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Akihiro Altland (昭弘・アルトランド Akihiro Arutorando?) is a character that appears in the Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS television series. He is the leader of the CGS' Human Debris.

Personality & Character

At a young age, Akihiro became a human debris, constantly thrown into situations where one can die anytime anywhere. and this caused him to be cold, withdrawn, and cliquish as shown when he bluntly told Orga that he will obey any order from anyone if they are in authority. His only concern was survival. He has a somewhat friendly rivalry with Mikazuki and is frequently seen working out. He often takes the lead during dangerous operations.[1]

As Tekkadan valued him as a person rather than a human debris, his relationship with the other members improved, eventually calling them his family and Tekkadan his home. The other members also look at him as a reliable big brother and a leader in the field. Having experienced hardships as a human debris and later found a place where he belonged, he extended his kindness and sympathy to the surviving human debris of the Brewers inducted into Tekkadan. He even proposed that those without a last name can take on his. This is also his way of thanking them for taking care of his brother, Masahiro, in the past.

Akihiro is also known for his single-mindedness and resilience. His persistence in improving his mobile suit piloting skill impressed Azee and Lafter enough that both agreed to personally instruct and train him.

The deaths of his family members and close friends weight heavily on Akihiro, causing him to question how many more time must he let go of his loved one. He resolved himself to be less "decent" as a person in order to protect those precious to him.

Like some of the others in Tekkadan, Akihiro's social skills were blunted, particularly when it came to girls and how to return their feelings. When he was asked out to drinks by Lafter, it took Eugene and Shino's orders for him to go with her alone instead of bringing the others along.

Skills & Abilities

His piloting skills are second only to Mikazuki’s, however early on his fighting style was extremely reckless and unrefined.[1] He also received the Alaya-Vijnana System surgical treatment twice and survived. During the initial encounter with Teiwaz's subsidiary, the Turbines, he was able to hold back the highly skilled Amida and Azee in their Hyakurens, despite not having the Alaya-Vijnana System equipped on his Graze Custom. Realizing that he still had much to learn, he willingly went through grueling training regimens and eventually received training from Azee and Lafter. Due to this, his piloting skills vastly improved. After receiving the Gundam Gusion Rebake, his combat prowess improved even further and he even took on multiple opponents at once during the battles on Millennium Island and at Edmonton.

For reasons unclear, Akihiro is obsessed with maintaining and improving his physical fitness, and is frequently seen training when he has nothing better to do. This makes him easily the fittest, bulkiest, and strongest member of Tekkadan. His fighting skills as an individual are unknown, as he is never seen having to fight outside his suit, though he was capable of easily lifting and throwing Radice one-handed on Earth.


When he was a child, his parents' trade ship was attacked by pirates and he was trafficked for money as a Human Debris. He would be subjected to the Alaya-Vijnana surgery twice, giving him a higher information transfer rate than most other 'Space Rats'.

He would eventually come to be owned by Maruba Arkay and CGS, becoming the leader of the Human Debris in the Third Group. In the Mobile Workers' paintball mock-battle, he was one of the last to be eliminated, incredulous at Mikazuki's piloting ability. During lunch afterwards, he left his table early, with Orga apologizing for how rowdy they were being, which he brushed off, saying that they were always like this.

When Gjallarhorn attacked with the intention of capturing or killing Kudelia Aina Bernstein, he and the other mobile worker pilots in the Third Group were sent to repeal them, while the adults in the First Group tried to escape. He and Mikazuki helped their outnumbered and outgunned allies, saving Danji in the process. When Mikazuki rejoined the battle in the ASW-G-08 Gundam Barbatos, Akihiro would be among the surviving boys watching the battle resolve form the sidelines.

Later, the First Group's Haeda Gunnel tried to reassert his authority over the boys, Akihiro remained impassive unlike Shino, Eugene and Biscuit while Orga took a beating from the adults. During the conference between Orga, Eugene, Shino, and Biscuit, Akihiro's only input was that he and the other Human Debris would follow orders, regardless of who issued them. He and the other Human Debris would not be seen taking part in the coup, nor in the confrontation that resulted in the death of Haeda and Sasai Yankus.

After the mutiny, Akihiro and Mikazuki would be seen competing in yet another physical competition. Akihiro quit early, citing the need to get to work and was confused at Mikazuki's comment for the new day. To Akihiro, it was still work, same as always.

Though he and his group are technically freed by Orga after the mutiny, Akihiro and his fellow Human Debris members remain with the group, later named Tekkadan, out of gratitude and the fact that it would be almost impossible for them to get regular jobs.

Akihiro would lead Dante Mogro, Chad Chadan, and Dexter Culastor into space to oversee Tekkadan's acquisition of a former CGS vessel, renaming it the Isaribi. Dante and Chad would become the first copilots, while Akihiro would become a temporary captain, acting under Orga's instruction to rendezvous with the rest in orbit. Once Orga took command of the vessel, Akihiro would sortie in the EB-06/tc Graze Custom. Despite the mobile suit's lack of Alaya-Vijnana interface, Akihiro was able to distract and defeat some of the standard Graze's in the skirmish.

Akihiro would then continue his personal workout regimen, exercising in the ship's small gym. When the Turbines and Maruba contacted Tekkadan, he wasn't present on the bridge but was nonetheless prepared to sortie when Orga asked him to.

Launching in his Graze Custom before Mikazuki, Akihiro engaged the two Turbine members first sent against them, Amida Arca and Azee Gurumin. When Mikazuki left to deal with Lafter Frankland's attack on the Isaribi, Akihiro would be left on his own but still managed to fend off the two ladies' Hyakurens long enough for Orga to infiltrate and reach the bridge of the Hammerhead. His mobile suit piloting skills would be better shown during the fight, though when pressed Akihiro resorted to an aggressive and unrefined style.

On the trip to Saisei, he and Mikazuki would train onboard the Hammerhead, using the simulators built into the Hyakuren. To his frustration, he was beaten several times by Lafter Frankland, though she would come to both respect his drive and be a little weary of his persistence.

Akihiro was one of the older boys invited to the Sakazuki blood-oath held between Orga and Naze. Mikazuki was surprised that he came, to which Akihiro replied that it was an important day for the family.

Akihiro was present to overhear Biscuit and Takaki talking about their respective siblings, reminding him of his own brother, Masahiro Altland. Later, Akihiro had a simulator battle with Lafter, who afterward questions if something had happened to him as his fighting style is less reckless than before. Akihiro subsequently left for patrol duty and agreed to let Takaki tag along in a space-type Mobile Worker while he launched in his Graze Custom.

During the patrol, he told Takaki about his brother and the tragic events that separated them and made him a Human Debris. They were then ambushed by a group of UGY-R41 Man Rodis, and Akihiro ordered Takaki to lock onto the back of his machine as they retreated. Struggling to defend both himself and his comrade, Akihiro was nearly defeated were it not for Mikazuki's arrival in the newly restored Gundam Barbatos. Upon urging from Mikazuki, Akihiro falls back, but he soon came under attack by another group of Man Rodis led by the ASW-G-11 Gundam Gusion. During the battle, Takaki's mobile worker was knocked off and caught by a Man Rodi piloted by Masahiro. Akihiro charges towards Masahiro's Man Rodi to get back Takaki and his voice startled Masahiro. Masahiro then contacted the Graze Custom, and the brothers are shocked to see each other. Masahiro let go of Takaki's crushed Mobile Worker, with Akihiro grabbing it with the Graze Custom's manipulator and rushing back to the Isaribi.

Akihiro would be among those crowded around an unconscious Takaki, and watched as Merribit Stapleton worked to stabilize him. Afterwards, Akihiro would visit Takaki in the ship's medical bay. When Orga and Mikazuki tried to console him, he expressed his own regret and responsibility for Takaki's condition, blaming himself for enjoying Tekkadan's formation, something that a Human Debris shouldn't be allowed. Orga did not accept this, taking responsibility as Tekkadan's boss and cutting off any rebuttal Akihiro tried to make. Unknown to Akihiro, Ride, Yamagi, Shino, and Yukinojo gathered behind him, surprising him with their full agreement with Orga's words. The noise they made managed to wake up Takaki, who complained about the noise only for those gathered to shout their excitement at his awakening.

Before Mikazuki left with Lafter as forward scouts against the Brewers, Akihiro asked him to spare Masahiro. Mikazuki simply replied that he would go easy on him, but if pressed he wouldn't hold back. This managed to calm Akihiro slightly, though he remained on edge, choosing to calibrate and wait in his Graze Custom in preparation of his own deployment rather than rest properly.

This would not take long as Kudal Cadel would launch with the Gusion alongside the rest of his Human Debris against them. Before departing, Orga scolds Akahiro for lingering in the past and urges him to focus on changing the future. Akihiro would be joined by Turbine's forces as he made his way to his brother. Upon finding Masahiro, Akihiro discarded his weapons and grabbed his brother; urging him to have hope and that he had those whom he could call family. In response, Masahiro accuses Akihiro of having an easier life after their separation and holds him down for Kudal's attack.

At the last second, Mashiro is unable to see his brother die and shields Akahiro instead. Akahiro immediately attempts to reach his brother from the opening of his unit's cockpit, but Masahiro felt that his head was finally clear of the strain of the Alaya-Vijnana System. The two brothers would reconcile as Masahiro shared a story of how those dead are reborn in another life, with Akahiro assuring his sibling that they would be reborn back in their hometown.

After Masahiro's death, a funeral is given to the fallen, including the human debris deployed against them. Akahiro is subsequently given the Kudal's Gusion. During a stop at the Dort colonies for supplies, Kudelia's arrival sparks a riot breaks out due to the mistreatment of the colonial workers who see her as an inspiration. In response, Gjallarhorn provokes a violent response by having a shooting occur and using the locals' anger as an excuse to use the military. Akahiro, who remained with the members outside the colony, would arrive to aid in the escape of the members within colony thanks to the newly completed ASW-G-11 Gundam Gusion Rebake and quickly push Gaelio Bauduin's ASW-G-66 Gundam Kimaris to the defensive.

Though a massive Gjallarhorn fleet is ready to mop up, Kudelia makes a public announcement revealing a massacre of the public within the colonies. This revelation is enough for the Regulatory Bureau to order the fleet desist and allow the Tekkadan free passage. With help from the mysterious Montag, the Tekkadan make their way to Earth but are intercepted by Carta Issue's fleet. Akihiro would protect Kudelia and Orga's shuttle to Earth and would receive surprise reinforcements from both Azee Gurumin and Lafter Frankland from the Teiwaz and would descend successfully.

After landing, the group's objective shifts to helping instate Togonosuke Makanai back as Prime Minister, who would support both the Tekkadan and Kudelia's cause in the political sphere. Meanwhile, Carta, having tracked down the rogue forces to the Oceanic Federation, arrives midway during to proudly declare herself, only for a befuddled Akahiro to shoot at her. When her forces attempt to engage the Tekkadan in a melee instead, Akahiro unveils the Gusion Rebake's new secondary arms, but Biscuit is killed saving Orga.

Continuing to protect Makanai on his trip to the parliament's hall at Edmonton, the group's train is briefly stopped by Carta, who attempts to issue a challenge, but she is defeated and mortally wounded by Mikazuki before Akihiro and Shino are able to depart. In a desperate attempt to stop Makanai's arrival, Gjallarhorn would make a final attempt to stop the Tekkadan; sending waves of Grazes and the new EB-AX2 Graze Ein, which overwhelms Lafter, Azee, and Shino before zipping past Akahiro in its attempt to hunt down Kudelia. Akahiro would be forced to continue battling outside the city until a ceasefire is finally forced out thanks to Makanai being elected back into Prime Minister of Arbrau.

As part of his appointment, Makanai formally made the Tekkadan a military advisor to Arbrau, and Akihiro and Shino would drill new recruits over the next two years.

Post-Disaster 325

Due to the civil war, Gjallarhorn's corruption was exposed and the deaths of both Carta Issue and Gaelio Bauduin at the conclusion left a severe power vacuum in Mars which pirates were eager to take advantage of. Following the arrival of a new wave of recruits, Akihiro would be tasked with supporting Kudelia's escorts during a tour of a half-metal mine.

A battle breaks out in the night as the Dawn Horizon Corps, hired by the Terra Liberionis, launch an attack before being pushed back by Mikazuki's ASW-G-08 Gundam Barbatos Lupus. Akihiro would respond to some of the new recruits crying over the fallen by reminding them that they were still free to leave as it is their choice to live or die. Later, Orga order the Tekkadan to engage with the Dawn Horizon once more due to the constant raids. Montag's representative, Isurugi Camice, reveals a group hovering near Chryse, which likely supplied the troops in the previous battle.

Akihiro would be deployed with his upgraded ASW-G-11 Gundam Gusion Rebake Full City and charged with defending the allied fleet from the Dawn Horizon. By coincidence, Rustal Elion's Arionrhod Fleet arrives and ends up joining the battle as well. A race soon ensues for Dawn Horizon's leader, Sandoval Reuters, and Akihiro stands down as more of the Arionrhod Fleet arrive to finish the battle. Ultimately, the Tekkadan would prevail with Mikazuki catching Reuters alive. Thanks to this, they are able to find proper evidence of Terra Liberionis' involvement, and Akihiro would be sent to help deal with Allium Gyojan's men when he feigns ignorance on the matter.

As thanks for their service, Teiwaz head, McMurdo Barriston gives a new mining area for the Tekkadan, where excavators find an abandoned Gundam Frame and a mobile armor. While helping deliver some Shidens to the Tekkadan, Akihiro and Orga learn that Chad Chadan was injured during an attempt to assassinate Makanai but their contact, Radice Riloto, insists that things are under control. Believing something amiss, Orga rushes to Earth to find out what happened as soon as possible. In the meanwhile, the unrest would eventually cause the Strategic Alliance Union to request Gjallarhorn to arbitrate and a full battle breaks out between the SAU and Arbrau.

Akihiro and the others would arrive too late and find not only members from the Earth Branch dead, but that Galan Mossa and Radice were responsible for the mess. He and Eugene Sevenstark would catch Riloto attempting to escape. Akihiro is particularly angered by the death of Aston Altland and extracted information to find Mossa's hideout. Mossa would taunt Akihiro during their duel, correctly deducing that someone close to him died, but warns him that those who are decent will die first and that the ones fighting for justice and that he would suffer a similar fate in the end, regardless of their cause. Following Galan's death, Akihiro would be surprised when Tataki personally executes Radice for his betrayal. He and Lafter would later console Chad over the ones killed during his absence.

Following the affair, Orga reveals a secret alliance he has made with McGillis Fareed to instate him as the King of Mars should they help in the political battle against Rustal Elion. Because of this all of the resources from the Tekkadan's Earth branch is moved to Mars. After their return, the unidentified Gundam Frame is identified as Gundam Flauros, but McGillis immediately informs the Tekkadan to stop any more excavation as the Mobile Armor was a machine from the Calamity War that fought against humanity. Akihiro and the others would greet McGillis and Isurugi as they arrived and McGillis further explained that the Mobile Suits were designed to combat the Mobile Armors that were programmed to wipe out humanity.

As they arrive on the site, Iok Kujan, under the mistaken belief that Fareed was aiming to take the Order of the Seven Stars, arrives with a full mobile suit team, which causes the dormant Hashmal to awaken and go berserk, heading for the heavily populated Chryse. Akihiro initially attempts to ambush the unit from the valley cliffs, but the Mobile Armor's path is changed to a nearby agricultural bloc. Despite his attempts to stop the machine, its beam technology wipes out the bloc though the Tekkadan are able to reroute it back to their planned course. Akihiro would be knocked out for the later half of the battle due to his Alaya-Vijnana System conflicting with the protection limiter.

Having been made a fool due to the Tekkadan resolving the issue, Iok would take revenge by targeting the Turbines, placing a banned weapon, the Dáinsleif, into one of the Turbines' ships and framing them for illegal arms dealing. Despite Turbines leader, Naze Turbine, attempting to take sole responsibility and denying reinforcements, Akihiro still departs with Shino and Ride to try and rescue their allies under the pretense of being on a training mission nearby.

The trio would only successfully rescue Azee, Lafter and most of the civilians, with Naze and Amida Arca falling in a failed attempt to kill Iok. Not long after, Jasley Donomikols, who had been jealous of Naze and the Tekkadan's relationship with McMurdo and also orchestrating Naze's demise, would provoke the Tekkadan into leaving the Teiwaz by killing Lafter. Akihiro is especially emotional due to realizing she was in love with him.

Over the course of the punitive battle against Jasley, Akahiro reflects over Galan's words and apologizes to the fallen Lafter, Masahiro and Alton, as he would cast his decency if it means protecting his remaining family. Following Jasley's defeat, McGillis' true plan is unveiled; a revolution against Gjallarhorn as well as war against Rustal due to him instigating the disturbance between the SAU and Arbrau and framing the Turbines for illegal arms shipments.

Due to their alliance, Akihiro and the rest of the Tekkadan provide assistance when McGillis' attempt to rally the other members of the Seven Stars fails, and they are forced to get a decisive victory against the Arionrhod fleet first. Despite their attempts, Rustal gets the better of the allied fleet by having someone infiltrate the enemy ranks and firing a Dáinsleif on himself to provide the excuse for his side to unleash the weapon themselves. The Tekkadan's fleet would be the primary target of this barrage and the allied forces would be devastated.

In response, Orga gambles on Shino using an abandoned ship as a shield in order to fire a Dáinsleif at Rustal himself, and Akihiro is ordered to provide support for Shino's charge. Ultimately, the gamble fails as Shino's arm is not knocked out of place by Julieta Juris, and the Tekkadan are forced to retreat, leading to the collapse of McGillis' army. The utter defeat would convince the Seven Stars to join Rustal in putting down McGillis' coup and crushing the Tekkadan as a show of force to prevent any more insurgencies and restore Gjallarhorn's influence. Akihiro and others would admonish Orga for losing hope when it becomes apparent they would be wiped out by Rustal's fleet.

Though outside communication is cut from the Tekkadan's Mars HQ, a tunnel is found underneath the base that leads directly to Chryse. Orga would be killed after successfully negotiating with Makanai to forge new IDs to conceal the identity of the members a provide them a new life following their disbandment, but Chad returns his final orders: That everyone is to make it out alive.

Acting upon this plan, Akihiro, Mikazuki, Dante Mogro, and Hush Middy lead a mobile suit team to engage Rustal's ground forces as all other members flee through the tunnel and detonate explosives within the base to give the illusion of annihilation. Once majority of the Tekkadan's members escape, Akihiro orders Dante and the remaining mobile suit pilots to abandon their units and escape as well. Akihiro would make his final stand alongside Mikazuki as the pair would be able to push back the Gjallarhorn forces, but this proves to be one of Rustal's traps as he fires several Dáinsleif at the two from Mars' orbit.

Despite his injuries, Akihiro continues on fighting but loses one of the Gusion's shoulders to Iok who begins proclaiming his victory. Upon realizing that the killer of Naze and Amida was before him, Akihiro uses his remaining energy to clamp down and crush the cockpit of Iok's EB-06 Graze before being finished off by Iok's subordinates. In his last moments, he mirrors Masahiro by being thankful of having one last story to tell when he joins the fallen.

Akihiro's name, alongside Mikazuki and Orga's, would be carved into the Tekkadan's gravestone in the years of peace and reformation that followed.


Lafter Frankland

Due to Akihiro's cold nature, their initial relationship can be compared to typical colleagues. Lafter helped with Akihiro's training to improve his piloting skills on board the Hammerhead. During the battle in Millennium Island, Akihiro was scolded by Lafter for missing the Gjallarhorn's ship while firing the smoothbore guns using the Gundam Gusion Rebake. Lafter was affected when she saw Akihiro mourning Aston's death, and eventually with the help of Azee, she realized that she has feelings for Akihiro though she decides to keep it a secret from him for the time being. Before Lafter leaves with the rest of the Turbines who stayed with Tekkadan, Akihiro admits to her that the only ones he could trust to have his back were her and Mikazuki. He is devastated by Lafter's murder, and her death, along with those of Masahiro and Aston, result in him becoming brutal in battle. He asks for their forgiveness if they ever reunite. After Tekkadan's killing of Jasley, he is uneasy about the vengeance, unsure that Lafter and the other Turbines members would have wanted Tekkadan to do such a thing. In the end, Akihiro gets his revenge on Iok Kujan and avenged Lafter and the others that died due to Iok's actions. He spends his final moments thinking about how he now has something to tell his deceased comrades and friends in the afterlife.

Azee Gurumin

Azee helped Lafter train Akihiro after he was insistent on becoming a much more skilled pilot. Thanks to her instruction Akihiro greatly matured as both a pilot and a person while Azee on the other hand has grown very fond of her pupil. Azee seems to approve of Lafter and Akihiro becoming lovers as she agreed not to inform Naze and instead encouraged Lafter.

Aston Altland

Akihiro is shown to see Aston as a younger brother, being greatly angered upon his death. He went as far as to personally avenge him by killing Galan Mossa, the man responsible for putting Aston in danger. After taking his vengeance, he lamented that he didn't spend more time with Aston before his death.

Derma Altland

Akihiro is shown to see Derma as a younger brother. Despite not being under his direct command, Akihiro is seen comforting and encouraging Derma after he lost his left arm in the failed assault on Rustal's fleet. Akihiro is relieved that Derma survived the battle, and glad that he could still talk to him. Later, Akihiro would deny Derma's request to participate in the final battle, ordering him to follow Orga's order and keep living.


Notes & Trivia

  • Akihiro greatly resembles Guts from the dark fantasy series Berserk. Both possess similar hairstyles and powerful physiques as well as a tragic past. Both also served as mercenaries and as a result many fans jokingly call him "Space Guts" because of this.
  • Akihiro's English VA: Doug Erholtz, also voices Captain Gundam in Superior Defender Gundam Force, Ortega in the animated adaption of Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin, and Magee in Gundam Build Divers .
  • Akihiro appears as the Gusion Rebake Full City's pilot in the Extreme Vs. series while his Gusion Rebake also appears in Gundam Versus.
    • Akihiro will respect Neil Dylandy's struggles as the older brother, and Akihiro will eventually also gush about his own younger brothers.
    • Due to his unit's scissors, Shiro Kyoda will ask for Akihiro's help in cutting out plastic parts for Gunpla, but a confused Akihiro asks what Shiro means by the statement.
    • Akihiro will wonder why both Shani Andras and Clotho Buer know Orga; only to realize they are talking about a different Orga. Akihiro also expresses concern over Clotho's mental state.
    • When meeting units from the Mobile Fighter G Gundam series, Akihiro asks for a bout between their muscles. Additionally, Akihiro is surprised by the life-like movements of their suits and finds them to be similar to the Alaya-Vijnana.


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