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At one of the Earth's Federation bases, Rosamia Badam launches in her Gaplant. Her squad is to intercept the Audhumla and serve as reinforcements to Buran Blutarch's platoon, who are themselves chasing the Audhumla on the Garuda ship that the AEUG was forced to leave at Kennedy Airport, the Sudori.

Before parting with Fraw Kobayashi and her family at the airport, Amuro Ray is finally convinced to join the war, and escape along with Katz by hijacking a military aircraft. The two are heading to Kennedy Airport, where they hope to assist the AEUG by teaming up with Karaba.

Rosamia's squad cross paths with the Audhumla before getting a chance to reach the Sudori. They're all overflying a residential area, but are forced to engage in combat anyway. Quattro orders Kamille to stay at the Audhumla and fire from within the ship, while he leaves to fight with the support of a Dodai unit. He shoots down a few of Rosamia's underlings, while she targets the Audhumla herself.

Refusing to follow Quattro's orders and stay on the ship, Kamille launches and directly faces Rosamia's Gaplant, another mobile-armor with the ability to change it's shape into a mobile-suit. Rosamia has the advantage on the air, but Quattro rescues Kamille, and Rosamia is forced to leave and head straight to the Sudori so she can recharge the Gaplant.

Back at the Audhumla, Hayato is angry that Kamille ignored direct orders to stay in the ship, but Kamille admits his mistake and Quattro verifies his claims that they were facing a dangerous enemy.

At the Sudori, Rosamia meets Buran, and he tells her that she at least managed to delay the Audhumla, giving his squad the chance to launch a second wave. He says that she is not yet used to piloting the Gaplant, but is surprised of her abilities nonetheless, wondering if the Augusta Newtype Labs have managed to transform her into a Cyber-Newtype.

True to his word, Buran's platoon launch a quick and unexpected second attack. Kamille and Quattro proceed to defend the ship, not noticing that, nearby, Amuro and Katz approach in the stolen military freighter: Amuro plans to ram the plane into the enemy suit, and orders Katz to escape in a Homo Avis.

Amuro's charge catches Buran, and everyone else, completely by surprise, and he is forced to retreat. Amuro escapes the destroyed plane in a parachute, and is rescued midair by Kamille while an astonished Quattro watches.

Both Amuro Ray and Char Aznable sense each other telepathically.

Important Events


  • Script: Yumiko Suzuki & Minoru Onoya
  • Unit Director: Yasuhiro Imagawa
  • Animation Director: Akihiro Kanayama

Notes & Trivia

  • Among fans, Quattro's line "I came here to laugh at you. (君を笑いに来た)" has become an internet meme.