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Andrew Graham (アンドリュー・グラハム Andoryū Gurahamu?) is a fictional character from the Mobile Fighter G Gundam anime series. He is the representative of Neo Canada in the 13th Gundam Fight, but his true goals in the series are settling an old score with Neo Russia's fighter, Argo Gulskii.


Some years ago, Andrew and his wife, Norma, were working as police officers on a space station when a band of pirates led by Argo Gulskii appeared. Attempting to escape from their pursuers, the pirates accidentally crashed their ship into the Grahams' station, heavily damaging it. Andrew managed to take cover as a hole was torn in the wall of the station, but Norma was sucked out into space. Having seen Argo near the hole, Andrew assumed that the pirate leader had intentionally pushed Norma out of the station, leading to him swearing vengeance on Argo.

In the wake of the incident, Andrew spent much of his time training, eventually developing a physique to match Argo's. He entered the 13th Gundam Fight as Neo Canada's representative, but only so he could find his nemesis and avenge Norma's death. When Domon Kasshu arrived in Niagara Falls, Andrew arranged a meeting with Neo Japan's fighter to request information on Argo's GF13-013NR Bolt Gundam. He explained that Argo's battle with Domon had led Neo Russia to begin scouring the Earth for opponents (instead of capturing would-be challengers and stripping their Gundams of parts), revealing that he was only interested in defeating Argo. Perplexed by Andrew's obsession and refusal to fight anyone but Argo, Domon refused to help the Neo Canada fighter, even after Andrew offered to willingly hand over his Gundam's head after he got his revenge.

The talks degenerated into an unofficial match (since Andrew refused to acknowledge Domon's challenge) in which Andrew subdued Domon and left to wait for Neo Russia's arrival. On his way out of Niagara Falls, he spotted Rain Mikamura, Domon's partner and mechanic. With some reluctance, Andrew took Rain hostage, telling Domon that he would get her back if he provided data on the Bolt Gundam - when that time came, Andrew would be waiting at the Rocky Mountains.

Domon would later facilitate an unofficial match between Argo and Andrew, which resulted in a draw. Afterwards, Nastasha explained Neo Russia's ruling Norma's death as an accident. Andrew refused to believe this and returned to fight Argo in the finals. It wasn't until the two were matched against a berserk Allenby Beardsley that Andrew remembered the entire event; it had indeed been an accident. Realizing the error of his ways, he protected Argo by absorbing a permanently crippling blow from Allenby. Unable to pilot a Gundam any longer, he was last seen boarding a plane back to Neo Canada for medical treatment.


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