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Please note that this is the Gundam Wiki's article on the TV series, After War Gundam X; if you are looking for the article on the titular mobile suit of this series then you should head to GX-9900 Gundam X.

After War Gundam X (機動新世紀ガンダム(エックス) Kidō Shin Seiki Gandamu Ekkusu?, lit. Mobile New Century Gundam X) is a 1996 anime television series directed by Shinji Takamatsu. After War Gundam X is set in the After War timeline and is therefore the third Gundam series following Mobile Fighter G Gundam and Mobile Suit Gundam Wing to be set in a different timeline to Universal Century featured in previous Gundam series.


Taking place 15 years after the 7th Space War, the surviving 98 million residents[1] of Earth try to make a living as best they can in the post apocalyptic landscape. Mobile Suits and weapons left over from the war fall into the hands of civilians as well as other organizations on the planet. In an effort to keep the past from repeating itself, Jamil Neate brings together a crew of Vultures to search for Newtypes and protect them from being exploited. As they try to carry out this task, an old government rises from the ashes to try and unify the Earth as other forces slowly fan the flames of war once more between the newly formed New United Nations Earth and the Space Revolutionary Army. Now the crew of the Freeden face a multitude of enemies as they try to prevent another catastrophic war.


# Episode Title Japanese Airdate English Airdate
1 Is There A Moon? 5 April 1996
2 I'll Give You Power... 12 April 1996
3 My Mount is Fierce! 19 April 1996
4 This Operation is Time Critical! 26 April 1996
5 You Pull The Trigger 3 May 1996
6 I Don't Like It 10 May 1996
7 I'm Going to Sell the Gundam! 17 May 1996
8 I Won't Forgive Him! 24 May 1996
9 Like Rain on the Street 31 May 1996
10 I Am a Newtype 7 June 1996
11 Just Run Without Thinking! 14 June 1996
12 It's My Best Work 21 June 1996
13 I'm a Fool; Shoot me 28 June 1996
14 Can You Hear My Voice! 5 July 1996
15 I Wonder if There's a Heaven? 12 July 1996
16 Because I'm a Person Too 19 July 1996
17 Please Determine That for Yourself 26 July 1996
18 The Sea of Lorelei 2 August 1996
19 I Feel Like I'm Dreaming 9 August 1996
20 ...So We Meet Again 16 August 1996
21 My Dead Wife's Favourite Saying 23 August 1996
22 The Ghost of 15 Years Ago 30 August 1996
23 My Dream is Real 6 September 1996
24 Double X, Activate! 13 September 1996
25 You are our Star of Hope 20 September 1996
26 Don't Say Anything 27 September 1996
27 It is Time for Goodbye 5 October 1996
28 Must I Shoot? 12 October 1996
29 Look at Me 19 October 1996
30 I Feel Like I May Never See You Again 26 October 1996
31 Fly, Garrod! 2 November 1996
32 That's The G-Falcon! 9 November 1996
33 How do You Know Me? 16 November 1996
34 I Can See the Moon! 23 November 1996
35 I Will Not Let the Light Of Hope Go Out! 30 November 1996
36 The Next War is the War We Wanted 7 December 1996
37 Freeden, Launch! 14 December 1996
38 I Am D.O.M.E. People Once Called Me A Newtype 21 December 1996
39 The Moon Will Always Be There 28 December 1996



New United Nations Earth

Space Revolutionary Army


Democratic Republic of Gastar / People's Republic of Estard / United Kingdom of Northernbell

Alternative Company

Weapons and Support Units

Vulture / Orc / Sea Vulture / Satelicon


Mobile Suits

New United Nations Earth


Mobile Suits

Mobile Armor

Space Revolutionary Army


Mobile Suits

Mobile Armor



Opening Theme:

  • "Dreams" by ROmantic Mode (eps 1-26)
  • "Resolution" by ROmantic Mode (eps 27-39)

Ending Theme:

  • "Human Touch" by Warren Wiebe (eps 1-13,39)
  • "Human Touch - Japanese Version" by Re-Kiss (eps 14-26)
  • "Gin-Iro Horizon (Silver Horizon)" by Satomi Nakase (eps 27-38)



It was the second Gundam series to be directed by Shinji Takamatsu who had previously co-directed Mobile Suit Gundam Wing with Masashi Ikeda. Other returning staff included producer Hideyuki Tomioka, mechanical designer Kunio Okawara among others.

After War Gundam X was plagued with problems in its initial run, resulting in the number of episodes having to be cut short, much like that of the original Mobile Suit Gundam. The series slowly started to fall out of favor with the fans as it took a different approach in having it based mostly on Earth.


The series originally aired on TV Asahi from 1996-04-05 to 1996-12-28. Due to the poor ratings there were multiple time slot changes for the series, pushing it back further and conflicting with other shows airing at the time. These time slot moves caused the producers to start dropping out of the series. Not wanting to end the series abruptly, changes were made to compress the remaining episodes and complete the series.

A Tagalog dub produced by Telesuccess Productions also aired on GMA in the Philippines from June, 2001.

On March 2, 2016, at 15:03 CST, Nozomi Entertainment announced first ever North American release of After War Gundam X. Collection 1 will be released on DVD on June 7, 2016, coinciding with the Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ Collection 1 Blu-ray release. It will have Japanese audio with English subtitles.[2] On April 6, Nozomi Entertainment had announced that the second collections for both series would be available on July 5th.[3]


Notes & Trivia

  • The show had 5 different openings throughout it's run, with openings 1, 2 and 3 using "Dreams", openings 4 and 5 using "Resolution".
    • Opening 1: Episodes 1-11
    • Opening 2: Episodes 12-20 (New animation replacing Gundam X with Gundam X Divider)
    • Opening 3: Episodes 21-26 (New animation replacing the Gundam X shot at the beginning with a foreshadow of Gundam Double X)
    • Opening 4: Episodes 27-32 (Mostly brand-new animation. Gundam Double X, Gundam Airmaster Burst and Gundam Leopard are included)
    • Opening 5: Episodes 33-39 (New animation replacing Gundam Leopard with Leopard Destroy as well as some scenes for the G-Falcon)
  • It is the oldest Gundam series outside of the Universal Century timeline not having received an English dub yet, as well as the only series not directed by Yoshiyuki Tomino to not be dubbed in English.
  • The 7th Space War may be a reference to the series being the seventh Gundam series overall.
  • It is unclear which calendar was used prior to the end of the 7th Space War.
  • Each episode takes its title from a line uttered in the episode. The scene in which the line is used is shown at the end of the preceding episode's preview trailer.
  • After the success of Gundam Wing, the staff who worked on Toonami approached Sunrise for another series, having their eyes on this series (as well as Turn A Gundam), likely due to a combination of factors (similar animation and prodction staff as Wing, taking place in the United States).  However, for whatever reason, Sunrise instead insisted that they start with the original Mobile Suit Gundam.  It's widely believed that had X aired after Wing instead of the original MSG, it would've been far more successful.


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