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Now a prisoner aboard the Argama, Gottn takes Iino hostage and escapes. Chara Soon attacks in the mobile suit R-Jarja. Just then, under Roux's guidance, the core fighter, Core Top, and Core Base begin to transform and combine. The new mobile suit Double Zeta Gundam is born!


Chara Soon makes her first appearance, bringing Mashmyre new mobile suits. Shinta and Qum plan on leaving the Argama but their plan is overheard by Gottn who says that Mashmyre is a cruel leader and that he didn't want to fight the crew of the Argama and begs them to take him to Shangri-la. They unlock his cell then debate about what to do next. Upon hearing that taking the Core Fighter would cost the Argama some firepower Gottn makes his way to the mobile suit deck in spite of Shinta and Qum's protests. Roux hears the racket and gives chase. Gottn makes his way to the food storage where he runs into lino and takes him hostage with a knife. Hearing the commotion Judau arrives on the scene. Gottn goes to the Core Fighter and kicks the mechanic who was working on it out of the way. Normal suits, a fish burger and a chicken are brought to Gottn. The chicken is still alive and stuns Gottn but then the plan goes wrong as the crew try but fail to drag Gottn out and he seals the Core Fighter. He makes a broadcast calling on his comrades to help him. Beecha and Mondo head to an operator's desk and Beecha knocks him out by bashing him on the head. Mondo opens the hatch against orders and Bright orders everyone to retreat to the airlock. Gottn flies out into space pursued by Judau and Roux. Not trusting lino to put on a normal suit Gottn does it for him and in the distraction the Core Fighter hits an asteroid which knocks both of them out into space. Gottn gets rescued by Mashmyre and his team who then attack the Argama while lino awakens on La Vie En Rose. The Zeta's head gets melted away so Judau gets the recently finished Double Zeta Gundam from the La Vie En Rose. After Judau damages one of the arms on Mashmyre's suit he retreats, his team having already left for some reason.

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