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Allelujah Haptism (アレルヤ・ハプティズム Areruya Haputizumu?) is a Gundam Meister and one of the protagonists in Mobile Suit Gundam 00. Allelujah was an escaped failed-experimental super-soldier of HRL's Super Human Research Institute, who made his way into Celestial Being. He piloted the GN-003 Gundam Kyrios during Season 1; the GN-007 Arios Gundam and its upgraded GN-007GNHW/M Arios Gundam GNHW/M in Season 2. He pilots the GN-011 Gundam Harute with Soma Peries in Mobile Suit Gundam 00 The Movie: A Wakening of the Trailblazer.

Personality & Character

Allelujah is overall a quiet, brooding, and gentle person. Even though he rarely opens up to people, he shows concern and worries about the situations of those close to him, especially the Ptolemy Crew.[1] He also feels bitterness whenever someone dies, even if it's a death of an enemy.[2] Even in the battlefield, he is not a type of person that could hide his guilt of killing someone by saying that he is just doing his job.[2] He hates war,[2] but because of his fate as a Super Soldier, he thinks that he will always be in the battlefield because of his upbringing.[3] Because of that, he chose to accept being one of Celestial Being's Gundam Meisters.[3] He believes that in the organization, it is possible to end conflicts and evils around the world; and he's glad that he could contribute to that by using himself and his own abilities on the battlefield.[2]

Hallelujah (front) and Allelujah (back) with Gundam Kyrios

Allelujah has another personality, named Hallelujah. Hallelujah was formed after Allelujah received his quantum brainwave surgery in the HRL Super Human Research Institute.[3] Hallelujah is also the one who had killed Allelujah's friends while escaping the institute. To distinguish from Allelujah in Season 1, Hallelujah reveals his golden right eye when he is in charge.[4] In contrast to Allelujah, Hallelujah shows no concern about other people other than himself. Even at the cost of everything, he'll do anything to survive.[3][5] Whenever he feels that Allelujah is doubting during battle, he'll immediately switch in and do what he deems is necessary, just so they would not get killed. He also finds amusement in seeing other people die and suffer.[4][6]

The difference between the two personalities often forms a conflict between them, as they rarely work together in different situations. In Season 1, despite being a Gundam Meister for Celestial Being, Allelujah often hesitates during his missions, because he is afraid that the people (enemies or civilians alike) might get killed for no good reason.[3][4] This causes Hallelujah to get angry at him at times, criticizing that Allelujah often tries to impose his opinion on others, without even understanding them, and worries just so that he could feel better about himself.[3] He added that this hesitation of Allelujah, especially in the battlefield, will be the reason that they will get killed by the enemy in the future.[3] On the other hand, Allelujah in some ways despises Hallelujah, as Hallelujah can easily kill people without remorse.[6][7] Despite this conflict, there are times when the two can still settle their differences and fight together when needed (i.e. when their preferred goals coincide), just like during the Battle of Lagrange 1 against the UN Forces, the Battle in Lagrange 2 against the Innovators,[5][8] and the Battle of Earth against the Extraterrestrial Living-metal Shape-shifter (ELS).[9]

In Season 2, Allelujah finds his reason for fighting because of Marie Parfacy.[10] However, he tries to force his belief on her of making her not fight, even though she is capable of helping the Ptolemy during battles.[11] A conflict eventually arises between them when Marie, now as Soma Peries, decided to fight again after her surrogate father, Sergei Smirnov, was killed in combat against A-Laws.[12] Alellujah tries to stop her, but Soma ignores him, thus forming a rip in their relationship. However, after the Innovator's infiltration in the Ptolemy, Allelujah finally tries to understand Soma's reason for fighting and respect her decision.[13] The two eventually understand each other and decide to fight together during the Battle in Lagrange 2.

Allelujah left the Ptolemy after the battle against the Innovators. He and Marie set out on a journey to finally find their own reason for living, aside from fighting in the battlefield.[8] However, after being attacked by the ELS, Allelujah and Marie decide to return to Celestial Being to fight the invasion of the ELS. Allelujah became more understanding of others and was more than willing to unite with Hallelujah one final time to defend Earth.[9]

Skills & Abilities

Allelujah is a genetically modified human, called a Super Soldier, developed by the HRL's Super Human Research Institute.[3] Allelujah was surgically implanted with quantum brainwaves[3] for super reflexes[5] and has a modified body[3] to maintain his peak physical condition; Allelujah's mind and body were configured specifically for combat purposes. However, even with such abilities, the scientists in the institute deemed him a failure for having a murderous split personality.[3] Unknown to them, the two personalities can work together and bring about the true potential of the Super Soldier they desired.[5]

Allelujah and Hallelujah "True Super Soldier" (A.D. 2308)

The two personalities have their own range of specialty when it comes to combat situations. Allelujah is the rational one, being the one to think about tactics during combat. Hallelujah, on the other hand, is the one responsible for their reflexes and their battle intuition. When uniting both their strengths, they act as dual processing mind with a reflexive body, giving them a superb advantage in the battlefield.[5]

Towards the end of the Battle of Lagrange 1, Allelujah suffered a head injury that affected his ability to properly use quantum brainwaves.[14] Because his enhanced reflexes are based on utilizing quantum brain waves, he has been reduced to perform at a normal human level.[10] However, after repeated exposure to high grade GN Particles from 00 Raiser's Trans-Am System,[15][16] Hallelujah and his quantum brainwaves eventually returned;[17] allowing his return to the super soldier he once was.

As a Super Soldier, in contrast to Soma Peries (who is a C-Level Quantum Brainwave user), there seems to be no clear indication of how well Allelujah (or Hallelujah) can utilize his quantum brainwaves. It is pointed out though that he can also sense thoughts of other quantum brainwave users (most of them Super Soldiers)[3][6] or might even transmit his thoughts to them.[4] It is also notable how Allelujah seem to be connected to Soma (Marie) through quantum brainwaves. Back in the research institute, Allelujah seems to be the only one who can pick up and respond to Marie's quantum brainwaves;[7][10] and in Season 1, Allelujah and Soma experience headaches due to their quantum brainwaves repelling each other due to having the same wavelengths.[18]


Early Days

Allelujah was born on February 27, 2288 AD. Much of Allelujah's life has been left a blank; even his real name was not given. However, it was known that he was born and raised in Kazakhstan.[19] He later became a Kazakhstan refugee and was separated from his parents at a very young age.[19] The reason for the events were not given, but it is possible that Allelujah was one of the victims of the Solar Wars that were happening around the time. He was kidnapped[19] and taken into HRL Super Human Research Institute as a test subject for their Super Soldier research. He was brainwashed and was simply designated under a code serial name: Subject E-0057.

Super Human Research Institute

Subject E-0057 (Allelujah) spent his remaining childhood as an experimental super soldier within HRL Space Colony: Quanqui (translates to Complete Sphere). Subject E-0057's body and mind was subjected to a series of experiments and surgeries.

Upon recovering and waking up after his quantum brainwave surgery, he sensed another quantum brainwave modified child, Marie Parfacy.

Allelujah talking to Marie in the Super Human Research Institute.

While getting to know each other, it's revealed that he has lost his memories and doesn't remember his own name. Marie decided to name him Allelujah, as she said,

Then, I'll give you a name... Allelujah; It's the word you use to give thanks to God.

Since then the two developed a close emotional bond, Allelujah would often come to see Marie and share stories and their feelings. Unknown to him and the rest of his child super soldier kin, they were always being monitored by HRL scientists literally across the wall.

The quantum brainwave surgery was the very procedure that created his murderous split personality, but it also allowed him to telepathically sense others who also use quantum brainwaves like his.

Allelujah and a selected batch of his kin were deemed as experimental failures and were to be disposed. He and several of his "brothers" somehow escaped termination and even got weapons for a daring escape to freedom. Allelujah wanted to bring Marie along but ultimately decided it was better to leave her behind since her entire body was paralyzed and requires special medical care. Allelujah and his "brothers" managed to escape Quanqui by stealing a space shuttle. They drifted aimlessly in space for days. Eventually their shuttle ran low on all possible resources to keep them surviving.

Hallelujah about to kill another of his brethren.

Allelujah and all his "brothers" were slowly dying of starvation and running out of air inside the shuttle. Not long, fights and killings broke out as each and one of the children struggled to survive on their own.[20] It was around this time that the Hallelujah persona emerged and began his first killing spree. Hallelujah didn't want to die and refuse to allow Allelujah's conscience to get them both killed. Hallelujah shot and killed all of his "brothers" with a pistol and helped Allelujah survive.

The incident shook Allelujah and left a huge scar in his memory. He also began to loathe his other half and the institute that made him the way he is. Allelujah was the only survivor among the escapees in the shuttle. He somehow managed to go to Earth and lived alone, escaping the sight of HRL authorities for a period of time.[21] Eventually, HRL soldiers, Delphine Bedelia and Super Soldier Leonard Fiennes managed to find Hallelujah, but they let him off after an intense stand off.[22]

Joining Celestial Being

After years of wandering on Earth, Allelujah was somehow discovered by Celestial Being. Around A.D. 2302, he was nominated as one of their third generation Gundam Meisters.[21] After further observations and examinations, he was later accepted into Celestial Being and Veda approved of him to become a Gundam Meister. Allelujah was given the code name Allelujah Haptism by Sumeragi Lee Noriega,[19] as well as being assigned the transformable GN-003 Gundam Kyrios for their armed interventions.

World Armed Intervention Campaign

The year was A.D. 2307. During the HRL's celebration of the completion of their orbital elevator, Allelujah and Tieria Erde performed their first armed intervention against the terrorists who threatened to blew up a section of the HRL's orbital elevator, the Heaven's Pillar. Allelujah in GN-003 Gundam Kyrios overwhelmed the opposing Hellions in a high-speed dogfight. Together with the intervention in AEU armed exercise base in South Africa, the world learned about the might of the humanoid weapons called Gundams.

Allelujah (right) watching the news about Celestial Being's debut in Ptolemy.

Later a video tape was released in the media from the group proclaiming responsibility for the Gundams' activities.

We are Celestial Being. We are a private armed organization, which employ the mobile weapons, the Gundams. The purpose for which we, Celestial Being, exist end all warfare on this planet!

—Aeolia Schenberg, A.D. 2307

In the Ptolemaios, the crew watched as the world listen to Aeolia Schenberg's words. Allelujah Haptism couldn't help but mutter to himself, "Hallelujah, as if the evils of the world are being exposed." He gave a bitter, crooked smile, as he was now plunged into a war against world conflict.

Early Missions

After his debut in Heaven's Pillar, Allelujah performed many armed interventions on the world using his Gundam Kyrios. In Ceylon (Sri Lanka), he participated with his fellow Gundam Meisters in a group armed intervention against an ethnic conflict that was happening there. Allelujah also sortied with Kyrios on a solo mission to destroy drug trade in South America by bombing cocaine plantation fields around Taribia. He also performed an attack against Taribia when it tries to secede from the Union and threatened to start a conflict against the power bloc nation.

Rescue Mission at True Pillar

After the mission on Taribia, Allelujah was sent back to space to monitor an experimental mobile suit. He had to use HRL's orbital elevator to return to the space. While just entering the True Pillar station, he started having bad headaches due to Soma Peries; Soma was outside in space, testing out her new Tieren Taozi at the time when they got too close in proximity with each other. Allelujah didn't realized that he had re-established a telepathic link with Marie because of the Soma Peries persona. Their mental link was painful for each other and the Hallelujah persona emerged. Hallelujah threatened to kill Soma if she didn't get out of his head. The murderous intent of Hallelujah freaked out Soma and she tried to shoot down True Pillar, where Hallelujah was located. The blast resulted in 3 sections of block 7 being loosened from True Pillar and enter free fall to Earth.

Allelujah couldn't standby and watch civilians helplessly float in space (due to his past experience in space), he decided to rescue them without Celestial Being's approval.

Allelujah's Kyrios pushing the fallen section from True Pillar with Sergei's Tieren.

Allelujah, using Kyrios, attempted to push the floating station from falling into Earth but there was just too much weight. Sergei Smirnov, in his Space Tieren, was already at the scene when Allelujah intervened. Sergei urged Allelujah to give up, he refused then states that Gundam miesters are never alone, Allelujah then orders the victims to gather in the central block in prepoation for: Lockon Stratos in his GN-002 Gundam Dynames who fires 2 presision shots (with his Super Substratospheric Altitude Gun) from Earth. The shots loosened the excess weight of the two sections and Allelujah managed to push the section containing the civilians back into a safe orbit then Allelujah retreated from the scene. The HRL forces could've pursued him, but Sergei decided to let Allelujah off in honour of his courage.

Allelujah was subsequently punished by Celestial Being because of his failure to comply with his mission parameters via his independent action without Celestial Being's initial approval. He spent his time in detention and confinement.

Moralia & AEU Military Exercise

The Republic of Moralia, with the PMC Trust, and AEU entered a joint military operation to goad Celestial Being to attack them, believing their superior MS forces will defeat and capture a Gundam(s). Tieria and Sumeragi informed Allelujah that his sentence has been lifted and his abilities were needed for the upcoming mission; the Gundam Meisters sortied to eliminate this source of conflict.

Each of the Meister's were given assigned specific duties and Allelujah in Kyrios performed air supremacy to control the skies, followed by eliminating remaining units on the military bases. Due to Setsuna's unexpected action of exiting his cockpit, their mission was forced to accelerate to the final stage of their mission. Allelujah noted Tieria of what had happened, to Tieria's irritation. Allelujah and the rest of the Gundam Meister's used a nearby canyon as a stealth tactic to infiltrate the enemy's headquarters.

Moralia surrendering to the Gundams

Once they gotten there, all the Meister's attacked and wiped out Moralia's remaining forces under 5 minutes. Moralia was forced to fire a white flare to signify their unconditional surrender.

After the completion of their mission, Setsuna was confronted for violating Celestial Being code of conduct during the last operation. The situation got worse after Tieria and Setsuna pointed their sidearms at each other. Allelujah was there observing, and tried to calm the situation down by reminding everyone that Veda had chosen everyone for a reason to be a Gundam Meister. Agreeing with Allelujah's sentiment, both Meisters withdraw their guns.

La Edenra's Terrorist Bombings

Shortly after the war in Moralia, Ian Vashti notified the Meister's that there has been terrorist bombings around the world. Wang Liu Mei called through Lockon Stratos' tablet pad to inform the Meisters that a terrorist group demanded Celestial Being to stop their armed interventions or else attacks upon civilians will continue. Allelujah wanted to know who was responsible, but Wang Liu Mei have yet to identify the culprit(s). He expressed irritation as the terrorist were harming innocent lives just to call an end to Celestial Being. With the indiscriminate terrorist attack, the Meister's agreed to put an end to such terrorism by doing what they do best, armed intervention.

While waiting for Wang Liu Mei's intel, the rest of the crew (Ian, Sumeragi, Feldt and Christina), decided to stay at Celestial Being's island located in the Pacific. As they spend their time in a yacht, Allelujah complained about the ladies' untimely decision to wear swimsuit outfits. Sumeragi cheerfully answered it was for camouflaged and asked for a cold beer. Allelujah expressed disappointment on Sumeragi's behaviour, but Lockon argued that Sumeragi was just probably acting tough. The Meisters later sortied out for standby, as the terrorist group continued its attack world wide.

Investigation by Wang Liu Mei has revealed that international terrorist group, La Edenra, was responsible for the recent attacks. Information regarding their locations of operations were leaked by the world governments to help eliminate them. The Gundam Meisters launched to the terrorist locations, dealing a huge blow against La Edenra.

HRL's Operation Gundam Capture

After 4 months of armed interventions, Celestial Being decided to run a maintenance and repair check on their equipments and the Gundams. They decided to run the maintenance around the HRL geostationary orbit. However, while in maintenance, the crew noticed the presence of hundreds of communication device around the area. Using the GN Particle's nature of jamming communication device, the HRL prepared the net to determine Ptolemy's location and perform an attack. The Gundam Meisters were sortied to intercept the enemy.

Acting as diversions, Kyrios and Virtue were launched to attack the enemy from behind. However, Sergei Smirnov, the one HRL assigned for the operation, came up with his own diversions to stall the Gundams and isolate them from the Ptolemy. After Allelujah destroyed one of HRL's decoyed ship, he immediately set his course back to the Ptolemy; he realized it was HRL's trap. On his way, his sensor detected a HRL Laoho transport. He prepared to attack the ship, but he was stalled by the mines set up in the area. As he tried to divert away from the mines, Tierens came out from the transport ship to engage the Kyrios. At that time, Allelujah knew they were after the Gundam.

As he prepared to face the Tierens, Allelujah suffered headaches due to Soma Peries in close proximity; the closer she came, the higher the pain of the headaches. As Soma's Tieren, MSJ-06II-SP Tieren Taozi, came closer, Allelujah realized that the pilot was a Super Soldier. The pain was too much for Allelujah to bear and he lost consciousness. Kyrios was easily captured and taken back to a HRL carrier for immediate study. It didn't take long for Tieria to reach to Allelujah's position and realized that Allelujah was easily captured. Tieria judged Allelujah unfit to be a Meister and was about to fire upon the carrier until Soma, with her Tieren Taozi, intervened. As the HRL carrier ship retreated from the battle scene, Hallelujah took over and transformed Kyrios' GN Shield into a pincer claw to cut his way out to freedom.

Kyrios (Hallelujah) slowly piercing through Ming's Tieren.

Meanwhile, Tieria's GN-004 Gundam Nadleeh forced Sergei and his forces to make a full tactical retreat, due to underestimating the Gundams. As they retreat, Hallelujah in Kyrios intercept them. Soma Peries quickly engaged the Kyrios, desperate to defeat and retrieve the Gundam. However, Tieren Taozi proved to be too slow. Hallelujah started to make fun of her, shooting her with weak beam attacks from Kyrios' submachine gun. To save Soma, Adjutant Ming sacrificed himself to stall Hallelujah for Sergei and Soma to flee. Hallelujah expressed disappointment as the two left their comrade behind. With that, he decided to use the electro-blade to slowly torture Adjutant Ming to his final moments. Allelujah tried to stop Hallelujah, but in the end he killed Adjutant Ming. When Allelujah was able to control his body again, he questions Hallelujah's murderous intent and wonders if this was a hidden aspect of himself. He breaks down in tears and considers himself not human for his alternate personality's actions.

Destroy the Super Human Institute

Shortly after the incident with HRL, Allelujah found himself conflicted if he should report about the existence of other super soldier to Celestial Being. Hallelujah then intervened that because the facility still makes super soldiers, Allelujah has to destroy that place. He argued that with it still existing, super soldier like him will still exist and the facility will continue to promote war. Allelujah felt uneasy with Hallelujah's suggestion, in addition that it will kill many of his kin in the process. Hallelujah then proposed to take care of the matter himself, just like how he dealt with their survival in space years ago.

Hallelujah (back) talking to Allelujah about the Super Human Research Institute.

Traumatized by the incident, Allelujah discarded the idea, suggesting that the kids in the facility can still be taken into custody and no one has to die. Hallelujah then said to Allelujah as a super soldier, he should know that people like him can only fight as long as they can live. He even accused Allelujah of having that reason in deciding to be a Gundam Meister, as he said,

What future does a person rebuild for combat possibly have?... Yeah, Mr. Celestial Being's Gundam Meister... because the only thing you can do is fight... because that is our destiny!

Allelujah angrily denied such reason, as Setsuna came to disrupt their conversation. Later, in order to confront his own fear and past, he decided to agree to destroy the HRL Super Human Research Institute. He proposed a mission plan to Sumeragi and was approved by Veda to sortie. Tieria was assigned as his support for this mission.

At the HRL Space Colony, Complete Sphere, Tieria with Virtue handled the outside resistance as Allelujah with Kyrios infiltrated to the space colony. It didn't take long for Allelujah to confirm the Super Human Research Institute since he was experiencing headaches from the quantum brainwaves. As he was about to fire, Allelujah heard many of the experimental subjects' voices with his quantum brainwaves. As he heard their cries, he hesitated to destroy the facility. He commented that the children inside the facility can still be saved and taken in. Hallelujah then interjected that they can't be saved, comparing how Allelujah couldn't live a normal life even after his escape from the institute. Allelujah then argued about how miserable the kids' lives were if they just let them be that way. Irritated by Allelujah's babbling, Hellelujah then began to argue if the subjects even feel that way, adding that Allelujah just pretends to think like that to make himself feel better. Hallelujah believed it was better to kill them as they were raised to be the future enemies. As Allelujah still hesitates, Hallelujah continued

...You do have an option; I could take over again. Are you just gonna close your eyes to what you don't wanna do and say you did nothing wrong after it's all over?... You came here to kill! You're killing people because it's your job? At least pull the trigger with your own emotions! Pull it for yourself and do it without mercy! Allelujah!

Kyrios destroying the Super Human Research Institute.

After much internal conflict, Allelujah reluctantly fired Kyrios' missiles and destroyed the facility. With all his brethren dead, Allelujah returned to base with Hallelujah complimenting on his actions.

After the incident, Celestial Being released the info about the Super Human Institute to the world. With the HRL humiliated by the scandal, Sergei Smirnov closed the facility and arrested those people who were running the institute.

Back at base, after being depressed about what happened, Allelujah came to Sumeragi and asked for a glass of whisky. However, she refused to give him any due to his age. Allelujah then told her it was fine since his birthday just past and he was officially old enough to drink alcohol. He complained it was bitter to drink and questioned why she would drink something like that. Sumeragi told him he'll understand eventually.

Trap in Taklamakan Desert

Allelujah and Lockon sortied together in Taklamakan to prevent a group of terrorists from attacking a nuclear facility. They came to the territory knowing there was a war exercise between the three power blocs (AEU, HRL, Union) and planned to quickly pull out after the mission was done. However, as they retreat, they were quickly attacked by a large group of missiles and large platoon of Realdos. Surprised, Allelujah and Lockon tried to fend off the attacks, but the attacks were too much for them to handle.

Kyrios and Dynames being bombarded by missile attacks.

Kyrios and Dynames were both pinned down on the desert sand as the unrelenting attacks from different armies continues.

With the two Gundam Meisters trapped, Tieria executed Virtue's Burst Mode to create a trench for the two to escape. Allelujah and Lockon noticed the trench and managed to get into it. However, while fleeing, Allelujah began to suffer headaches. He sensed that Soma Peries, with HRL platoon, was getting close to their location.

The HRL troops managed to pin point the Gundam Meisters' location and started to fire their barrage. The Tieren Taozi, on the other hand, hovered past Dynames and smashed itself over Kyrios, knocking the Gundam to the ground. With Allelujah unresponsive to Soma's attacks, Hallelujah switched over to fight her. Hallelujah asked for Soma's name, which she responded with her title, Super Soldier No. 1. As he compliment her name ("worth killing"), Hallelujah prepared his GN Shield to claw mode to strike. Soma, however, dodged his attack and quickly retreats. Disappointed by Soma's decision to retreat, Hallelujah switched back to Allelujah and left him to deal with the rest of HRL's attacks.

After getting separated with Lockon, Allelujah was on his own to find his means to escape. Allelujah endured the next 16 hours of constant fire barrage, but was eventually captured by HRL forces due to exhaustion. As HRL forces dragged Kyrios back to their base, their Tierens were attacked by Michael Trinity and his GNW-002 Gundam Throne Zwei. Michael dispatched his GN Fangs to wipe out the HRL forces, rescuing Allelujah and Kyrios in the process.

The Trinity rescued the rest of the Gundam Meisters from being captured in Taklamakan. As the Gundam Meisters retreated, Nena Trinity's GNW-003 Gundam Throne Drei provided cover using its GN Stealth Field.

Trinity Armed Intervention Campaign

After the Trinity rescued the Gundam Meisters, they left coordinates in space to talk with the Ptolemy Crew. The Ptolemy Crew was surprised by the arrival of the Trinity and their Gundams, for they were not mentioned anywhere within Veda's information portal. They wondered where the Trinity got their Gundams and the GN Drives; what's their goal; and where they get their orders. Wanting their questions answered, the Ptolemy agreed to meet the Trinity and talk inside their ship.

The Trinity appeared on the meeting point and boarded Ptolemios, but the conversation left more questions than answers as the Trinity kept their lips sealed from most of the questions. The Trinity only came to inform the Ptolemy Crew that the one sending them have doubts about Ptolemy's actions in their armed interventions. Trinity criticized the Ptolemy Crew for being emotional over their missions and almost jeopardizing Celestial Being with the events in Taklakaman. Their relationship with the crew also started bad, as Michael Trinity and Nena Trinity's actions offended most of the Gundam Meisters, including Allelujah. After the meeting, the Trinity left, leaving questions and doubts between the two party.

Trinity's Gundam Thrones

Even though the crew didn't get anything from the Trinity, they still got some info about their Gundam Thrones thanks to Ian. During the crew's briefing, Ian explained that the technology the Thrones used was the same as their Gundams', except to the fact that they were using imitation solar reactors. Allelujah quickly commented to the team that someone might had acquired Celestial Being's data to make other Gundams. The some of the crew found the possibility a bit ridiculous as they believed that Veda was impenetrable, but Sumeragi argued nothing can be absolute. With this meeting, they learned about the possibility that someone behind Celestial Being was making their own plans; a possibility of a traitor.

After their brief encounter, the Trinity's began their own operations and the Ptolemy group stayed out of their way to observe their movements. The Trinity's armed intervention involved destroying military bases and facilities, indiscriminately killing civilian workers in the process. It wasn't long their actions sparked Setsuna to start an internal war between the Ptolemy group and Team Trinity. In between this time Allelujah stayed behind in space to look after Ptolemy in case anything unexpected happens.

Operation Fallen Angels

Due to Trinity's recent armed operations, the world powers were left powerless to deal with Celestial Being. Realizing that their own powers were not enough to deal with the organization, the leaders started to think of alliance with other power blocs. Around this time, a traitor in Celestial Being (through Laguna Harvey) sent 30 GN Drives for the power blocs to use. With the power of Gundams in their possession, they eventually formed an alliance in hope to eradicate Celestial Being once and for all.

UN Forces Counteroffensive

The three power blocs decided to unite their strengths in eliminating Celestial Being and formed an alliance under the guidance of United Nations. The Ptolemy Group were surprised by the world powers' declaration, commenting on how their military forces were supposed to be at its knees after the Trinity's recent operations. With the suspicious turn of events, Sumeragi ordered the Gundam Meisters to return to Ptolemy to observe the situation. Later, the HRL quickly used 10 of their GNX-603T GN-Xs to drove off the Trinity from attacking their Garrison Base in Guanzhou. The Ptolemy Crew was shocked by the news, furthering the existence of a traitor.

UN Forces' GN-X Squad

After showing the world their new machines, the power blocs divided in groups in eliminating Celestial Being. The HRL team, lead by Sergei Smirnov, started focusing on eliminating the Thrones in Africa. On the other hand, the AEU and Union joined forces, under Kati Mannequin, and set out to space to search for Ptolemaios. The Gundam Meisters were put on standby, in case the UN Force managed to detect Ptolemy and attacks. The inevitable eventually happened, as Kati's force caught up with the Ptolemy. While in their first major battle against the UN Forces, all the Gundams were deactivated, thanks to Alejandro Corner, who had gained access to Veda's terminal through the help of Ribbons Almark. The Gundam Meisters were surprised, mostly Tieria Erde. Allelujah even wondered if it was really their fate to be disposed of. Luckily, Sumeragi had the Gundams reactivated with a prepared stand alone operating system and the Gundams eventually fended off the UN Forces. The Meister's returned to Ptolemy to reconnoiter.

Setsuna's Confirmations

While HRL's Chobu GN-X Squad was confronting Team Trinity, Allelujah and the rest of the Ptolemy group observes them on the news. The group was contemplating the possibility of defeat as the world has already have the power to crush them. Adding the fact that the world powers have united, their part could be over in Aeolia Schenberg's plan. Allelujah even expressed his disappointment, wondering if Celestial Being was created only to be destroyed later.

Ptolemy Crew observing the Operation Fallen Angels in the news.

However, Setsuna F. Seiei wondered if that was the case. He believed that Gundams should end wars. With the Thrones and UN Forces escalating the war (using pseudo-Gundams), he wondered if this was how the Gundams should affect the world. Lockon finished what Setsuna wanted to say, adding that the fight between the Thrones and UN Forces was a source of conflict that they, the true Gundam Meisters, should stop. Allelujah objected to the suggestion, arguing that they don't have the power and the resource to go on fighting anymore. However, Lockon insisted that Celestial Being should not stay silent during a conflict.

Allelujah then expressed his concern about how one of them might not make it back. With that case, Setsuna decided to go alone to confirm the real purpose of the Gundams himself. Lockon decided to join Setsuna, but Lasse volunteered instead (in consideration of Lockon's injuries) to go with Setsuna using the Assault Container and test the GN Arms. In spite of concerns and objections, Sumeragi approved Setsuna's mission and gave him a mission plan to use. Setsuna and Lasse headed to Earth for an armed intervention against the Trinity and the UN Forces.

While Allelujah was waiting with the rest for Setsuna's return, Aeolia made a sudden appearance in a brief video to all of Celestial Being:

To those who use GN Drives: I don't know whether you will carry my will, however I entrust you my final hope to you, full utilization of your GN Drives. I hope that you will use them and fight your hardest for the sake of ending war and bringing about a new peace. Not for the sake of Celestial Being, but for the sake of your own wills, as those who have Gundams.

A system trap activated and released the solar furnaces' Trans-Am System.

Second UN Forces Battle

To prepare for the next UN Forces battle, Ptolemy and crew headed to Lagrange 1. At Langrange 1, immediate maintenance work was made and the GN Tail Booster for Kyrios was added to their arsenal. While Sumeragi and the Gundam Meisters talked about the Trans-Am System, Setsuna reported in that UN Forces were on the move. They had taken all their GN-X's into space and a Throne Gundam had been captured by Ali al-Saachez.

It wasn't long until UN Forces caught up with Ptolemy. Ptolemy dispatched the remaining Gundam Meisters to fend off 26 of the UN's GN-X forces. Allelujah and Tieria had to face the UN Forces until Setsuna and Lasse return. Lockon was forcibly benched in the Ptolemios by Tieria due to his injuries. Allelujah sortied in Kyrios with the GN Tail Booster added to it.

Kyrios against Soma's GN-X

Allelujah performed well at the start, wiping out several GN-X's in Kyrios' fighter mode with its tail booster in high speed combat. However, things started to become difficult as Tieria was caught by the enemies' fire. Allelujah rushed to help him, but Soma Peries' GN-X intervened by shooting Kyrios' GN Tail Booster. With Soma nearby, Allelujah also suffered yet another quantum brainwave interference, making it hard for him to concentrate on the battle. The Chobu GN-X Squad was intentionally targeting Subject E-0057 (Allelujah) because of his quantum brainwave weakness to Soma Peries.

Soma was about to destroy Kyrios when Kyrios' Trans-Am was activated in able to evade her attack. With Trans-Am active to increase Kyrios' maneuverability, Hallelujah momentarily cut off Allelujah's quantum brainwave, hoping that Allelujah can handle the GN-X without his help. Allelujah was able to handle the Chobu GN-X Squad, destroying their GN-X's weapons and limbs. The squad quickly retreated after realizing they couldn't handle Kyrios' high speed. However, Allelujah wasn't able to shoot down any GN-Xs, much to Hallelujah's disappointment.

After the major battle was over, Allelujah learned of Lockon Stratos' death. While the battle was happening, Lockon sortied with Dynames and GN-Arms Type D and was killed in combat. Allelujah and the rest of Ptolemaios group mourned his passing.

Last Stand

After reuniting with Setsuna and Lasse, the remaining crew prepared for UN Force's next wave of attack. The Ptolemy's e-sensors detected 12 GN-Xs along with a large golden mobile armor with 7 false GN Drives (GNMA-XCVII Alvatore). At sight, the mobile amour quickly launched its large beam attack against Ptolemaios, destroying one of the ship's particle compression chambers. In response to the attack, Sumeragi dispatched Setsuna and Lasse with the assault container to deal with the mobile armor. Allelujah and Tieria, with Kyrios and Nadleeh, were ordered to defend Ptolemy against the incoming GN-X squad.

Kyrios (Hallelujah) taking cover from Alvatore's burst attack.

Allelujah sortied with Kyrios and engaged the enemy GN-Xs. Kyrios' fighter module was damaged in the previous battle, and it was forced to lauched in mobile suit mode. Shortly, Kyrios found the GN-X squad, with Soma Peries, going after the Ptolemy. Kyrios trailed behind a GN-X that was close to Soma and quickly used its GN Shield pincer-claw to destroy the mobile suit. Soma noticed the Gundam and engaged it in melee MS combat. As Soma fought Kyios, Hallelujah, who was apparently in control, commented, "Sorry Allelujah, but I don't want to die just yet!" Hallelujah was about to blow Soma's GN-X with Kyrios' GN Twin Beam Rifle when Sergei intervened with his GN-X.

Hallelujah had the whole Chobu GN-X Squadron's attention and mockingly laughed as he evaded their fire. During Hallelujah's second kill, Alejandro Corner's Alvatore fired another particle beam at Ptolemy, with Kyrios inside the range of fire. Hallelujah quickly moved Kyrios to take cover behind a nearby asteroid. However, the particle beam managed to destroy parts of the asteroid, taking Kyrios' right arm and leg with them. Frustrated by the turn of events, Hallelujah was forced into evasive maneuvers. Nadleeh was also later severely damaged by unrelenting enemy attacks, causing further distress to Hallelujah.

Hallelujah hid the damaged Kyrios behind an asteroid. Sergei and Soma were just nearby, searching for him around the asteroid field. They believed he couldn't have gone far, considering the damages done to Kyrios. As Hallelujah became frustrated by the situation, Allelujah tried to talk to him.

Allelujah talking to Hallelujah

Hallelujah drove him aside, commenting on how unreliable Allelujah was when it comes to life and death situations. He added that he will live whatever it takes. Allelujah then replied that he'll fight to live as well, as he said,

Look, I wanna live too. I haven't heard the world's answer to everything that's happened - the meaning of our struggle. And until I learned what it is, I won't die!

To Hallelujah's delight, he accepted Allelujah's determination to help. Hallelujah removed his helmet and swept his hair up to reveal both his gold and grey eyes. Allelujah and Hallelujah decided to share mind, body, and experiences together to utilize their full potential as a super soldier.

Allelujah and Hallelujah activated Kyrios and charged out of the asteroid to face Sergei and Soma. Both GN-X pilots tried to shoot the approaching Kyrios down, but the damaged Gundam managed to dodge the attacks. Allelujah/Hallelujah then got pass through the fire barrages and kicked Soma's GN-X with Kyrios' remaining left leg. Sergei tried to help Soma by charging his GN-X towards Kyrios. However, Allelujah/Hallelujah used Kyrios' GN Shield pincer-claw to grab his GN-X's left arm and smash the mobile suit onto Soma's GN-X; Sergei's GN-X lost its arm in the process.

Allelujah/Hallelujah's Kyrios slamming Sergei's GN-X to Soma's GN-X

Sergei then tried to quickly shoot Kyrios down while it was near, but the Gundam flew away to dodge his attack and create distance between them. Both Sergei and Soma were surprised about Kyrios' movement, disbelieving that it can still move despite the damage it took earlier. Kyrios charged in again as both Allelujah and Hallelujah commented that things will be different from that time on.

Sergei then tried again to shoot Kyrios down using GN-X's beam rifle. However, Kyrios dodged his attacks and cut off the GN-X's other arm. Noticing that Kyrios was attacking Sergei's GN-X, Soma fired multiple beam shot to keep the Gundam away from Sergei. Kyrios evaded the attacks again, as it hide behind asteroids and disappeared out of Soma's sight. Allelujah/Hallelujah then tried to cut Soma's GN-X down from behind, but Soma managed to sense him and block with her GN-X's beam saber. As they clashed with their beam sabers, Soma wondered why she was not able to match Subject E-0057 even though she was supposed to be the perfect super soldier. Hallelujah replied that she didn't get it at all, as he explained,

You just don't get it woman. You're far from being a perfect super soldier! Your quantum brainwaves give you super reflexes, but obviously, your mind is too sluggish to keep up with that kind of reaction speed! You're just acting on instinct, like an animal!... That's why I can predict your actions. Reflexes and thought must be one; this synthesis is the mark of a true super soldier!

Allelujah/Hallelujah activating Kyrios' Trans Am

Allelujah/Hallelujah then activates Trans-Am to finish the fight. Soma charged her GN-X at Kyrios with a hail of beam gun fire. However, Kyrios managed to dodge all of Soma's attacks and cut off her mobile suit's left arm and left leg with its GN Shield Claw. Allelujah/Hallelujah was about to make the final blow when Sergei, with his GN-X, took the attack. With Kyrios attached to his GN-X, Sergei had Soma quickly counterattack and shoot down Kyrios.

Soma's shots hit Kyrios' arm and chest directly, the blast from the GN Beam Rifle causing an explosion in the cockpit that damaged the right side of Allelujah's forehead. As Kyrios drifted away, the visual sensors revealed the image of Soma Peries taking Sergei out of his GN-X. To Allelujah's shock he learned that Soma Peries is Marie, his friend from the HRL's Super Human Research Institute.


Allelujah was shocked at the revelation that he tried to kill Marie in combat. As he tremble about this fact, he asked Hallelujah if he ever knew about this. Hallelujah explained himself to Allelujah, "If you knew, you wouldn't fight anymore. You'd just die...." After that, Hallelujah made his farewell. The head injury Allelujah suffered had caused some brain damage and damaged his ability to utilize quantum brainwaves. Allelujah was now alone to his mind for the first time in many years as he drifted helplessly in open space.

After the battle, Allelujah ejected Kyrios' GN Drive and continued to drift in space.[23] He was discovered by UN Forces and both him and Kyrios fell into the enemy's hands. After medics treated his head injury, he was sent to the higher ups of the military and had vanished beyond Celestial Being's help.

Four Year Detention

The year was 2312, 4 years after the Battle at Lagrange 1, the authoritarian Earth Sphere Federation (AEU, Union, and HRL united as a single entity) has begun an aggressive campaign of unification through their autonomous military force, A-Laws.

Allelujah in detention centre

The united and peaceful world never came, only evolved into another source of conflict.

Allelujah had been missing since Celestial Being went into hiding. Unknown to them, he was confined in a Federation Anti-Government Detention Facility somewhere in the HRL territory. There, he was tortured and questioned about Celestial Being since the year he was captured.[24] He never once answered their questions; he remained strong, hoping for the day he and Marie would meet again.[24] After Celestial Being's return, Wang Liu Mei and Nena Trinity found out where Allelujah was confined and relayed the information to the Ptolemy Crew.

Allelujah Rescue Operation

Due to the return of Gundams, the A-Laws came one day to interrogate Allelujah again for the information about Celestial Being. As investigators came to see him, Allelujah immediately recognized Soma Peries among them and wanted to talk to her. They removed his muzzle and Allelujah was excited to speak to her. He identified Soma as Marie, but she did not recognize the name. Soma even denied that she was Marie, but Allelujah continued to suggest otherwise. With the discussion not going anywhere that time, Allelujah was muzzled again and left alone.

While Allelujah was confined alone, with his thoughts on Marie, a commotion suddenly came through the whole detention facility. There was wild shaking in the building and a lot of noise was coming in from outside; Allelujah wondered what was happening. Celestial Being apparently had come to rescue their detained Gundam Meister. CBS-74 Ptolemaios 2 came crashing from space to the sea, causing a tsunami outside the facility. The Gundams had also shown up, as GN-0000 00 Gundam crashed into one side of the building to infiltrate the detention facility. Not long during the commotion, someone blew out Allelujah's cell door. Behind the smoke, Setsuna F. Seiei appeared and freed Allelujah from his binds. He also gave Allelujah a PC tablet for directions to intercept his new Gundam, GN-007 Arios Gundam. After analyzing the data in the tablet, Allelujah rushed out of his cell to the rendezvous point. As he ran, he also notice the presence of another group (Katharon) raiding the facility and freeing other prisoners.

As Allelujah arrived at the meeting point, Arios came crashing into the side building, giving him the opportunity to escape. However, as he was about to board the Gundam, Soma Peries appeared from behind to stop him. Soma was pointing a gun at Allelujah, threatening to shoot if he decided to escape. Allelujah stopped to talk to her, still calling her Marie. She continued to deny ever having the name, but Allelujah insisted, even speaking out her full name (Marie Parfacy). The name suddenly triggered a memory in Soma's past and caused her head to hurt. Allelujah wanted to tend to her, but Andrei Smirnov and two other men came to prevent him from coming near her.

Allelujah took cover from their shot, but didn't come to his Gundam; he still wanted to be with Marie. However, Tieria called to his tablet to inform Allelujah that their time was up. Five minutes had passed since the operation, and they have to depart.

Allelujah sorties Arios Gundam

Allelujah regretfully accepted to escape the facility, swearing he will come for Marie one day. He sortied Arios and escaped with Setsuna and Tieria. The A-Laws' GNX-609T GN-XIIIs intercept them as the Gundams launched to escape. Together with Setsuna's 00 Gundam and Tieria's Seravee Gundam, Allelujah executed high speed combat with his Arios Gundam and fended off the pursuers with its beam saber. They annihilated two GN-XIII during the combat. The Gundam Meisters managed to get out of the place and returned to Ptolemy II.

Allelujah was welcomed back in the Ptolemy II by his former comrades, especially by Tieria Erde. He also learned about Lockon's replacement, Lyle Dylandy, as the bearer of the title Lockon Stratos.

Anti A-Laws Campaign

After they have gathered their team back, Celestial Being proceeded to their plan in fighting against the oppressive tactics of the A-Laws.

Reason To Fight

The CBS-74 Ptolemaios 2 heads for Azadistan after granting Princess Marina Ismail's request to return to her country. In between heading there, the crew members were left to their own devices while A-Laws began their search and destroy operations against them. Meanwhile, after Allelujah's return to Celestial Being, he paid a visit to Sumeragi in her quarters for a chat. The two talked about the last 4 years; how they have been doing during those times.

During their conversation, Allelujah told Sumeragi about Marie and her involvement with the Federation as Soma Peries. Sumeragi recognized the name; Soma was the HRL's super soldier that Allelujah was fighting before.

Sumeragi (left) and Allelujah having a conversation inside her quarters.

Allelujah expressed regret about not realizing that he, and Hallelujah were fighting her, commenting that she's the only one that can strongly disrupt his quantum brainwaves. He added that with him realizing that she's in A-Laws, it gave him a new reason to fight, as he quoted,

When I was caught by the United Nations Forces, I felt as that it was time for me to atone for my crimes. I thought it would be alright to wither and die. But not now. I want to take Marie back.

Sumeragi then argued that it was going to be difficult for him, for Soma was his enemy. She even added that Marie was going to hate him because of what he did to the Super Human Research facility, killing many of their kin during the incident. Allelujah admitted that he acknowledged the facts and risks, however, he still wanted to fight for Marie's sake.

With Allelujah's determination, Sumeragi admitted of being jealous of Allelujah, for he had a new reason to fight but she doesn't. Allelujah was surprised by her revelation, commenting that he thought Sumeragi fought for Aeolia's ideals. Sumeragi didn't deny, but she also fought before in hope that she could erase the terrible things she did in the past. However, whatever she does, she couldn't erase them. With her unable to move on, she decided she doesn't have any reason to fight anymore. Allelujah interjects that she could find one, as he said, "I believe there a reason for you to be here... I know you'll find a reason to keep fighting..."

Later, Allelujah went to inspect Arios Gundam. He commented that even if Hallelujah was gone and he can't use his quantum brainwave, he'll keep on fighting with his Gundam to get Marie.

Underwater A-Laws Assault

Ptolemy II was about to make its way into the Persian Gulf underwater when A-Laws started to launched their assault against Celestial Being by deploying their underwater mobile armor, GNMA-04B11 Trilobite. As the A-Laws bombard Ptolemy with missile and chemical attacks, the Gundam Meisters were ordered to go into standby with their mobile suits; Allelujah quickly went to suit up and boarded Arios. Sumeragi decided to take charge of the Ptolemy Crew and ordered the ship to continue climbing up the depth level while the enemy attacks. As Ptolemy II reached to safe depth levels to sortie, all the Gundams exited below the hanger bay and engaged the attacking Trilobite. Both Seravee and Cherudim drove the Trilobite away from the Ptolemy while 00 Gundam finished off the mobile armor. After the Trilobite was destroyed underwater, Allelujah, in Arios, activated Trans-AM and brought 00 Gundam to the surface to eliminate the A-Laws' carrier ship.

Soma's A-Head Smultron (left) against Arios Gundam.

Setsuna was charging 00 Gundam to the enemy carrier ship when Mr. Bushido, in custom Ahead, intercept him. Allelujah rushed to help, but Soma, with her GNX-704T/SP Ahead Smultron, sortied to intervene. Allelujah tried to shoot down the approaching Ahead, but Soma fended off the attacks. Soma recognized Allelujah's new Gundam and began shooting back at Arios. Unfortunately, because Allelujah couldn't use his quantum brainwaves, Soma was able to cleanly hit Arios. Allelujah knew that his reflexes have dropped tremendously after he lost Hallelujah, as he commented, "It's not the suit's fault, it's my ability!". Soma was about to cut Arios with Smultron's beam saber, when the Katharon interfered in the battle. With Katharon's intervention, A-Laws called a tactical retreat.

Katharon Incident

The Gundam Meisters with Sumeragi, Saji and Marina entered the Rub' al Khali desert to met with the Katharon. Aside from leaving Marina and Saji to Katharon's care, Celestial Being was looking forward in seeing the situation of the anti-government group. Allelujah and Lockon sortied with their Gundams, while the rest boarded Celestial Being's VTOL Craft. As they entered Katharon's secret base, Katharon rebels warmly welcomed Celestial Being and began cheering for the Gundam Meisters as heroes. After the pleasantries, they were taken to a briefing room for a private meeting to discuss some matters. Allelujah didn't attend the meeting; he remained with Lockon and Tieria at the Katharon MS hanger until the rest came back. The meeting did not bear any alliances between the groups, due to differences in their political ideologies and Katharon's lack of proper mobile suits for combat. After leaving Saji to the Katharon, Celestial Being left the base. They all went back to Ptolemy II, except for Setsuna, who took the CB VTOL Craft to drop off Marina Ismail back to Azadistan.

While back in Ptolemy II, Wang Liu Mei informed Celestial Being of A-Laws' imminent attack upon the Katharon base. The Ptolemy Crew attempted to double back to Katharon's base to save them. Allelujah, Lockon and Tieria sortied with their Gundams to catch up to A-Laws. As they reach Katharon's base, they realized they were too late. The A-Laws already tore open the base and began launching their automaton weapons to sweep the base of any signs of life. The Meisters saw firsthand at the inhumane tactics the A-Laws used against Katharon.

Arios slicing through an A-Laws GN-XIII

Allelujah was disgusted of A-Laws' use of automatons; he quickly charged Arios after a GN-XIII in fighter mode. While Arios cut the GN-XIII in half, Allelujah commented,

Mass murder with automated weapons; You think just because you avoid pulling the trigger yourself, you won't feel any of the guilt from committing the crime?!

The A-Laws quickly withdrew as they already accomplished their mission.

The one-sided attack against Katharon destroyed the Katharon's facility and left many people dead. Some Katharon members even suspected Celestial Being for leaking the location of Katharon's base to the A-Laws, but Lockon quickly denied the accusations. Aside from Katharon, Celestial Being was also shocked by the destruction. With Katharon's base destroyed, the Ptolemy Crew agreed to provide Katharon temporary protection. They also called Wang Liu Mei for reliefs and supplies.

After the arrival of reliefs and equipment the next day, the Ptolemy II launched to distract the A-Laws and give Katharon time to move. Despite not having Sumeragi's guidance, the crew decided to confront the A-Laws and launched the Gundams to intercept the enemy mobile suits. During the battle, Allelujah's Arios was pursued by Soma and her squad. As Smultron pressured Arios, Allelujah realized that Soma was piloting the Ahead. Allelujah tried to get Marie to come to her senses, but the Soma Peries persona was still in control. Allelujah didn't want to hurt Marie in combat and ended up getting Arios punctured by Smultron's beam saber on the right side of the MS frame. After the Arios was stabbed, Allelujah made the Arios grabbed onto Soma's Smultron, telling her that he's not going to let go. The two mobile suits crash landed upon the forest area of the middle eastern coastline.

Returning Marie

Soma Peries attacking Allelujah

After the two crash landed on the forest, Allelujah went to check on Soma Peries. When he opened Smultron's cockpit, Soma woke up and quickly jumped out to fight him. Allelujah didn't want to hurt her, but she continued to attack him. Soma then pinned Allelujah to the ground and was about to strike him when she was hit by a tremendous brainwave interference. After Soma agonized from the headache, Marie briefly awakens and finally recognizes Allelujah before fainting from mental fatigue.

With Marie fainted, Allelujah quickly tended to Marie's condition and took care of the things to get help them get rescued. He built a tent for Marie's shelter while she was unconscious. Allelujah also check their mobile suit's condition if they could either operate or create signal for rescue. When he came back to check on Marie, Marie was already awake. Relieved, Allelujah entered the tent and greeted her. Unfortunately for them, their mobile suits were damaged and couldn't be used. They had to wait until somebody noticed them and picked them up.

Marie Parfacy (left) and Allelujah talking to each other while waiting rescue

While waiting for rescue, Allelujah and Marie talked about their pasts since they were separated in the Super Soldier Institute. Marie talked about her other personality, Soma Peries. Soma was implanted within her by the institute to restore the senses that she didn't have. She also talked about how Soma was sent to the military just to prevent the facility from being shut down by the government. However, despite how the institute treated her, she was grateful for she could see Allelujah at the present. Allelujah, on the other hand, talked about how he escaped the Super Soldier facility. He and his brethren found out they were about to be disposed and escaped the facility by stealing one of the shuttle. He also explained what happened in the shuttle and how he killed his brethren to survive. Since that incident, he commented that he cursed his fate, the facility and the world, using them as his motivation to be a Gundam Meister.

Allelujah then asked if Marie if she could still recall Soma Peries' memories. He repentantly told Marie about the things that he had done, including destroying the Super Human Institute, killing their kins at the process. Marie tried to console him, admitting that she caused Allelujah pain too by killing Hallelujah. She noted that she was Soma Peries after all and with that she didn't know what to do.

Allelujah also expressed his own uncertainties. He explained that when he found out that Marie was Soma Peries, he wanted to rescue her so badly. However, after he met her, he doesn't now what to do next. He realized that a guy like him couldn't offer anything for her. Marie then told Allelujah that meeting him was enough for her, as she said,

I'm just so happy that you're here with me... I'm finally able to meet you. When I was deprived of my senses, all I could do is call out with quantum brainwaves and you were the only one who answered. Because of you, I was able to feel grateful for being alive. Now I can see you with my own eyes; I can speak with you; even touch you. I never thought this day would come... For all this, I thank God, Allelujah.

Sergei pointing his gun at Allelujah

As they continued to talk, a Federation GN-XIII suddenly came to their location. As they got out of the tent to meet the mobile suit, Marie recognized that it was Sergei Smirnov that had found them. As Sergei got out of his mobile suit to meet Soma Peries, he recognized Allelujah and spotted him as a Gundam Meister. He pulled out his gun and pointed it at Allelujah, seeing him as a threat to Soma Peries.

Marie tried to explain to Sergei how she's related to Allelujah and how Soma Peries was her implanted personality. Allelujah also added that Marie shouldn't be with the A-Laws, since they will just use her as a super soldier. Sergei wasn't interested by what Allelujah was saying, commenting that if Marie goes to Celestial Being, she'll be also drawn into fighting. As he readies his gun to shoot Allelujah, Sergei added that Celestial Being cannot be trusted for what they have done in the past. Marie tried to plea with her colonel but Allelujah stepped in and accepted Sergei's punishment. He commented that as long as Soma Peries could live a normal life, he was willing to die for her sake.

Just as Sergei was about to pull the trigger, Marie jumped in front of Allelujah to take the shot. However, Sergei simply fired the gun on the air and decided to spare Allelujah.

Allelujah kissing Marie

Leaving Marie to Allelujah, Sergei said that he'll falsify to the authorities that Soma Peries had died in combat. He also properly thanked Allelujah for rescuing the civilians on the gravity block four years ago. As he leaves, Marie told him that she, as Soma, still wanted to be his daughter and two embrace in an emotional farewell hug. She then saluted to Sergei, as a thanks for all he has done for her, as he took off with his GN-XIII. As Marie began to cry, Allelujah comforted her, thanking her for living and giving him a reason to live.

Thanks to Sergei's information, Lockon Stratos was able to find Allelujah and Marie's location. As he reports back to Ptolemy about Allelujah's whereabouts, he noticed the two kissing and passed the image to the Ptolemy, shocking the whole crew.

Living with Marie

Allelujah and Marie living together

Allelujah returned to Ptolemy II, bringing Marie with him. Their arrival however was met with mixed feelings from the crew. Ian was a bit annoyed for he believed Allelujah to prioritize his girlfriend before looking after his Gundam which was in dire need of repairs. Lasse initially had some doubts about her, but Sumeragi assured him that Marie was important for Allelujah's motivation to continue to fight as a Gundam Meister. Mileina, on the other hand, was rather overjoyed. They now had a couple in the ship and she was the first to confirm it.  Feldt however did not take Marie's arrival so well.

While Allelujah was giving Marie a tour of Ptolemy II, they bumped to Feldt Grace. Allelujah happily introduced Marie and Feldt to each other.  However, Feldt identified Marie as Soma Peries and listed her previous involvement during Operation Fallen Angels. She blamed Marie for the deaths of Dr. Moreno, Lichty, Christina, and Lockon Stratos. Despite Allelujah's objections that the woman beside him was not Soma Peries, Feldt refused to believe it. Even though Feldt knew, a part of her still blamed Marie. She ran off in tears to the nearby elevator. Allelujah apologized to Marie for her behavior, stating that Feldt saw everyone on the ship as a family and that it was hard on her that they had lost many people during the events that transpired..

Allelujah later found Feldt alone in one of the observation rooms. He came to apologize for bringing Marie into the ship. Feldt replied that it was okay and that she was at fault for blaming Marie. She confessed had believed that she could become a level headed person, but in the she couldn't and acted like a spoiled child. Allelujah smiled at her and assured her that it was alright to become emotional about losing someone. He could understand her, as they were a family after all.

Return to Lagrange 3

Allelujah (Arios) stopping Tieria (Seravee) from going after Ali al-Saachez

With Wang Liu Mei's tip, Tieria Erde, with Setsuna F. Seiei, volunteered to go to the Federation Banquet to gather info about the A-Laws top officials. During the operation however, Setsuna and Tieria's mission was compromised, and they were intercepted on their way back by Ali al-Saachez in GNW-20000 Arche Gundam. Sumeragi quickly dispatched Arios and Cherudim to help them. Allelujah and Lockon saw the others engaged in MS combat and provided cover fire. After Ali fled, Allelujah informed the Meisters to go back to Ptolemy. Tieria still wanted to make chase, to avenge Lockon Stratos' (Neil Dylandy) death, but Allelujah stopped him before he could go far. Lockon (Lyle) later confronted Tieria about Neil's nemesis; Allelujah and Marie watched the conversation on the side.

Within 12 hours, Sumeragi Lee Noriega predicted that the A-Laws would be preparing to trap and destroy the Ptolemy II underwater. As there were also needs for repairs, maintenance, upgrades, and picking up the new support units from Lagrange 3; the Ptolemy Crew prepared to return to space. Using the Gundam's Trans-AM and the 00 Gundam's combat capability, the Ptolemy Crew escaped the A-Laws' net and head their way to space, to sector within the Lagrange 3.

While Allelujah was tending to Marie in the mess hall, Marie suffered a sudden headache from her quantum brainwaves. She felt the presence of Bring Stability, and warned everyone of his coming. In due time, GNZ-005 Garazzo was able to catch up with Ptolemy II using its tremendous speed. 00 Gundam and Cherudim Gundam were sortied to face the mysterious MS and Garazzo quickly retreated. As the crew continued their journey, they were made aware about the A-Laws' presence around the area.

The Ptolemy II managed to reach the satellite base at Lagrange 3. Once Ptolemy II docked, the crew was greeted by Ian and his wife Linda Vashti. As Ian introduced Linda to everyone, Allelujah jokingly commented that it was a crime that Ian married such a young wife. Ian didn't take the joke too well, but Sumeragi intervened that such pleasantries had to be put aside as they were on a rush to re-supply the Ptolemy II and work on their Gundams.

Hallelujah awoken from his slumber

The majority of the crew then headed to the MS hanger to see their new support units; GNR-101A GN Archer as a support unit for Arios and GNR-010 0 Raiser to stabilize 00's Twin Drive System. Allelujah went down to the hanger to see his new support unit. As Allelujah was checking out GN Archer, his head started to hurt. The GN particles generated by 00 Raiser's testing of Trans-Am system flooded throughout the asteroid base, affecting everyone with quantum brainwaves. The GN particles surged through Allelujah's brain and reawakens Hallelujah Haptism from his slumber. Hallelujah commented, "Damn, a guy can't get any sleep around here." As quickly as Hallelujah returned, he became dormant again after the GN particles ceased flowing near him. Allelujah regained control without once realizing Hallelujah had temporary control.

A-Laws' Attack at Lagrange 3

During the test run of 00 Raiser, the sensors had detected an unusual heat source coming from Earth. The Ptolemy Crew gathered to see the anomaly and confirmed it was caused by a satellite weapon (Memento Mori) used by A-Laws. Sumeragi made the decision to destroy the Federation's satellite weapon as soon as work on Ptolemy II was complete.

Ptolemy Crew having a brief meeting after the firing of Memento Mori on Suille Kingdom

As the crew was about to prepare for Memento Mori, Tieria Erde asked for a moment to tell everyone of the things he discovered during the events before they launched for Lagrange 3. Tieria revealed the existence of Veda's living bio-terminals, the Innovators, who were controlling both the Federation and the A-Laws behind the shadows. Tieria also explained that the Innovators were the ones responsible for creating the Team Trinity, the three Throne Gundams and the UN Force's GN-Xs from 4 years ago. He was conflicted before to reveal all of these, as the Innovators claimed that they follow and enforce Aeolia Schenberg's plan. Sumeragi expressed disbelief what had happened was anything approved by Aeolia's plan. The rest of the crew agreed as Allelujah added that A-Laws' oppression could never lead to true peace. With conviction, Setsuna then announced that he will destroy both the A-Laws and the Innovators his own way, and the crew concurred.

While the Ptolemy Crew and the personnel finalize for departure, A-Laws suddenly launched surprise missile attacks from 3 directions; the enemy attacked earlier than expected. The Gundams were quickly ordered to sortie to defend against the attack while the staff from the satellite evacuated by shuttles. Allelujah launched GN-007 + GNR-101A Archer Arios to protect the escaping shuttles from Lagrange 3. By the time he returned from his mission, the fight had already ended. Allelujah reported back to Ptolemy II that the transport shuttles reached a safe location and the evacuees were all safe.

Battle of Memento Mori

After a second shot from Memento Mori was fired on the Middle East, Ptolemy II quickly made its way to the Federation's satellite weapon using Trans-Am. At the location, they notice the battle pursuing between the Katharon and the A-Laws. Katharon arrived earlier but their forces were too weak to handle the Memento Mori and the superior units of the A-Laws. Upon Celestial Being's arrival, Katharon shared what information they had about the satellite weapon. Later, the crew also received a full detailed schematics from Wang Liu Mei. They discovered a weakness in Memento Mori through one of its electromagnetic photon resonance chambers. After locating one of the chambers, Sumeragi Lee Noriega then decided to start their mission to destroy the Memento Mori.

Arios' Trans-Am was used by Ptolemy

Sumeragi have each of the Meisters to execute their specific roles in her battle plan while the Ptolemy II plow through the A-Laws forces. The Arios's Trans-Am was used at the last second for the Ptolemy II to dodge the Memento Mori's laser shot. In addition, it was also used to accelerate the ship towards the satellite weapon. While the Memento Mori was recharging, the Ptolemy II was advancing through the enemy lines without worrying about the Memento Mori. Upon reaching an appropriate distance from the target, the Gundam Meisters Lockon and Tieria, destroyed the Memento Mori.

Crashed & Hunted on Earth

After the Celestial Being destroyed the Memento Mori, the Innovators quickly dispatched to destroy them. With no particles left to use, the Ptolemy II was unable to retaliate against the Innovators' attack. Left with no choice, Sumeragi ordered retreat using the Innovators assault from behind to propel the ship towards the Earth. The crew survived the crash landing, but the ship's weapons, navigation, and communications were badly damaged. On top of that, Setsuna with the 00 Raiser got separated from the group during the Innovators' attack. On the mean time, the Ptolemy II could only rely on the camouflage system to keep it safe from A-Laws detection.

Sumeragi talking about Marie's participation in Memento Mori Operation

Allelujah was performing maintenance on Arios Gundam when Sumeragi came to him to apologize for having Marie participate the battle against Memento Mori. Marie was assigned to call the timing for Arios' Trans-Am to avoid Memento Mori's laser attack. With that, Sumeragi failed to oblige to Allelujah's request to never let Marie participate in any battle by Celestial Being. Allelujah forgave Sumeragi's action, but asked her to never do it again despite the circumstances.

While the Ptolemy II was still in bad shape, the Innovators decided to attack the weakened Celestial Being. Unknown to the Ptolemy Crew, their crew mate, Anew Returner, was acting as Innovators' tracking device to locate their ship's whereabouts. Fortunately, thanks to Lockon's intel, Sumeragi was able to dispatch Arios and Seravee in time to intercept the attacking mobiles suits. Allelujah confronted Revive Revival's Gadessa, and Tieria faced Bring Stabity's Garazzo. Allelujah's Arios dominated the Gadessa during the aerial combat. Revive quickly retreated after learning of Bring's demise, realizing that he was at full disadvantage.

With the possibility that the enemy could track them at any moment despite their ship's camouflage, the Ptolemy Crew decided to put their repairs in priority. Some of the crew were worried about their precarious situation. Allelujah voiced his concern about Ptolemy II facing A-Laws without a functional weapons control system. Ian commented they could fend off the A-Laws if they had the 00 Raiser; but with the machine out of contact, he wondered if they could make it. Tieria, however, tried to assure that Setsuna would definitely return in time. In order to deal with the needed repairs as soon as possible, the crew decided to meet with the Katharon's European cell to get most of the essential supplies.

Coup d'état Save

After Katharon resupplied Ptolemy II, the ship and crew headed towards the nearest European coast while hiding within mountain ranges. Thanks to the supplies, the Ptolemy Crew was able to fix most of the damages, with the exception of the weapons control and submersible mode. As they head their way out to the coast, they received a tactical alert that a large A-Laws force was approaching their direction. With the Ptolemy II still unable to retaliate from enemy attacks, Sumeragi sent out the 3 remaining Gundams as the Ptolemy II retreated for cover within the mountainous terrain for protection.

Arios and Seravee launching to intercept the A-Laws' forces

After the Trans-Am Cherudim exhausted its particles to preemptive shoot the enemies, Allelujah and Tieria took care of the rest of the mobile suit forces, hoping to hold them away from the Ptolemy II. As both Gundam Meisters handled the enemies, their battle plan was completely ruined by the appearance of the Innovator's new mobile armor, GNMA-Y0001 Empruss. The mobile armor caught and electrified both Seravee and Arios with its Egner Whip, crippling both the mobile suits and the pilots from further combat.

The A-Laws was able to catch up with the Ptolemy II and was about to destroy the ship when they suddenly retreated. The Gundam Meisters and the Ptolemy Crew couldn't believe what had happened. Allelujah and the Gundam Meisters thought that the A-Laws already had them defeated. All of them sooner learned about the ESF Coup d'état Faction's coup d'état, which was happening at the Africa orbital elevator. The A-Laws were urgently ordered by the ESF Government to monitor the situation. Since the A-Laws will be there, the Ptolemy Crew decided to head to the place of conflict. The crew also hope to encounter Setsuna F. Seiei, thinking that he will intervene in the brewing conflict.

On the way to Africa orbital elevator, Celestial Being eventually found Setsuna, in the 00 Raiser, battling the GNX-U02X Masurao. Allelujah and the rest of the Gundam Meisters quickly covered Setsuna and managed to retrieve him along with the 00 Raiser.

Battle at Africa Elevator

As they arrived at the Africa Elevator, the crew quickly realized about the presence of a second Memento Mori above the orbital ring. Realizing the worst case scenario, Sumeragi dispatched the Meisters, except Setsuna (who was injured), to intervene and stop the possible stand-off between the Federation forces (ESF Forces) and the anti-government groups (ESF-Coup faction and Katharon) at the foot of the Africa Elevator. Allelujah and the Gundam Meisters were quickly drawn into combat after witnessing the ESF firing against the Katharon forces fleeing the orbital elevator. With the forces under the Africa Elevator focused on eliminating each other, all of them failed to take action against the A-Laws' plan of eliminating the Low Orbital Station using the Memento Mori.

Moments later, the A-Laws eventually fired the Memento Mori at the Africa Elevator. Even though they failed to directly hit the Low Orbital Station, thanks to Trans-Am Raiser, the shot still destroyed the pillar below it, causing the columns to auto-purge. Falling columns above the Stratosphere were expected to burn, but the columns below could fall completely to the Earth.

Allelujah when the Africa pillar starts collapsing

The forces below the Africa Elevator were filled with shocked as the orbital elevator's worse case scenario was happening right before their eyes. Knowing the possible damages to the cities below the tower, Sumeragi quickly made a public announcement to every forces to save the populated areas. Allelujah and the Gundam Meisters quickly responded to the message as they removed themselves from the battle to shoot down the incoming debris with their Gundams. The Katharon, the ESF and Kati Mannequin's A-Laws forces later followed suit.

In an unusual situation, all the forces in the area temporarily united in saving the civilians from the falling pillar fragments. Marie also joined in with Allelujah during the operation to shoot down the falling fragments from the tower. While in GN Archer, she assured Allelujah that she's trying to save lives that moment and not fighting a battle. Allelujah later activated Trans-Am, together with the other Meisters, to handle the increasing number of falling debris. The operation lasted for several hours and many pilots gave their lives to save the people below the Africa Tower.

After the operation, Allelujah roamed around the area to examine the site below the Africa Elevator. While he was at it, he noticed the GN Archer approaching a battle between an A-Laws GN-XIII and a Tieren Taozi. Apparently, Sergei Smirnov was being attacked by his son, Andrei Smirnov, for being suspected in joining the ESF coup faction. Marie tried to stop the battle between them but she failed, and the GN-XIII eventually destroyed the Tieren Taozi. Allelujah quickly went after Marie and realized through her cry that Sergei was killed in combat. He tried to console her, but she angrily shoved him away. Sergei's death proved to be too much for Marie and she eventually succumb to her other personality, Soma Pieres.

Post Break Pillar

After the battle at the Africa Tower, Celestial Being hid themselves away from the Federation's sight in order to recuperate their lost battle strength. This took time however, as the Innovators were able to track down and attack the Ptolemy II more than 20 times. Despite of this, the Ptolemy Crew was still able to get their fighting strength back. After 4 months of seclusion, Celestial Being returned and managed to destroy the A-Laws' Memento Mori 2.

Aside from the Gundam Meisters, Soma Peries also took part in the operation, piloting the GN Archer. She had decided to fight against the A-Laws, and this made Allelujah very worried. Ever since the death of Sergei Smirnov, Marie Parfacy had not returned. Soma Peries remained in control and had been on a personal warpath against A-Laws to avenge Sergei. In between these last 4 months, Allelujah had been trying to get through Marie, only with Soma Peries answering him with anger and spite. After they got back from their operation, Allelujah tried to talk to her again, but Soma's respond was the same as before. As Soma charged out to go back to her quarters, Lockon quickly noticed the tense situation between the two.

Lockon giving Allelujah advice.

In the observation room, Lockon confronted Allelujah about Soma Peries. Allelujah explained that he did not want Soma to fight. He expressed his worry about Soma fighting against the A-Laws, fearing that she might get hurt during the battle. He also expressed his regret for breaking his promise to Sergei by letting her fight again in the battlefield. In response, Lockon argued that Allelujah needs to understand Soma's feelings at the moment, as he said,

Just give her some space for a while. She needs time to put her feelings in order... Don't force your thoughts on her. If you think it over carefully, you'll understand; The feelings of that girl who says she wants to fight.

After saying that, Lockon left to let Allelujah think of the situation over again.

Taking Back Veda

Four months after the Africa Tower incident, A-Laws became the single largest military force known in the solar system. With the A-Laws gaining power at an exponential rate, the Ptolemy Crew decided to tackle the ones that started this all, which were the Innovators. However, to defeat the Innovators, they have to capture Veda - the source of Innovator's power and control over the Earth Sphere Federation Government.

Innovator Capture Operation

To defeat the Innovators, the Ptolemy Crew finally decided to retake Veda from the Innovators' clasp. With that, Ptolemaios crew devised a plan to capture an Innovator to get the information about Veda's whereabouts. Unsurprisingly, the A-Laws and the Innovators launched another attack to the Ptolemaios. The Gundam Meisters were ordered to launch with their Gundams and carry out their plan. Allelujah sortied with Soma in Archer Arios. As expected, Soma would also fight in this battle. As Archer Arios prepares to launch to the battlefield, Allelujah promised himself that he would protect her at all cost.

Allleujah and the Gundam Meisters broke out to their formation and began engaging their targets. The Archer Arios and Cherudim supported Ptolemy II in the battlefield, while the Seravee and 00 Raiser were responsible in dealing with the Innovators. As the group of GNX units managed to draw closer to the Ptolemy, Soma broke GN Archer off from Arios to hunt for Andrei Smirnov. Allelujah wanted to stay close to her, but Soma continued to advance deep into the enemy airspace.

Hallelujah; GN Particles stimulating Quantum Brainwaves.

During the battle, 00 Raiser released a large amount of GN Particles throughout the battlefield using its Trans-Am System. With the massive amounts of GN Particles affecting quantum brainwaves, Hallelujah awoke within Allelujah and started his murderous rampage towards the enemy mobile suits. Marie was also awaken from Soma Peries for a brief moment. After Trans-Am Raiser ceased, Hallelujah and Marie went dormant; Allelujah and Soma regained control of themselves again.

The A-Laws retreated after failing to destroy the Ptolemy 2. The Innovators were also defeated and Revive Revival was captured by Tieria Erde. As the A-Laws retreated, Soma continued to pursue Andrei Smirnov. Allelujah tried to hold her back but she was too eager to avenge her former colonel. Saji Crossroad, who was also at the battle scene in the 0 Raiser, couldn't help but cry out against Soma's thirst for revenge. Upon seeing how it affected Louise Halevy, Saji began telling everyone that nothing good would come out from revenge since it only increases the unnecessary losses and fighting. After hearing this, Soma stopped and reflected upon her actions.

Innovator Deception

Revive Revival before the Gundam Meisters and Sumeragi

The Gundam Meisters and Sumeragi started their interrogation of Innovator Revive Revival. They directly went to the point and asked about Veda's location, but Revive expressed no knowledge about it. Sumeragi then asked about the Innovators' true intentions for Veda and the purpose of Aeolia's Plan, which Revive responded were all for the "dialogues that are to come." Allelujah wanted Revive to clarify his words, but Revive commented that it was typical for humans not to understand. Lockon intervened, stating that Revive was in no position to act all-knowing since he had been captured. In response, Revive retorted, "What if I let it happen?"

Not long, Feldt suddenly called to inform them that Anew, who revealed herself as an Innovator, had shot Lasse and took Mileina hostage. As Revive prepared to leave, the Meisters tried to stop him, but he threatened them that he couldn't guarantee Mileina's safety if he ever gets harmed. The Meisters let him go, but after he had left, the Ptolemy II's internal systems shut down, leaving them and Sumeragi trapped inside the room.

After forcing their way out of the briefing room, the Gundam Meisters split into two to search for Mileina. Allelujah asked Sumeragi to head for the bridge. Anew and Revive's main plan was to steal 00 Gundam and 0 Raiser, but the two ultimately failed and were forced to escape with one of the transport shuttles. Despite their failure, Revive managed to destroy 0 Raiser's cockpit and Anew also managed to steal and delete crucial data from the Ptolemy II. The Ptolemaios' system was in shambles and couldn't operate normally for a while. While watching over Lasse in the medical bay, Allelujah couldn't help but think how such incident had managed to happen.

While the Ptolemy Crew tried to reorganize themselves from the damages, the Innovators unsurprisingly came back again to attack Ptolemy II and get the 00 Raiser. Archer Arios, Cherudim and Seravee were dispatched to defend against the enemies. The Innovators brought Anew Returner in her GNZ-007 Gaddess and the new mobile armor, GNMA-0001V Regnant, piloted by Louise Halevy. The Regnant started the attack, surprising the Gundams with its bending beam ability. Allelujah, Soma and Tieria faced the Regnant, the Gadessa and the Garazzo, while Lockon was being occupied with Anew.

Not long, Regnant was able to completely overpower the Gundams. Arios was later hit by the Regnant's beam, destroying the Gundam's left arm. The Innovators took advantage of Regnant's superior combat capabilities to slip through Celestial Being's defense line. Allelujah and the rest tried to chase after them, but they were stopped and caught by the Regnant's Egner whip. Fortunately, the 00 Raiser was launched in time to intercept the enemy. Setsuna destroyed all of the Innovators' mobile suits and damaged the Regnant, causing the Innovators to retreat.

During the fight, Setsuna destroyed Gaddess to save Lockon, which killed Anew in the process. Lockon believed that Anew was about to go back to their side and was angry about what Setsuna did. As Lockon confronted and beat up Setsuna inside one of the control rooms, Allelujah listened from outside with Soma and Saji.

Rendezvous at Lagrange 5

Ptolemy II received a mysterious message to rendezvous at Lagrange 5. The crew was suspicious of the message, but Setsuna insisted to head towards the location. The team relented to go after learning from Ian that the remaining research personnel, led by Linda Vashti, were also located around the area.

Allelujah confronting a teary Soma Peries

As the Ptolemy headed to Lagrange 5, Allelujah confronted Soma inside a conference room. With Lasse incapable of piloting the Ptolemy, Allelujah asked Soma to take Lasse's place as the ship's pilot. Soma rejected his proposal, seeing it as an excuse for him to keep her out from the battlefield. Allelujah pleaded again, telling her his once promise to Sergei to protect her from harm. Soma refused to listen to him and tried to walk away from their conversation. Allelujah grabbed her by the wrist, trying to tell her that he himself was concerned of what could happen to her in the battlefield. Frustrated, Soma turned around to him with tears of anger and sadness. Allelujah was stopped at his words and could only look at her as she expressed her feelings.

Setsuna and Saji sortied with 00 Raiser to meet the Ptolemy's mysterious messenger in the space colony Eclipse. Several days later, they returned from their mission and called the rest of the crew for a brief meeting. Apparently, it was Wang Liu Mei who had sent them the mysterious message and gave Setsuna the coordinates of Veda's location. The crew observed the location, and noticed that, despite having nothing on the area, the alignment of stars were off - a sign of something being hidden with an optical camouflage. Feldt measured up the discrepancy and showed an area with a diameter of 15 km, surprising the crew about its size.

While the resupply was going underway, the sensors revealed that the A-Laws has began amassing upon their intended destination. This only further solidified their beliefs that Veda, with the Innovator's headquarter, was indeed hidden behind the moon. Their mission now was to break through the A-Laws's defense line to get to Veda. With a huge battle on their way, each and one of the pilots couldn't help but speak their feelings about the future. Allelujah expressed his desire of having a world without kids turning into Super Soldiers like him and Soma. Sumeragi announced the crew would battle soon after the maintenance and resupply were completed. With Lasse recovered and able to pilot the Ptolemy II, Allelujah and the Ptolemy Crew headed towards Lagrange 2.

Battle Towards Lagrange 2

Once Ptolemy reached in range of Lagrange 2, the Meisters all prepared to sortie for battle. Arios was upgraded just like the other Gundams, and it was transformed into GN-007GNHW/M Arios Gundam GNHW/M (GN Heavy Weapons/Missile). As Allelujah and Soma were about to launch in Archer Arios, he asked Soma if she was ready. Soma told him that he could call her "Marie", and Allelujah was pleasantly surprised by her words. Soma continued to say, "If you want to call me that, it's fine. However, I'm...-" "I understand," Allelujah suddenly replied, with a big smile on his face. The duo then sortied to face off against the A-Laws.

GN-Archer and Arios fighting together

With the sight of the Gundams on the battlefield, the A-Laws started their attacks. Archer Arios started things up for Celestial Being with a salvo of GN Missiles to divide enemy forces. Allelujah and Soma then split Archer Arios to divide and conquer the enemies. Allelujah tried out Arios' new GN Rifle and vaporized two Aheads with one shot. The enemy forces were quickly being decimated, thanks to the upgraded weapons installed on the Gundams.

As the battle waged on, 3 of the A-Laws' battle cruisers managed to get pass through the Gundam's line and were aiming to smash its way to the Ptolemy II. The battle cruisers were quickly destroyed but upon their destruction, anti-beam particles were released onto the space area. To everyone's surprise, the battle cruisers were decoys containing particle disruptors. The Gundams were at disadvantage, as most of their valuable weapons and armaments use GN Particles. A second wave of A-Laws soon followed in larger numbers, carrying NGN Physical Bazookas and other missile launchers.

The A-Laws tried to overwhelm the Gundams and the Ptolemy II with massive missile barrages inside the anti-beam field. Allelujah and Soma opened Arios' and GN Archer's missile tubes and returned fire to counterattack. Not long however, they started to run short on their missiles. With the Gundam's defenses getting thinner, A-Laws eventually broke through their defensive line and focused on Ptolemy II. Fortunately, the Katharon arrived in time to assist them. Their forces took advantage of the anti-beam field by using their missiles and linear shots against the A-Laws' units. With the reinforcements coming from the Katharon Space Fleet, Celestial Being was saved and eventually managed to get past the A-Laws' waves of attacks.

After the Celestial Being passed through the anti-particle field, the 00 Raiser eventually destroyed the A-Laws' main command ship, throwing the enemy into disarray. The ESF forces also came into the battle, dividing the A-Laws forces from the other side. As Allelujah and Soma pushed fort in the battlefield, they received a transmission from ESF Colonel Kati Mannequin, telling them to focus on protecting the Ptolemy II. Minutes later, Setsuna warned everyone over the comm about an incoming sinister light. A large and powerful particle beam was suddenly fired to the battlefield from the dark side of the moon, unbiasedly taking out various MS units and capital ships from all sides.

Arios through the aftermath of indiscriminate firing of the Innovators

Arios and GN Archer flew parallel to the beam attack, surviving the blast without suffering any damages. The Ptolemy II and the other Gundams also survived the attack.

The A-Laws withdrew from the battlefield after experiencing a massive lost on their numbers. In the middle of confusion, a giant asteroid ship at the dark side of the moon de-cloaked before everyone. With the Innovators finally appearing right before their eyes and making their move, Celestial Being charged forward to Innovators' mothership for their final battle.

Last Mission

The Innovators' mothership, Celestial Being, started to fire volleys of particle beams at the Gundams and the Ptolemy II. Allelujah and the rest of Meisters received instructions from Sumeragi to destroy the gun turrets on the enemy ship to ensure the Ptolemy's invasion route. The Meisters acknowledged their command and began firing upon enemy gun turrets.

Archer Arios charged in and fired across Celestial Being with its GN Vulcans and GN Rifle. Allelujah and Soma then fired a salvo of the remaining GN Missiles as they got nearer the Innovator mothership. As Ptolemy II was cleared half the way to the enemy fortress, a large number of new mobile suit, the GNZ-004 Gaga, sortied out of the colony ship.

GNZ-004 Gaga

The Gagas quickly activated their Trans-Am and began their suicide attacks on the Ptolemy II. Allelujah and the Meisters immediately went on the defensive to protect their ship.

Despite being able to shoot down many of the Gaga units, the Gundam Meisters were still overwhelmed by the enemy's large numbers. Fortunately, relief came, as the ESF Coup d'état Faction and Katharon provided fire coverage for the Ptolemy II, allowing Celestial Being to continue to the Innovator mothership Celestial Being. Soon as Ptolemy II made it into one of the ship docks, the rest of the Meisters split up to invade the mothership and make their way to Veda. Allelujah and Soma volunteered to stay behind and defend the Ptolemy II against the enemy suicide forces.

The Archer Arios split up to provide more firepower against the attacking Gagas. Gagas continued to pour into the docking bay to destroy the Ptolemy II. As Allelujah and Soma continued to shoot down Gagas, GN Archer's particles started running low. Allelujah suggested to Soma to dock GN Archer onto Arios to recharge, but a Gaga suddenly charged in to smash itself at GN Archer. Allelujah shot down the Gaga, but another one came out of debris and exploded upon Soma's unit. The GN Archer was out of commission to continue fighting.

Allelujah was worried about Soma and tried to defend her position. He shot down another Gaga that tried to smash itself to GN Archer, but the explosion still affected the damaged mobile suit. GN Vulcan beam fire attacks and attacks from Gagas persisted. The Gagas eventually managed to hit Arios with their beams, destroying its missile pack. Allelujah quickly recovered, but the issue about Soma's safety still distracted him.

Arios in Trans Am taking out several Gagas

As the battle continued, GN particles suddenly flooded the entire battlefield due to Setsuna executing 00 Raiser's Trans-Am Burst. As Allelujah wondered if this was Setsuna's doing, Hallelujah suddenly interjected, "Don't look away Allelujah!" Allelujah was surprise to hear from Hallelujah. Halleujah continued, "Just keep your eyes on Marie!" The Super Soldier executed Arios' Trans-Am and quickly shot down the Gagas one by one.

The tide of the battle later turned to Celestial Being's favor. Tieria recovered Veda and executed Seraphim's Trial System, neutralizing Innovators' mobile units. With the Gagas inactive, Allelujah took the opportunity to see if Marie was okay. He opened GN Archer's cockpit hatch and ask if she was safe. Marie responded that she's okay and thanked Allelujah for his concern. Allelujah was pleased with Marie's safety.

Final Confrontation

Allelujah returned to Ptolemy to get Marie in for medical attention. While in the medical bay, Sumeragi called Allelujah if he could sortie again with his Gundam. Apparently, he and Lockon were needed to assist Setsuna in fighting against the Innovators. As the two reached Setsuna's location, they saw 00 Raiser fighting against Ribbons Almark's Reborns Gundam, Hiling Care's Garazzo and Revive Revival's Gadessa. The Gundam Meisters came just in time to save Setsuna from the Innovators' assault; Lockon faced Revive, while Allelujah/Hallelujah engaged against Hiling.

Return of the True Super Soldier

Arios switched to fighter mode and charged in while dodging Garazzo's GN Vulcan beam attacks. While Hallelujah sadistically laughed, Allelujah switched in to comment, "We'll fight! The future depends on our actions!" As Arios fighter mode got closer, Hiling tried to pierce through it with Garazzo's GN Beam Claw. However, Arios changed into its mobile suit mode to dodge the attack, and quickly made a 360° twist to cut off Garazzo's arm with its own beam saber. As Garazzo's arm exploded, Hiling was left cursing at the Super Soldier's superior reflexes.

The battle waged on, and Arios continued to toy with Garazzo by smashing its GN Beam Rifle against the Garazzo's head. Garazzo tried to counterattack using its left beam saber claw, but Arios swiftly dodged it and flanked the Innovator mobile suit's position. Arios quickly grabbed Garazzo's escape pod and forcefully ripped it off from the mobile suit's back. It then followed through the attack by changing into its fighter mode and smashing through Garazzo with its GN Claw. As a last resort, Hiling tried to pierce through Arios with the GN Beam Claw, but it was too late. While Arios cut through Garazzo, Hallelujah said to Hiling, "You are all so dependant on Veda. There's no way you can beat us like that!" Hiling could only cry for Ribbons' help as Arios destroyed Garazzo by cutting it in half.

Ribbons quickly noticed Hiling's destruction from a distance and dispatched two GN Fangs against Arios. Allelujah/Hallelujah attempted to shoot down the Fangs by rapid firing Arios' forearm sub-machine guns against them. However, the Fangs still managed to dodge the attack and charge into the Arios's chest, causing significant damage to the Gundam. Allelujah/Hallelujah survived the attack with slight injuries, but Arios was too damaged to function. It was out of commission and left drifting in space. Allelujah was later recovered by the Ptolemy crew for medical treatment after Setsuna defeated Ribbons.

Leaving Celestial Being

With A-Laws and the Innovators (Group) defeated, peace returned throughout the solar system, as a reformed ESF disbanded A-Laws and returned the sovereignty to the nations they had subjugated. Not long after, Allelujah decided to go on a journey. After learning some part about his past from Veda, he began to have this desire to visit his birthplace.[25] The Ptolemy Crew wanted him to change his mind, but he was already absolute in his decision.[25] Marie decided to go with Allelujah in his journey.

Allelujah and Marie were dropped somewhere in an undisclosed country side of Eurasia with a full pack of traveling gear to rough things out alone. As he walked with Marie, he reflected,

Allelujah smiling to a worried Marie as they head out to journey

The world is changing again..., however the sins I've committed, the sin of taking human lives cannot be... The world is full of contradictions, and so am I..., but that's what has to change. I'm going to find the reason why we live, and the answer to it.

Allelujah was last seen traveling with Marie towards an ancient castle along with other civilians of trade and travel.

ELS Conflict

The year was A.D. 2314. Two years had passed since the defeat of the Innovators and the disunion of A-Laws. Allelujah and Marie continue their journey across Eurasia. However, a new threat started to loom in the Solar System.

Attacked in Mongolia

Allelujah and Marie decided to check a solar receptor base in HRL Mongolia after they had stopped receiving power from it recently. Marie apologized to Allelujah for dragging him with her, but he particularly didn't mind. At the base, they noticed that the receiver's energy transmitter was destroyed. As they checked for personnel in the facility, they saw several bodies assimilated by unknown silver crystal matter. Suddenly, a jeep from outside rammed into the building walls to where they stood. Allelujah managed to get Marie out of the way but to his shock, the jeep has no driver in it. As more vehicles began to move, the couple started to search for their way out.

Outside, a large unmanned truck came chasing after the couple. The two lured the aggressor to fall off outside the base, but the truck just regenerated after crashing onto the lower ground. The couple quickly split off, but the enemy decided to chase after Marie; much to their surprise. It was then when Hallelujah resurfaced and gained control to attract the enemy using Quantum Brainwaves. The truck suddenly averted its attention from Marie and turned to Hallelujah. Hallelujah quickly rush and climb back to the nearest steep, luring the speeding truck to crash beneath him.

Hallelujah running from an unmanned vehicle behind him

After Hallelujah climbed back to the base, more unmanned vehicles appeared. Hallelujah ran away from the vehicles and climbed his way on top of a receiving solar antenna to avoid their reach. Unfortunately, an unmanned helicopter suddenly appeared to corner him from above. Just in time, GN-002RE Gundam Dynames Repair appeared and destroyed the unmanned vehicles around the base. Lockon greeted Halleujah, telling him that the vacation was officially over.

Return to Celestial Being

Allleujah and Marie welcomed by Feldt and Mileina

Alleujah and Marie returned to Ptolemy II and were warmly welcomed by the members of the Ptolemy Crew. After resting, the group set up a meeting to discuss the current situation. The Innovade that Setsuna had encountered earlier was also brought up, together with its connection to the Jupiter probe, Europa, and its crew that created the GN Drives 130 years ago. They concluded that the unknown extraterrestrial materials got into the remains of the Innovade and was sent to Earth through the fragments of the destroyed Europa. Allelujah brought up the question of the aliens' purpose for doing this, but the crew couldn't decide of any reason. Just then Mileina reported that a space vessel, identified as Europa, was heading to Earth. The crew was surprised as Europa was destroyed not too long ago. Setsuna and the Meisters decided to sortie to intercept the mysterious vessel. Allelujah and Marie suited up and waited to launch in the GN-011 Gundam Harute. Marie decided to sortie to avoid endangering the Ptolemaios as the enemy was likely to target those with Quantum Brainwaves.

As the Gundams reached the Europa, hundreds of silver bits came beside the ship to intercept them. The bits chased Harute, as they were attracted to Marie's Quantum Brainwaves. Allelujah fired the missiles to the silver life forms, but they just assimilated and copied the missiles. During the battle, Setsuna in the 00 Raiser began having trouble fighting in the battlefield. As he left his position, Allelujah and Lockon was left dealing with most of the alien life forms. The Europa eventually managed to get past the Gundams' line. Fortunately, a mysterious mobile suit appeared to help them. It saved Setsuna and destroyed the Europa using its massive firepower. Allelujah and the rest was left to search for Europa's remains and destroy them before they reach the Earth's atmosphere. The pilot of the mobile suit was later revealed as Tieria Erde. Allelujah wondered how did Tieria come back, which Tieria replied that he could easily upload his consciousness from Veda to a new body.

The crew later launched a meeting on the bridge for Tieria's return. Tieria revealed what he knew about the Extraterrestrial Living-metal Shape-shifter (ELS), the name of the silver beings attracted to Quantum Brainwaves. Lasse wondered if their encounter with the ELS was part of the upcoming dialogues in Aeolia's Plan, and Tieria said that it was likely. Allelujah spoke up and said that humanity wasn't ready for the dialogues, but Lockon said it was already happening. He added that they have to fight. Lasse agreed with Lockon, further saying that they're being attacked and

Allelujah and Marie sensing the ELS's presence in Jupiter

that they have to defend themselves. Marie said that they were being inconsiderate, and Allelujah piped in to say that the attacks were happening because the ELS didn't understand them.

Some time later, Allelujah and Marie were in the hangar when they both got a strange sensation. Throughout the Earth Sphere, people possessing quantum brainwaves got a reaction as a result of a massive ELS force appearing out from the Jupiter's Big Red Spot. The ELS would arrive to Earth in 95 days.

ELS Encounter on Mars

The Ptolemy Crew decided to intercept the incoming ELS fleet in accordance to Setsuna's request. As they reached the expected rendezvous point near Mars, they noticed that the ESF fleet was engaging against the ELS. By the time the Gundams arrived at the scene, the ESF fleet was already wiped out, with their Innovator mobile armor, GNMA-Y0002V Gadelaza, assimilated by the ELS. The Gundams immediately went to counterattack, as the ELS began focusing their sights at them.

During the battle, Setsuna suddenly asked the rest of the Gundams to retreat and activated Trans-Am Burst to communicate with the alien species. However, he failed to establish connection and the 00 Raiser was assimilated by the ELS. Allelujah and the rest of the Meisters immediately acted to recover Setsuna. The Gundams shot down down as many ELS to get to the 00 Raiser, but despite their overwhelming firepower and remote control weapons, they failed to advance through the swarms of ELS. Eventually, Tieria separated Seravee Gundam from Raphael and lured the ELS towards Raphael using his Quantum Brainwaves. Allelujah, Marie and Lockon tried to cover for him, but Tieria insisted them to focus on recovering Setsuna. Following Tieria's wish, they head to 00 Raiser's location.

Harute destroying the chasing ELS behind

After recovering 00 Raiser's cockpit container, the two remaining Gundams immediately retreated from the sector using Trans-Am. Tieria detonated the Raphael and Seravee in an attempt to wipe out the ELS, but there were still some that survived and continued their sights on the Gundams. Hallelujah reawakened with Soma Peries and tried to take out the remaining ELS using their remaining missiles, but the enemy numbers were still too much. Fortunately, at the nick of time, Graham Aker's Solbraves came to rescue the Gundams. Three GNX-903VS Brave (Standard Test Type) came to assist the Harute from the ELS. The Gundams managed to reach the Ptolemaios and the whole group, with the Solbraves, immediately retreated from the space sector.

At the Ptolemaios, Setsuna was rushed into the medical bay as Allelujah and the rest of the Meisters look after him. Later, Allelujah and Marie watched over the resupply on the Ptolemaios. With the ELS planetoid reaching the Earth in matter of days, Sumeragi announced to the crew about their final mission, as they engaged the ELS in the final step of Aeolia's Plan.

Battle at the Absolute Defense Line

Few days after the battle at Mars, the ESF Forces faced against the ELS Fleet on the area they called the Absolute Defense Line in Lagrange 2. The ESF was outnumbered and 30% of their numbers were quickly annihilated after the ELS started assimilating and copying their mobile suits and cruisers. The Ptolemy II Kai and the Gundams appeared in the middle of the battle to assist the ESF, but even with that, the ELS still managed to get through the defensive line.

Harute in Marute System

Eventually, Setsuna in GNT-0000 00 Qan[T] sortied from the Ptolemaios and head its way to the ELS planetoid. Seeing the 00 Qan[T], Hallelujah ordered the Allelujah and Soma to activate the Marut System. They concentrated their fire power on creating a path for Setsuna to go through the ELS. While in battle, Hallelujah boasted that their overwhelming power was that of a Super Soldier, but Allelujah corrected him that it is the power to blaze a trail into the future.

In the chaos of battle, Marie noticed a Flag being assimilated by an ELS GN-XIV. Hallelujah told them to let the pilot die, but Allelujah charged in anyway. He wedged Harute's GN Sword Rifle in to split the Flag in half, grabbed the pilot and threw him away from the ELS. He destroyed the assimilated Flag right away, but the ELS GN-XIV managed to leave some of its trace behind on Harute's right GN Binder, forcing Allelujah to eject and destroy it. Hallelujah called Allelujah a hypocrite for what he had done, but Allelujah replied,

It's still the right thing to do! I will never give up on someone's life again! Trans-Am!

With Trans-AM, Allelujah slashed through the enemy space and destroyed several ELS on the way.

Eventually, almost half of the Ptolemy II Kai was assimilated by the ELS. Sumeragi ordered the personnel on board to evacuate, but Feldt and the rest insisted on staying. Allelujah and the other Gundam Meisters heard this and continued that they are Celestial Being and they would continue fighting to blaze a trail to the future and tomorrow.

Allelujah and Marie looking at the ELS flower in space

Setsuna eventually made it to the ELS planetoid core. Despite the efforts, the Gundam Harute was eventually rendered immobile due to damage and was partially assimilated. Allelujah barely escaped from the damaged Harute before it was destroyed by an enemy fire. After 00 Qan[T] quantized to the ELS home planet, the ELS stopped their attacks and rejoined with their planetoid. Allelujah and Marie were last seen looking at the flower ELS made in space, which signified the end of hostilities.


Celestial Being

Main article: Celestial Being Allelujah treats his group in Celestial Being as his family. It is here that he feels that he belongs. Despite being a living weapon, Allelujah feels that CB is an organization that understands him. Because of this connection, Allelujah cares about his comrades very deeply.

Crew of the Ptolemaios
Sumeragi Lee Noriega
Sumeragi is shown to be Allelujah's closest friend in Celestial Being, as shown in both seasons. With her, Allelujah was able to talk what he feels. In Season 1, Allelujah seems to show concern over Sumeragi's drinking problem.
Christina Sierra
Both of them seemed to be in a friendly relationship. Allelujah seemed to be the only one in the Gundam Meisters that Christina felt comfortable to talk to.
Gundam Meisters
Setsuna F. Seiei
Allelujah has remained a professional/friendly relationship with Setsuna. He once saved Setsuna's life from being killed by Tieria after the battle at Moralia by calming Tieria down. However, Allelujah hadn't cooperate with Setsuna in missions. In Season 2, Setsuna was the one who personally rescued Allelujah in the HRL prison facility.
Tieria Erde
Tieria was Allelujah's frequent mission partner in Season 1. Though they were a team, Tieria did things his way and looked down on Allelujah. Teiria also frequently checked on Allelujah as he also doubt Allelujah's motivation as a Gundam Meister just like Setsuna. In Season 2 though, Tieria turned a new leaf, and he was one of the people who pursued Allelujah's rescue during episode 3. Tieria was also the first one to welcome back Allelujah in the crew.
Lockon Stratos (Neil Dylandy)
Allelujah looked up to Lockon as the Gundam Meisters' leader. He also team up with Lockon during some of the missions. When Lockon injured his eye in Season 1, Allelujah went with Tieria to lock up Lockon in his room so that he would not sortie. After Lockon died, Allelujah shown his disbelief that their reliable comrade was gone.
Lockon Stratos (Lyle Dylandy)
When they first met, Allelujah mistaken Lyle to the late Lockon, who was Lyle's older brother. They haven't got that much of interaction in Season 2, though Lockon sometime gave a small talk to Allelujah when Allelujah was having some problems with Soma/Marie.

Earth Sphere Federation

Main articles: Earth Sphere Federation and Human Reform League

Human Reform League
Deep inside, Allelujah had some hatred against the HRL; it was because of them that he was experimented upon to become a Super Soldier. Despite this, he never sought revenge on them, and even made some close connection with some of HRL citizens/soldiers.
Sergei Smirnov
In spite of being enemies, they do not have a traditional foe relationship; as Sergei said, "even I know what it is to be thankful" (referring to the Rescue Mission at True Pillar). Later on, during the Second Season Sergei entrusts Allelujah with the life of Marie Parfacy/Soma Peries, and even fakes her death so they can live happily as a couple.
Marie Parfacy (Soma Peries)
Allelujah remembers Marie from their time in the Superhuman Institute. She gave Allelujah his name when he could not remember his own. When Allelujah escaped disposal, he regretted leaving Marie; she was later modified as Soma Peries. In Season 1, Soma was always pitted against Allelujah because of her Quantum Brainwave interference on him. Hallelujah knew Marie's identity but Allelujah didn't until he saw her with his own eyes. In Season 2, he became resolved to get her memory back as Marie and to save her from being a soldier of the A-Laws. After Sergei died, Soma tried to avenge him. Allelujah wanted to stop her whenever he can, but later came into understanding about her feelings. After the war against the A-Laws, Allelujah and Marie decided to travel together to search for their reason for living. The couple later return to Celestial Being after being attacked in Mongolia.


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Notes & Trivia

  • Hallelujah, Halleluyah and the Latin form Alleluia are transliterations of the Hebrew word Halleluya, meaning "Praise God".
  • Hallelujah is referenced twice by Allelujah in the first episode, despite the former not appearing until the fifth episode. The first instance is when Kyrios is being sortied, he says "A real battle, Hallelujah, just like you wanted" and second is when he says "Hallelujah, the world's begun to change."
  • Allelujah shares similarities with Shani Andras, an Extended pilot in Gundam SEED, as both are modified humans for battle use, with two different colored eyes, and hair concealing one eye (though Allelujah has both of his eyes visible in Season 2). Another connection between the two pilots is that they both have Richard Ian Cox as their English voice actor.
  • Also of note is the similarity of the Super Soldiers Allelujah/Hallelujah and Soma/Marie to the Cyber Newtypes of the Universal Century, due to their artificial (and flawed) creation for the purpose of being human weapons. This includes a pseudo "Newtype flash" passing across their eyes when they sense each other, as well as being followed by the same kind of crippling headache that Cyber Newtypes experienced.
  • Allelujah is the only Gundam Meister in the TV series not to have a personal grudge against Ali al-Saachez, nor does he interact with him.

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