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As Kamille returns to space, the Titans fleet prepares for Operation Apollo, a plan to conquer Von Braun City on the near side of the moon. The Titans plan to display their power through this operation and gain control over the Earth Federation and the spacenoids.

Jamitov Hymen's ship is approached by the Dogosse Gier, a Titans ship being captained by Paptimus Scirocco, who previously piloted the Messala and had a few quick encounters with the Argama. The Titans leader reminisces on the loyalty oath pledged to him by Scirocco.

At the Argama, Bright wonders about the Titans fleet since it left Gryps. He and Emma Sheen wonder what could be their target, when Kamille starts a fight with Torres and Saegusa. Emma lectures Kamille, reading him like a book and correctly deducing him that he fell in love while on Earth and is now lonely, and that's why he snapped at Torres.

At the Dogosse Gier, Scirocco informs Jamaican Daninghan that the Dogosse Gier will be taking independent action as it's unit is newly formed and they must assess their own abilities. Jamaican gives Scirocco permission to do as he wishes, as long as he reunites with the Alexandria and the rest of the Titans fleet in time for Operation Apollo. Near the ship, Jerid Messa and Mouar Pharaoh are getting used to their brand new Gabthley, courtesy of Paptimus Scirocco. Jerid still doesn't fully understand Scirocco's true intentions, but is thrilled at the prospect of destroying the Mk-II with this new weapon.

Scirocco arrives in the Messala and takes a particular interest in Mouar's skills. The three return to the Dogosse Gier, where Mouar inquires Scirocco about his objectives, comparing them with the goals of the AEUG. Scirocco immediately dismisses her, telling them that the AEUG is no different from the Earth Federation. Jerid doesn't seem convinced, however, and Scirocco tells them that Jamitov's plan is to start a war that will exhaustively force Earth's economy to the brink, eradicating the Earth's population through mass famine: his objectives diverge from the AEUG in what happens after the Earth has been freed from mankind, as Scirocco believes that someone should rule humanity after all is over.

At the disciplinary room, Kamille, Torres and Saegusa make amends, as Scirocco has Jerid launch in the Gabthley to scout for enemies, where he comes across the Argama and it's crew quickly assume battle positions. Kamille and Emma launch in their respective mobile-suits. both are shocked by the firing power and mobility of the Gabthley. Jerid makes quick work of Emma's Rick Dias, forcing her to use an escape pod, and then set his sights on the Mk-II.

Things take a turn for the worse when Mouar arrives on her Gabthley to give Jerid backup. The fight is now two-on-one, and Kamille is totally outmatched and is nearly killed when Fa and Apolly show up with an armored transport shuttle and the Zeta Gundam in wave-rider mode as a last-minute rescue.

Jerid ends up in the infirmary after having his Gabthley destroyed by Apolly, piloting the Zeta Gundam. Scirocco takes advantage of the situation and attempts to seduce Mouar. Back at the Argama, Kamille and Fa are properly reunited after so long, and share a long, loving hug.

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  • Script: Hiroshi Ohnogi & Minoru Onoya
  • Unit Director: Takao Motohashi
  • Animation Director: Kisaraka Yamada