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Adukurf Mechano-Industries is a military company in Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny.


Adukurf Mechano-Industries is a corporation based in the Eurasian Federation[1] that specializes in the development of huge mobile armors. During the Second Alliance-PLANT War, Adukurf Mechano-Industries developed several large mobile armors for the Earth Alliance, and these machines were equipped with the newly developed positron reflector shield based on the Eurasian Federation's lightwave defense barrier. Many within the Atlantic Federation hoped that the new mobile armors would phase-out the Alliance's mobile suit force all together, as they disliked the fact that the mobile suits were first created by Coordinators.[2]

Creations & Deployment History

The first mobile armor created by Adukurf Mechano-Industries to be deployed in the second war was the YMAF-X6BD Zamza-Zah.[2] Soon after, the company developed the YMAG-X7F Gells-Ghe, which was used to defend Earth Alliance bases and strategically important locations.[3][4] Eventually, the company created the TS-MB1B Euclid as the successor to the Alliance's outdated space-only TS-MA2 Moebius mobile armor. Unlike the Zamza-Zah and Gells-Ghe, which were produced in limited numbers, the Euclid was a mass-production type unit.[5] Besides mobile armors, the Adukurf Mechano-Industries also developed and produced in limited numbers the GFAS-X1 Destroy Gundam, a huge mobile suit that can transform into a mobile armor.[6][7] All four machines were deployed in several major battles throughout the second war.


Notes & Trivia

  • The company name "Adukurf" is an anagram of "Fukuda".



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