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Mobile Suit in Action!! RX-78-2 Gundam from 1999

Action figures (アクションフィギュア Akushonfigyua) of Gundam Mobile Suits have been made by Bandai dating back to 1984 in addition to the Gunpla model kits. Bandai and other licensees have also made human action figures. Mecha figures have articulation similar to Gunpla kits, and generally come with some number of accessories for enacting different action poses. They range from simple toys to finely detailed painted models with full decals. Some include die-cast metal parts. In recent times, they are primarily released under Bandai's Tamashii Nations brand.


Often Mobile Suit action figures are considered non-scale, but many are made to be similar size to scale Gunpla models. When referring to scales in this article and the linked pages, it may mean that the action figure is merely very close to or approximately that size. Some lines do not advertise an official scale, but are made to be in scale with the other models of that line.[1] The choice of size often reflects considerations of the action figure industry.


Most of the robot action figures are intended as toys, but some are meant for mature and adult collectors. Materials used include soft PVC plastic, harder and more durable ABS plastic, and friction-resistant POM for joints.[1] Some series include die-cast metal parts, for example at the points of articulation, which is considered by many to be a desirable feature in robot action figures and can increase durability. The complexity and detail of Gundam designs generally prevents as extensive use of die-cast as seen in Bandai's Chogokin lines, although they often have a relatively high degree of metal and are heavy pieces.

Some figures include full transformation if appropriate, and even as extensive or more extensive gimmicks than Gunpla in some cases.

Mobile Suit Series

In order of first Gundam-related release, lines include:

Human Action Figures

  • Mobile Suit Gundam - Bandai released a number of small action figures suitable for children of characters from Gundam series in 2001.
  • Figure Box - A collaboration between Bandai and Hot Toys to make two 1/6th scale Char Aznable action figures in 2005.
  • S.H.Figuarts - A line of human figures that has so far included two characters from Mobile Fighter G Gundam starting in 2008. In 2014 a prototype Char Aznable figure was revealed.
  • Armor Girls Project (AGP) - A line of female figures with detachable mecha armor which has included Gundam-related figures since 2012.
  • MegaHouse - Alongside static figures, a number of Gundam-related action figures have been released.


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