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The only thing they can guarantee is that they'd be making money off of you. They couldn't care less about Zeon, the Zabis, or your people. That's just how a military-industrial conglomerate like Anaheim operates.

Don Teabolo Mass warning Jimba Ral of Anaheim's greed.[1]

Anaheim Electronics is a weapons manufacturer featured in Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin.


U.C. 0071

Jimba Ral contacted Anaheim's Executive Vice President Chelsea to arrange the conglomerate's full backing in Jimba's plan for an armed counteroffensive against the Zabi-dominated Autonomous Republic of Zeon. With Anaheim's promises of funding, weaponry, and lobbying leading Earth Federation officials alongside Jimba's knowledge of Zeon Zum Deikun's children, he hoped that he would be able to succeed against the Zabis, despite Don Teabolo Mass's concerns of Anaheim's greed and the potential failure of the power struggle which would've resulted in his adopted children's deaths. The plan wouldn't come to pass, however, as Jimba Ral was assassinated some time after he met with Chelsea.[2] [1]