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The African Community is an economic and military alliance of states in the North and West Africa region.


The African Community was friendly with the PLANTs, causing it to be at odds with the South African Union that was a member of the Earth Alliance. The ZAFT's Waltfeld Corps was stationed in this region, but was later defeated by the combined forces of the Earth Alliance's Archangel and the resistance group "Desert Dawn" during the Desert Dawn Campaign.[1] Subsequently, the ZAFT's ground forces withdrew due to a counter-offensive by the Earth Alliance, and the African Community was divided into countless autonomous regions and effectively collapsed.

When ZAFT re-acquired Gibraltar Base due to the Junius Treaty signed after the end of the First Alliance-PLANT War, the northwest coast of Africa from Morocco to Cote d'Ivoire remained in ZAFT's sphere of influence, but there was no mention of whether the African Community has been re-established or a different organization was formed in its place. Additionally, the status of the African front is also unknown.


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