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The Angel Diona is an improved model of the Diona, that appears in the manga series Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam: Steel 7. The unit is piloted by Europa Dogatie.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

A redesigned version of the Diona used in the first Jupiter war. There were no changes in total height, but since it used some parts from the EMS-12 Arana's smaller sized frame, it succeeded in making the unit lighter in weight.

Since it was originally a machine intended for demos, and not initially designed for combat, it wasn’t even equipped with a beam shield. For the decisive battle at Jupiter, the SNRI’s engineering division equipped it with an excessively large thruster.


  • Weapon Container
Since the Angel Diona was intended to serve the role of combat support and supply, it was outfitted with two weapon containers that carried a variety of armaments and ammunition for both itself and the other members of its squad.

Special Equipment & Features

  • "Icarus" Minovsky Drive Flight Wing


The Angel Diona was piloted by Europa Dogatie during the Second Jovian War of U.C. 0136.

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