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The Alps-class land battleship is a fictional warship featured in the anime series After War Gundam X.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Alps-class was developed some time after the 7th Space War and used actively by Vultures to salvage, transport, and protect materials that they locate. Using its powerful engines, the Alps class is capable of hovering over the ground using a system similar to hovercraft, this not only makes it effective for navigating the rough terrain of the planet, but also crossing bodies of water at speeds of 160 km/h. The two large mobile suit bays located in the rear of the ship can hold six mobile suits each to allow the ship to carry a full compliment of six mobile suits, the secondary bay can also be used for storage of materials and salvage, or cargo that the ship is transporting. The Alps class's ability to carry six mobile suits makes up for its apparent lack of fire power, with only one double barreled cannon mounted on the port side close to the bridge. A loading deck located on the starboard side allows for the ship to take on cargo from other ships, such as other land battleships or supply ships on the ocean.


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