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The Autonomous Lunar City Aires (also Ayers City) is a lunar city in the Mobile Suit Gundam novel Mobile Suit Gundam Sentinel. The name "Aires" is possibly likely a misromanization of the name "Ayres", the general Romeyn B. Ayres, that fought in the First Battle of Bull Run during the American Civil War; but more likely, the city is named after the constellation of Aries.


Aires city is a southern lunar city in a position such that it never rotates to face the Earth during the moon's orbit. Because of this and other historical factors the citizens of the city developed a bizarre cult-like desire for the Earth. This worshipfulness lead them to be leading supporters of the Titans, despite the Titans many violent actions towards both the colonies and lunar cities, such as the attempted colony drop on Von Braun. This loyalty was so fierce that at the end of the Gryps Conflict the militia of Aires, including the Mayor, Kaiser Pinefield sortied in order to defend Gryps 2 - the Colony Laser.

After the return of Kaiser Pinefield and the militia in shame public opinion damned them for not being able to prevent the Anti-Earth Union Group 's victory.

When the Earth Federation Instructor's Corps planned a rebellion to form New Desides, they eagerly supported the rebellion. Kaiser Pinefield arranged to have Aires City as the New Desides fallback location if Pezun fell and even prepared the city's mass driver to allow New Desides transit back into space in the event that the city was overrun.

On March 12, UC 0088 New Desides landed at Aires City. The city prioritized letting them land over the regularly scheduled craft. Mayor Pinefield met with New Desides leader Tosh Cray and the two coordinated the defense of the city, launching a propaganda campaign to incite support among the other lunar cities, the results of which gave them little success.

The first day of the battle for Aires city and Operation Eagle Fall was March 17th. In the week that followed the city militia along with New Desides put up a desperate defense, losing parts of the city every day until finally on March 24th the noose was tightened. The area held by New Desides and their lunar supporters was only four kilometers. The militia and New Desides covered the cities mass driver and continued to defend it while New Desides forces were launched into space.

By March 28th Aires city had no choice but to surrender to Task Force Alpha, but by that time the city was largely destroyed.


  • Aires City is loosely based on the Aizu domain, which was known as a supporter of the Shinsengumi.
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