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Aimzat Kartral is a fictional character from the After War Gundam X anime.


A colonel in the intelligence division of the New United Nations Earth military, Aimzat Kartral is also in charge of the project that developed the Gundam Double X using data salvaged from a Gundam X unit piloted by Jamil Neate. Developing the Gundam on an a New United Nations Earth base on the island of Zonder Epta, be still maintained his belief that Newtypes should be what the New U.N.E. should focus on as their means of regaining control over the Earth.

As the Freeden moved across the Pacific Ocean to investigate the appearance of an activation signal to a Gundam X unit, they started to interfere in the operations that Aimzat was conducting on Zonder Epta. In order to maintain security, measures were taken to capture or destroy the Freeden. With the aide of Shagia and Olba Frost, Zonder Epta became the launching point of the operations. The operations led to the capture of the Freeden and its crew, all of which were taken to Zonder Epta till they could be transferred elsewhere.

When the crew of the Freeden escaped, Aimzat attempted to recapture them only to be betrayed by Shagia and Olba Frost as they play their own agenda. Angered by their betrayal, Aimzat called the Frost brothers' "Catagory F's", only to be told part of the pair's plans before being shot through the head by Shagia Frost.


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