graham Aker challenges Setsuna to a one on one match. The GNX-Y901TW Susanowo, the upgraded Masurao, makes its combat debut. Aker loses the duel but is spared by Setsuna.
  • Under the direct order of A-Laws' Head Commander Homer Katagiri, the A-Laws gathers their fleet around Lagrange 2 to intercept Celestial Being. The Innovators left their duties in the A-Laws in accordance to Ribbons Almark's orders to fortify their stronghold. Innovade Regene Regetta tries to usurp Ribbons from power in the Innovators but is killed by Ali al-Saachez.[88]
  • The Battle of Lagrange 2 occurs. Celestial Being discovers the location of Veda, and decisively defeats A-Laws before infiltrating the Innovators' base, Celestial Being with the help of Katharon's remaining forces and the Coup faction of the ESF Army. Veda is taken back by Tieria Erde at the cost of his physical body. Mercenary Ali al-Saachez is KIA by Lockon Stratos. The CB-0000G/C Reborns Gundam makes its combat debut, the first Twin Drive equipped mobile suit to be powered by GN Drive Taus. The Innovators are defeated during their battle with Celestial Being, with members Hiling Care, Revive Revival, and leader Ribbons Almark killed by the Gundam Meisters.[88][89][90][91]
  • Information regarding A-Laws and the Federation's activities are disclosed, and after investigations, the world government undergoes changes under a new administration and all subjugated countries are given back their sovereign rights.[91]
  • The commander of the A-Laws, Homer Katagiri, commits seppuku inside his residence.[91]
  • Celestial Being goes back into hiding to rebuild and performs their operations in the shadows.
  • The new ESF administration adopts a new flag and a policy of pacifism, ensuring world peace.
  • ESF acknowledges Descartes Shaman as the world's first Innovator according to Veda's information.
  • Linda Vashti returns to the Earth Sphere after a two year expedition to Jupiter. She and a team of Celestial Being engineers created two new GN Drives specifically designed to work with the Twin Drive System.
  • The Colony Public Corporation, Colony SOE, attempts to assassinate Azadistan Princess Marina Ismail and the Middle East representatives, who were sent by the Federation to inspect the conditions of the Middle Eastern workers working in space. Celestial Being intervenes with the assassination and saved Marina and her companions.
  • The 130 year old abandoned exploration ship Europa strangely leaves the Jovian orbit and heads for the Earth Sphere. The ESF intervenes by launching missiles attacks against the ship, but it strangely survives the contact. A group of GNX-803T GN-XIVs, led by Lieutenant Andrei Smirnov, are also sent to intercept. The ship is only destroyed with the intervention of Innovator Captain Descartes Sherman in GNMA-Y0002V Gadelaza. The fragments are left to disintegrate on the atmosphere, but they still ultimately survived and landed on Earth.
  • All over the world, strange occurrences of randomly activating cars, trains, and boats begin to occur involving people with Quantum Brainwaves. There are also some accidents during the retrieval of the debris from the destroyed ship Europa. The ESF scientists, together with Billy Katagiri, investigate the source and the cause of the strange occurrences.
  • The Federation identifies the source of the accidents as that from the metal debris from the destroyed Europa and names it as Extraterrestrial Living-metal Shape-shifter or ELS. Since the ELS target those people with Quantum Brainwaves, the ESF immediately prepared an isolation facility to shelter them from the ELS attack.
  • Meanwhile, a massive hole opens up within Jupiter, destroying Io and Ganymede and revealing the increased forces of the ELS. Celestial Being's Feldt Grace calculates that the ELS would arrive at Earth in approximately 95 days, 9 hours, 28 minutes, and 42 seconds. With this the ELS War begins.
  • To stop the ELS threat, the ESF devises a plan. They use Captain Shaman's QBW latency to try and lure the ELS away from Earth and intercept the ELS at Mars. Their plan backfires as Vice Admiral Kim and Descartes Shaman are KIA by the ELS. Also, many GN-XIV's are assimilated.
  • Celestial Being arrives to assist the ESF. Setsuna F. Seiei attempts to communicate with the ELS instead of fighting them, but his brain is damaged by a massive amount of information from the ELS and he is rendered nearly comatose. Setsuna is saved from assimilation by Tieria, but at the cost of the latter's physical body. Celestial Being retreats as the Solbraves, led by Graham Aker cover Celestial Being. The GN-008RE Seravee Gundam II, GNX-903VS Brave (Standard Test Type), and GNX-903VW Brave (Commander Test Type) debut. 00 Raiser Condenser Type, Raphael Gundam, and Seravee Gundam II are lost to the ELS.
  • The GNT-0000 00 Qan[T] is completed and delivered to the Ptolemy 2 Kai. Meanwhile, the ESF establishes a Absolute Defense Line around Celestial Being in order to protect the Earth. The Battle of Earth begins.
  • The ESF's initial wave of missiles slow down the ELS, but they still stand. The ESF enters combat with the ELS using mobile suits, and the ELS themselves start to combine into GN-XIV's, decimating 30% of the ESF forces.
  • Gundams Zabanya and Harute join the battle, but the ELS break through the Absolute Defense Line and head for Earth. Lieutenant Andrei Smirnov and a group of GN-XIV's overload their GN Drive Taus while in Trans-Am and stop a carrier-type ELS from heading towards Earth.
  • Setsuna F. Seiei awakens and launches in the completed 00 Qan[T] in order to commence the dialogues with the ELS. Graham Aker is seemingly KIA, when he overloads the Trans-Am to create an opening for Setsuna, and the Gundam Harute is destroyed.
  • Using the Quantum System, Setsuna F. Seiei commences the dialogues with the ELS The ELS war ends through these dialogues, with the ELS planet transforming into a large desert flower to signify peace. Setsuna and the 00 Qan[T] leave the solar system and travel to the ELS home planet for further understanding.


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