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Aaron Ackerson (アーロン・アッカーソン Āron akkāson)?) is a character in Gundam Build Fighters Document. He is the pilot of the Gundam Hazel Chieftain and RX-78GP02AD Gundam GP02 (Physalis Centurion).


A British university student. He was respected from the surrounding area because he started Gunpla Battle as soon as possible locally. Little by little he became famous with justice as a battle rule. The battle with Takeshi who was visiting the United Kingdom at that time ended with a complete defeat for Ackerson, and his pride was destroyed.



  • He is a fan of "Motherland novel" and "Rabbits of WaterShip Down"
  • He likes the Gundam model of "A.O.Z", this character makes reference to this series.
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