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Anaheim Laboratory Log (アナハイム・ラボラトリー・ログ Anahaimu Raboratorī Rogu?) is a novel written by Makoto Ishii and Yasushi Takamura.


Universal Century 0100: Just when the Universal Century would be celebrating its anniversary marking a full century, several unpublicized trial production reports, experimental validations, and trial operation reports of new mobile suits were discovered within Anaheim Electronics Laboratory. They were records by engineers involved in the experiments, soldiers involved with trial and combat operations and journalists who accompanied these tests.

As a defense contractor, Anaheim Electronics dealings included design, manufacturing and development of mobile suits as well as the support mecha, armaments and options relating to them. The company had been attempting to validate the military use of mobile suits from various angles along with other new initiatives. There were numerous technological advancements which had been covered up along with mobile suits that had not yet been publicized due to either friction with the powers they had relations with, technological problems or even political trends.

These hidden records discovered at the Anaheim Laboratory are referred to as “AnaLog” for short. Now, it all becomes clear with a key that connects the missing links of mobile suits thought to have been lost.


  • Chapter 1 - The Lost Red Machine Part 1/Part 2
  • Chapter 2 - Return From Axis Part 1/Part 2
  • Chapter 3 - MS Flying For The New Era Part 1/Part 2
  • Chapter 4 - Mega Rider Final Test Part 1/Part 2




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