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The "Abode of the Army of Darkness is the manner in which the capital of the Army of Darkness is referred to throughout the SD Gundam Sengokuden saga. It is the city used both before and after the destruction of Zuum City.


The Abode of the Army of Darkness was used by said army on numerous occasions. It was their headquarters during the battle for A Boa Qu providing a base of operations for the Zaku Band of Three and Zakuto. The headquarters was used for the Zaku Band of Three's strategy meetings to develope strategies to overcome the Gundam Clan and the Gundam Band of Five. Yamishogun and the others switched the headquarters to Zuum City once it was constructed, however as it did not survive long, the headquarters was soon after switched back. Unlike Zuum City, the Gundam Clan was not shown to have ever inflitrated the Abode of the Army of Darkness.

Facilities and Equipment

The Abode of the Army of Darkness houses the Anti-Gundam Strategy Room as well as a central pond with a guardian carp. It is clear that the Abode is at least equipped with a telephone and fax machine.

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