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The Alternative Company is one of the largest companies to have survived the end of the 7th Space War. Owned and operated by Von Alternative, it provides a number of services to the survivors on Earth. One of its keys to success is the ability to maintain its own private mobile suit force as well as a research division.

In order to maintain an edge on the small post war market, the Alternative Company started research into Newtypes. To aide in their research they were able to secure a young Newtype by the name of Tiffa Adill. Their research center however came under attack by a small group of Vultures under the command of Jamil Neate, a former United Nations Earth mobile suit pilot.

In an effort to re-secure Tiffa Adill, Reich Anto employed the services of Garrod Ran, only to be double crossed as Garrod fled with Tiffa. This resulted in both Garrod and Tiffa being taken in by Jamil Neate and the crew of the Freeden. In another effort to re-acquire Tiffa, Von Alternative hired the services of Shagai and Olba Frost. After successfully regaining Tiffa Adill, Von Alternative used his companies Grandeene to launch an attack on the Freeden. This attack resulted in a counter-attack by the Freeden using the Gundam X and its Satellite Cannon to destroy the company on April 14, 0015 A.W.

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