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Alec Lad
Era Cosmic Era
Genetic Type Coordinator
Alias Mister Gentle
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Military Info
  • Commander (ZAFT)
Mobile Units

Alec Led is a character from the manga Gundam Seed vs Astray. Born as a Coordinator from PLANT, he became Mobile Suit pilot for ZAFT during the Second Bloody Valentine War. Assigned to the Republic of East Asia he piloted an all-white custom painted Kerberos BuCUE Hound. Alec served as acting commander in the region untill Commander Leons was assigned the position.

Personality & Character

Alec is a rather straightforward type of person. He is recognized by both sides during the war as fighting with honor in battle. He is personally noted for his distaste of underhanded tactics and tried his hardest to avoid using them. Given his gentle personality and his preference for a fair and honorable fight, he was often known on both sides by his nickname as "Mister Gentle".

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