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Angel's Call is an extra-terrestrial microbe first discovered in a derelict Crossbone Vanguard supplyship that drifted away to Saturn's orbit in an accident with an asteroid. It is the central plot point of Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam: Ghost, fought over by Serpiente Tacon's incarnation of Crossbone Vanguard, the Jupiter Empire and Thoucus.

Description & Characteristics

Angel's Call is a contagious microbe of extra-terrestrial origin and highly destructive nature. When left in the open, it breaks down all surrounding living matter into black liquid. Its victims are aware and suffer a painful death. Angel Call's destructive nature is the reason it became sought after by Zanscare Empire's Vice Admiral Kizo and Thoucus for use as a weapon of mass-destruction. It can only be destroyed by extreme heat.


Discovery by the Crossbone Vanguard

Manzana Flore's expedition


Hidden in Jaburo

Seizure by Kizo


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