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Advance of Zeta: The Flag of Titans is an original story set in U.C. 0084, and is the story of one of the first Titans' units, the Titans Test Team's Black Otter squad. It was serialized in the monthly publications Dengeki Hobby Magazine and Dengeki Daioh. The Dengeki Hobby serial takes the form of a photo-novel accompanied by mechanical designs, technical information, and model photographs, while the Dengeki Daioh serial is in a manga format. The two serials cover many of the same story events, but some characters and events are depicted only in the photo-novel or only in the manga.[1] It is succeeded by its sequel, Advance of Zeta: The Traitor to Destiny.


Advance of Zeta is a collaborative project between the staff of Dengeki Hobby Magazine, and the Sunrise animation studio which created Mobile Suit Gundam. The story is by Bin Konno, the mechanical designs by Kenki Fujioka, and the character designs by Takuya Saito. The manga adaptation is by Tatsu Mizuki. The Advance of Zeta side-story has proven to be a popular and long-running installment to the Universal Century storyline. Numerous model kits and figures have been released, and the serialized material has been published in several collected volumes.


In 0084, Eliard Hunter, an officer in the Earth Federation Forces, is ordered to join the Titans, an elite military unit that he has longed to join.

Eliard grows as a pilot by repeating various operations and actual battles, as well as testing new mobile suits. However, what awaits him after fighting through the grueling "Gryps War" is a new battle: a military trial on four different charges...

Conrad Morris, a lawyer, becomes Eliard's defense attorney and, believing in Eliard's innocence and determined to fight alongside him, he scrambles to find Eliard's former comrades.


Volume 01

Chapter 01 Transfer

Chapter 02 War Comrade I

Chapter 03 War Comrade II

Chapter 04 Black Rabbit I

Chapter 05 Black Rabbit II

Chapter 06 Omen

Chapter 07 In the Cocoon I

Chapter 08 In the Cocoon II

Chapter 09 In the Cocoon III

Chapter 10 In the Cocoon IV

Chapter 11 0085 07 31 I

Volume 02

Chapter 12 0085 07 31 II

Chapter 13 0085 07 31 III

Chapter 14 0085 07 31 IV

Chapter 15 The suitable ones I

Chapter 16 The suitable ones II

Chapter 17 The suitable ones III

Chapter 18 Zeon Alive

Chapter 19 Those who bear the glory I

Chapter 20 Those who bear the glory II

Chapter 21 Those who bear the glory III

Chapter 22 Those who bear the glory VI

Volume 03

Chapter 23 Decision I

Chapter 24 Decision II

Chapter 25 Decision III

Chapter 26 Turning point

Chapter 27 Sand hole I

Chapter 28 Sand hole II

Chapter 29 Sand hole III

Chapter 30 Sand hole IV

Chapter 31 Bond I

Chapter 32 Bond II

Chapter 33 Bond III

Volume 04

Chapter 34 At the end of the flow

Chapter 35 Uprise

Chapter 36 The blade of the clear blue sky

Chapter 37 Shield of Black Iron I

Chapter 38 Shield of Black Iron II

Chapter 39 Showing it clearly I

Chapter 40 Showing it clearly II

Chapter 41 Showing it clearly III

Chapter 42 TR-6

Chapter 43 For whom

Chapter 44 Following the believe

Chapter 45 The most best decision

Chapter 46 Confessing departure

Chapter 47 The remnants of Aswan

Chapter 48 The Flag of Titans


Titans Test Team (T3)

  • Eliard Hunter: Hero of the story, He test-pilots most of the featured units. He has a strong sense of justice.
  • Carl Matsubara: Rival of Eliard Hunter, He is Half-Japanese.
  • Wes Murphy: Captain of the T3 and veteran of the Delaz Conflict.
  • Audrey April: Heroine of the story, although beautiful and intelligent, she is also a capable soldier.
  • Otto Pedersen: Commander of the T3 and the Aswan.
  • Hendrik: The Aswan's maintenance chief.
  • Pete Shelton: Hendrik's assistant mechanic.
  • Kate Ross: Operator on board the Aswan, appears in Manga only.

Earth Federation

  • Conrad Morris: An officer who belongs to the Legal Affairs Bureau. Sustained an injury during his time as a soldier as always seen with a crutch.
  • Eddie Southwell: A superior of Conrad in the EFF.
  • Thomas Schroeder: Captain of the Izmir, he is a One Year War veteran and once a Salamis captain.
  • Hammond Erinke: Deputy Commander of the Izmir.
  • Jonathan Cohen: Mechanic on board the Izmir.
  • Rachel Sand: A Mechanic belonging to the Izmir.
  • Georgy Mirukofu: A Military judge who oversaw the trial involving Eliard Hunter.
  • Joanna Paburoa: Conrad's secretary, would later leak information that would acquit Eliard Hunter of all charges.
  • Teodoro Urbani: Engineer at Konpeitoh (Solomon), Manga only.


  • Maxim Gunnar: A soldier who once fought alongside Murphy during the Delaz Conflict.

Zeon Remnants


  • Liu Kirishima: Freelance journalist, provides Joanna with information regarding the "Bunch 30" incident.



Mobile Weapons

Vehicles and Support Units

Zeon Remnants

Mobile Weapons

Vehicles and Support Units

AEUG (Anti-Earth Union Group)

Mobile Weapons

Vehicles and Support Units

Notes & Trivia

  • Because team leader Wes Murphy is fond of rabbits, all the TR Series machines assigned to the Titans Test Team are given nicknames derived from Watership Down, a novel by Richard Adams which recounts the adventures of a group of rabbits, Hazel, Bigwig, Dandelion, and Fiver are the names of heroic rabbits, Kehaar is a friendly bird who helps them, and Woundwort is a rabbit general who becomes their adversary.
  • The story’s flagship mobile suit, the Gundam TR-1 Hazel, can be glimpsed in one scene from the movie “Zeta Gundam III: Love is the Pulse of the Stars.”
  • The Gundam TR-6 Woundwort was voted in a poll on the Gundam Official Website in a poll for a Mobile Suit cameo in Gundam Build Fighters.




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Kodokawa Paperback

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