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Amid the Glittering Particles is the twenty-first episode of Gundam Build Fighters .


"We'll beat you! In our next battle, Sei and I will beat you for sure!" Aila's heart is pierced by Reiji's angry outburst, and she wonders what she is doing here. She remembers meeting Barthes, being scouted, being forced to battle, and endlessly training. Now she has no option other than fighting, even if Reiji is her opponent. Suppressing her emotions, Aila begins her confrontation with Reiji. With her Qubeley Papillon, and her own special abilities, she assaults the Star Build Strike.




Appearance Character
1 Aila Jyrkiäinen
2 Reiji
3 Nine Barthes
4 Chairman Mashita
5 Baker
6 China Kousaka
7 Sei Iori
8 Nils Nielsen
9 Mao Yasaka
10 Gawain Oakley
11 Ricardo Fellini
12 Josef Kankaansyrjä
13 Kirara
15 Mr. Ral
16 Tatsuya Yuki
17 Allan Adams
18 Lucas Kankaansyrjä

Mobile Weapons




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