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Abel Bauer is a fictional character from After War Gundam X.


An ace pilot for the New United Nations Earth military, Abel Bauer was key to taking the independent nation of Saints Island, and is loaned to Shagai and Olba Frost in their special mission. Given a newly developed mobile suit based upon the Gundams used during the 7th Space War, the NRX-016 Rasveht, Abel engages the Freeden and its mobile suits. When the Frost brothers failed to support him during the attack, Abel's fear of being killed caused the Flash System in the Rasveht to activate, allowing him to control several mobile bits identical to his mobile suit.

After engaging in a pitched battle against the Freeden, he was forced to retreat to safety. While attempting to repair his mobile suit for another sortie against the Freeden, he was murdered by the Frost brothers for being able to manifest Newtype abilities.


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