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Advance of Zeta Re-Boot: Gundam Inle - Black Rabbit Had a Dream is a manga written and illustrated by Kenki Fujioka, and published by Dengeki Hobby magazine. It is the sequel to the Advance of Zeta: The Flag of Titans photo-novel.


Mars Prehistory

During the construction of the space colonies, mankind advanced towards the Asteroid belt, Jupiter, and built cities on Mars. Amidst the transition to the Universal Century which began with the immigration to the space colonies, the Mars cities also developed Side A "Arcadia", which would become forgotten by the developing Earth Sphere [1].

Arcadia became a place for those who no longer had a place on Earth and became a kind of autonomous nation out of reach of the Earth Federation government and Federation Forces. After the end of the One Year War in U.C. 0079, the Kycilia loyalists faction of the Zeon Remnants organized on Mars and conquered Arcadia. They were later renamed Zeon Mars, and with cooperation from Axis, they effectively controlled Mars with military might and the industrial power of the Mars plant [2].

However, after the end of the Delaz Conflict in U.C. 0083, remnants of the Gihren loyalists faction led by Omega established themselves on Mars and were named ReZeon. They employed guerrilla warfare to challenge Zeon Mars' dominance in Mars[1].

Following the end of the Gryps War in February of U.C. 0088, captain Tristan led a faction of Titans remnants (also known as Tristellar) which merged with Axis forces and escaped to Mars, bringing the TR Series plans and "Inle's Wings" with them. The Titans remnants joined ReZeon under the leadership of Alicia, who claimed to be a successor of the Zabis. Using "Inle's Wings", Zeon Mars ultimately fell into ruin with Alicia declaring the founding of the nation of ReZeon. The citizens of Arcadia who suffered under the tyranny of Zeon Mars graciously accepted the new ReZeon leadership[1].

ReZeon thoroughly removed old Principality of Zeon military technology while simultaneously re-producing TR Plan and Titans mobile suits at the Mars plant. In addition, Hi-Zacks and Barzams, which were spoils of war, were also re-produced and deployed for use by regular soldiers. This is due to Alicia's beliefs that ReZeon was not a Zeon remnants organization but rather a new organization reborn on Mars, thus old Zeon weapon systems were not appropriate for ReZeon[1].


In U.C. 0089, a transport convoy carrying hundreds of thousands of immigrants from Earth arrives on Mars. Accompanying the convoy is the returning Chester Space Fleet, a Zeon Mars fleet dispatched to assist Axis Neo Zeon in the First Neo Zeon War. ReZeon conquered Mars while the fleet was away. During the Chester Fleet's Mars Descent Operation, Gloria Zabi sorties in the TR-6 Queenly on Alicia's behalf from the Satellite Phobos Space Port to attack the fleet.

In October, U.C. 0091, the Titans remnants, who had all their weapons confiscated after the founding of ReZeon, went into hiding in the Arcadia underground and colluded with Zeon Mars to initiate the "Inle's Wings" Recapture Operation, also known as the "Shining Star" Operation. The operation would involve attacking five important ReZeon locations simultaneously; The Olympus Volcano ReZeon base, Arcadia, Phobos Space Port, the industrial plant, and the secret underground glacier Inle construction base.

Part 1

Set in U.C. 0091 after the end of the First Neo Zeon War, the plot follows ReZeon forces which have regrouped on Mars under a woman proclaiming herself Supreme Commander Alicia Zabi and absorbed Titans remnants who fled the Earth Sphere.

Part 2 Arcadia of Zwitterion


Volume 1 - Prologue:  Arson Orbital Zone ( 序章 紅蓮の航路 "Joshō: Guren no Kōro")

  • Prologue:  Arson Orbital Zone 0
  • Prologue:  Arson Orbital Zone 1
  • Prologue:  Arson Orbital Zone 2
  • Prologue:  Arson Orbital Zone 3
  • Over the Mind (oneshot)

Volume 2 - Part 2:  Arcadia of Zwitterion (双極のアルカディア "Sōkoku no Arukadia")

  • Part 2:  Arcadia of Zwitterion Zone 1
  • Part 2:  Arcadia of Zwitterion Zone 2
  • Part 2:  Arcadia of Zwitterion Zone 3
  • Part 2:  Arcadia of Zwitterion Zone 4
  • (oneshot)

Volume 3 - Part 1:  Alice of Zeon (アリスの王国 "Arisu no Ōkoku")

  • Part 1:  Alice of Zeon Zone 1

Volume 4

  • Part 1 :  Alice of Zeon Zone 2
  • ReZeon (oneshot)
  • Prologue:  Arson Orbital Zone 4

Volume 5

  • Prologue:  Arson Orbital Zone 5
  • Prologue:  Arson Orbital Zone 6
  • Prologue:  Arson Orbital Zone 7

Volume 6

  • Part 1:  Alice of Zeon Zone 3
  • Part 1:  Alice of Zeon Zone 4



The leader of ReZeon who is regarded as a descendant of the Zabi family. She is referred to as "elder sister" by the Alice Guards.
Vice president of ReZeon. She is a Cyber Newtype and also called Alicia's sister, it is unclear if she is a clone.
  • Cynthia
Leader of the Alice Guards and Alicia's third clone. She is a candidate to pilot "Inle's Wings" and has an aggressive personality.
  • Diana
The only male member of the Alice Guards, he is also a candidate to pilot "Inle's Wings". He is meek in contrast with Cynthia.
  • Felicia
A member of the Alice Guards.
  • Omega
The former leader of ReZeon and Alicia's fiancee. After an internal dispute with Alicia after the founding of ReZeon, he left for Earth hearing rumors of Char Aznable's uprising.
  • Wendy
ReZeon female officer who has no battle experience. Adores ReZeon’s ideology and believes Alicia will save Mars. She carries a picture of Alicia with her all the time. Her grandmother was one of the first to immigrate to Mars and she was born and raised up on Mars.
  • Marina
Former Chief Engineer of weapon designs for Titans.Has high IQ but bad at communicating with others and understanding them. He takes prides that he took part in designing Paptimus Scirocco’s MS whom he respected and dreamed of joining Jupitris-class.

Titans Remnants

  • Tristan
Leader of the Titans remnants. During Gryps War, he was in a secret special force under direct command of Jamitov Hymen. He leads them in tasks that are related to the dark side of Titans.
She runs a bar that serves both ReZeon and Mars Zeon Independence Army members.Mercury is her alias while she worked at the bar. She also acts as a false Sister(nun) at an orphanage.
  • Tsukimori
An enhanced human with a strong Newtype ability.A sarcastic person who rarely show off his emotions.
  • Hoshimaru
An egoistic, impulsive person who prefer action before thinking.

Zeon Mars

  • "Outlaw" Chester
Leader of Zeon Mars. During the One Year War he served with the Chimera Corps.
  • Chester Jr.
Son of the "Outlaw" Chester.
  • Numarsh
Enhanced human from Axis. Grew up in a poor background at an asteroid belt. Admired the lifestyle of living on Mars.
  • Munsky
Soldier from One Year War. Commander of enhanced human squad (PG squad). He bought them over to Chester when Neo Zeon had internal struggle.
  • PG squad
    • Stonley
    • Kairoad
    • Mia
  • Colt


  • Hoshimaru 
  • Tsukimori
  • Moss
An old Zeon pilot that got caught up by colony laser during One Year War and wounded one of his eyes. Immigrated to Mars and works as a labourer.
  • Donna Loredo
  • Goldman

S.S.D (Super Special Defender)/A.E.U.G

  • Fred
  • Professor Valhalla



Mobile Weapons

Vehicles and Support Units

  • Gran-Xandria:Re
  • Granpery.Re

Axis/Zeon Mars

Mobile Weapons

Vehicles and Support Units


Mobile Weapons

Vehicles and Support Units



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