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Adenauer Paraya (アデナウアー・パラヤ?) is a fictional character from Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack. As the Vice-Foreign Minister of the Earth Federation, he is sent to negotiate disarmament with Char Aznable's Neo Zeon.


After Char sent Fifth Luna crashing into Lhasa, Tibet, Adenauer was dispatched to Side 1's Londenion to negotiate the peace talks between the Earth Federation and Char's Neo Zeon movement. Before he could get into space, he had to rein in his rebellious daughter, Quess Paraya, whom was at the time trying to learn how to acquire Newtype powers. After being caught by the police, Quess has a fight with Adenauer's lover, who suddenly leaves before going to the spaceport, choosing to risk the dangers of staying on Earth rather than continue to deal with Quess. Mad at this revelation, Adenauer bumps Bright Noa's family at the spaceport, only allowing Hathaway Noa to get aboard the shuttle using his diplomatic clout.

When the shuttle inadvertently drifts into a battle between Londo Bell and Neo Zeon enroute to space and had to be rescued, Adenauer again used his diplomatic clout to force Bright Noa to not reveal his presence on the Ra Cailum and order him to head towards Side 1.

At Londenion, the main goal was to negotiate a peace treaty and disarmament of the Neo Zeon fleet at Sweetwater and hand over the fleet to Federation authorities at Luna II. In return, Char would acquire the asteroid Axis as compensation.


Satisfied with how the negotiations went, Adenauer boarded an Earth Federation ship to oversee the disarmament of the Neo Zeon fleet at Luna II without his daughter (whom already had defected to the Neo Zeon movement without his knowledge). However, when the fleet massed at Luna II is revealed to be a dummy fleet consisting of a few real ships interspersed with a number of explosive balloon decoys, the ship carrying Adenauer is sent into battle with Neo Zeon forces at Axis. In the heat of battle, the captain of the ship ordered Adenauer into an escape pod for his own safety despite the protests of Adenauer. Moments before he is shoved into an escape pod, "Quess Air" in a MSN-03 Jagd Doga destroys the ship's main bridge with her father in it, unknowingly killing him.


  • He is probably named after Konrad Adenauer, the first chancellor of the modern German state, and the word pariah (a person that society has rejected).
  • His actions and tribulations resemble, to a certain extent, those of Neville Chamberlain: making concessions to an autocrat to obtain a peace agreement, which the autocrat then ignores, with disastrous consequences (although Chamberlain himself did not die as a result).



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