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Annamarie Bourget (アンナマリー・ブルージュ?) is a character from the Mobile Suit Gundam F91 movie.


Annamarie is a young mobile suit pilot who commands one of the Crossbone Vanguard's reconnaissance teams. Annamarie is devoted to her military mentor Zabine Chareux, and she was his best trainee. Commander Chareux would frequently tell her that in his eyes, individuals who cannot deal with their emotions properly are trash.

However, Annamarie grew jealous of the attention that Chareux gives to Cecily Fairchild, the daughter of Crossbone Vanguard leader Iron Mask. She ultimately decides to get even by defecting to the Federation Forces. During her first mission with them, she engages her former mentor Chareux in battle, and berates for him for killing people for the sake of a "fake royal name". However, the more experienced Chareux gains the upper hand, and pointedly tells her that killing him would not end her resentment before blasting her to smithereens. After killing her, he remarks that she should have listened to his advice about how people who can't handle their emotions are trash.


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