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Alus (アルス Arusu?) is a character in the Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE television series.

Personality & Character

Being an artificial intelligence, Alus showed very little emotion, and was dedicated to his mission of preserving Eldora by eliminating any invaders.[1] His eyes remain closed most of the time, only opening when he was fighting seriously.[2] Before his slumber, his hologram body had a more human-like appearance, with hair and a robe. He was also seen smiling before entering his slumber, apparently satisfied at accomplishing his mission.[1]

Skills & Abilities

Alus has vast knowledge and computing capabilities.[1] While inside the satellite base, the Eldora's "moon", he can defend himself by summoning various hovering drones, which were armed with beam weapons.[2] He also controls the massive beam weapon built into his satellite base, which was capable of wiping out cities.[3] Though since the weapon takes 700 hours to recharge, he cannot fire it repeatedly.[1] He was also shown to be a skilled pilot, causing Hiroto Kuga and the other members of the BUILD DiVERS much trouble.[4][5]


A long time ago, Alus was created by an advanced race called 'Ancients', the original inhabitants of Eldora, to protect the planet from outside invaders. Fighting alongside the Ancients and Cuadorn, they ultimately emerged victorious, but the satellite housing Alus was heavily damaged and Eldora was devastated by the conflicts. The remaining Ancients departed for space, but made plans to return and tasked Alus with preserving the planet until then.[1][2] At this point, Alus fell into a long slumber.[1]

After the planet eventually recovered, and a new race of people began to repopulate it, Alus suddenly woke up. Determining the new race as another group of invaders, he began attacking them in an effort to "preserve" Eldora for the Ancients, not knowing that the new race was created by the Ancients.[1]

Intending to stop Alus, Cuadorn used the facilities left behind by the Ancients to summon Masaki Shido from Gunpla Battle Nexus Online. Together, the two fought against Alus and his army of Guard Eyes. However, Masaki was eventually captured by Alus and brainwashed into serving him.[1] Presumably, this was when Alus became aware of the connection between GBN and the Ancients ruins and began monitoring it.[1][2] Using the Gunpla battle data from GBN as the basis, he created the One-eyes, an army of mobile suits, and waged a renewed war on the new people.[6]

When the BUILD DiVERS reached his satellite base, he briefly mistook them for his creators, before realizing that they were "different", and questioned why they brought Freddie with them. When Freddie asked him to stop destroying his people, he activated an alarm, apparently sensing that the BUILD DiVERS were hostile. When Kazami Torimachi angrily told him about the Resistance gathering in Seguri, he began turning his satellite weapon towards the city, intending to destroy it.[2]

Despite the best effort of the BUILD DiVERS, they were unable to stop the launch of the satellite weapon in time. The satellite cannon easily overwhelmed the barrier protecting Seguri, wiping out the city and killing everyone inside. The resulting shockwave travelled across Eldora, causing planet-wide devastation.[3] Meanwhile, energy from the blast travelled at faster than the speed of light, causing global communication disruptions on Earth (which was 30 lightyears away from Eldora) shortly after, forcing the BUILD DiVERS to logout.[3][7]

By the time the BUILD DiVERS returned to Eldora, Alus has considered them a serious threat. Through studying the tactics and Gunpla of Hiroto Kuga, he created the AGP-X1 Alus Core Gundam to destroy them. He attacked Hiroto and May using the Gundam, employing complex tactics such as sniping and booby traps, and were able to overwhelm Hiroto's PFF-X7II Core Gundam II and May's HER-SELF Mobile Doll May after docking with his own version of the Earth Armor. However, Cuadorn intervened at the last minute, forcing the Alus Core Gundam to retreat.[4]

Alus attacked the BUILD DiVERS again during their effort to evacuate the villagers to the ruins, which the One-eyes were unable to attack. Controlling the Alus Earthree Gundam, he destroyed the sensor bits of Hiroto's PFF-X7II/U7 Uraven Gundam with his beam rifle, pinning down the team. He then taunted Hiroto by sending him images of his Gundams, including images from the Second Coalition of Volunteers Battle, when his PFF-X7/E3 Earthree Gundam had Riku Mikami's GN-0000DVR/S Gundam 00 Sky in its sight, but he did not fire. Alus claimed that the Alus Earthree was the ideal version of Hiroto which would never fail.[5]

Just then, he saw Freddie and Stola helping an old lady evacuate, and fired at them. However, Hiroto was able to intercept the beam with his own beam. Having exposed its location, the Alus Earthree Gundam's rifle was destroyed by the Uraven Gundam's next shot, forcing him to retreat. Hiroto changed into the Earthree Gundam and pursued him, engaging him in close combat. While trading blows, Alus came to the conclusion that Hiroto's ability to predict the beam's trajectory was his ideal self, to which Hiroto vehemently denied. Though Alus was able to destroy the Earthree Gundam's left arm, Hiroto launched the rifle parts from the Uranus Armor, sending it crashing into the Alus Earthree Gundam's head. He then fired the rifle at point-blank range, vaporizing part of Alus Earthree's head.[5]



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