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Advance of Zeta: The Traitor to Destiny is a light novel written by Junichi Kamino in 2010. It is a side-story of the Advance of Zeta: The Flag of Titans novel, and is set in U.C. 0085. Immediately following its conclusion it was continued by the follow up series Blue Wings of the AEUG and Mace of Judgment.


Van Asiliaino, a student at the Earth Federation Military Academy, is given a storage medium by a friend of his late father who was a battlefield photographer. It contains the video data of the "30 Bunch Incident". The Titans find out about it, and Van is placed under house arrest and subjected to inhumane interrogation.

When Danica McGuire learns that Van is in danger, she contacts a terrorist organization in order to rescue him.

And Danica's brother, Ernest, who was working as a teacher's assistant at the military academy, is suddenly enlisted in the Titans. ......


Chapter 00: The Boys' One Year War

Chapter 01: Time Starts to Move

Chapter 02: It’s Not a War Yet

Chapter 03: Separation

Chapter 04: Reason for Fighting

Chapter 05: Cyber Newtype

Chapter 06: You Dare Point a Gun at Me?

Chapter 07: The Beginning of the War

In the year U.C. 0087, the conflict in space intensifies between Titans and AEUG, while in Earth, Keraunos join forces with Karaba to battle the Titans. Van piloting the Wagtail battles Hi-Zack (Vanargand) and surprisingly finds out the pilot is non other than Ernest McGuire.

Chapter 08: The Heart is not Broken

Chapter 09: To the Battlefield

Chapter 10: The Battle of New Guinea (Part.01)

Chapter 11: The Battle of New Guinea (Part.02)

Chapter 12: Separation



  • Van Asiliaino - Age 18, a former Earth Federation cadet. He was interrogated by Titans for knowing the truth of the 30th Colony in Side 1's territory incident.
  • Danica McGuire - Age 18, she is a childhood friend of Van and young sister of Ernest.
  • Volker Merckx - He is the captain of the Zanzibar-class Keraunos.
  • Lucien Bendt - A former Zeon ace MS pilot and leader of Keraunos Squadron.
  • Lopes Akiyama - He is the mechanic aboard the Keraunos.
  • Pantani -


  • Dr. Alvíss - Lead developer of the Gundam [Kestrel] project.
  • Avey Alva - Born into wealth and one of the founding families behind Anaheim Electronics. She lived a comfortable lifestyle until witnessing the reality of strife within the Earth Sphere when she decides to join the AEUG.
  • Souichi Obino - A former member of the Titans, who chooses to desert and join the AEUG after seeing a video showing the extreme lengths the Titans will go to after witnessing the Colony 30 incident.

Earth Federation Forces/Titans

  • Ernest McGuire - Age 23, works as a teaching assistant at the military academy that Van and Danika attend. He is assigned to Titans.
  • Hewitt Reines - He is a captain and Titans member. He was assigned to pursue the Keraunos.
  • Obino - An ensign and pilot of the a GM Quel.
  • Ethelbert Hincapie - Linus's subordinate and Ernest's comrade. His rank is Ensign and he pilots a Zaku Flipper.
  • Ewen Bader - A Titans MS pilot put aboard the Nicosia to observe Captain Albert and Lt. Linus. His rank is Lt. Commander.
  • Rossweisse - A young reinforced human from the Oakland Newtype Research Institute. Like other reinforced humans, she developed an emotional disorder and was subsequently classified as "UF" (Unfinished).
  • Dr. Loki - A researcher from the Oakland Newtype Research Institute.
  • Bong -Brigadier General. A friend of the father of Ernest, principal of the academy.
  • Javier -

Principality of Zeon



Mobile Weapons

Vehicles and Support Units


Mobile Weapons

Vehicles and Support Units

Earth Federation Forces/Titans

Mobile Weapons

Vehicles and Support Units

Principality of Zeon/Zeon Remnants

Mobile Weapons

Vehicles and Support Units



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