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 A Reason to Battle is the sixth episode of Gundam Build Fighters.


To have a rematch against Tatsuya Yuki, and beat him—this has been Reiji's only motivation for fighting Gunpla battles. But now that Yuki has suddenly withdrawn from the competition, Reiji has lost his purpose, and aimlessly wanders the streets. Sei, too, is frustrated that he can't have a rematch with Yuki. Seeing the two of them, China feels an indescribable uneasiness. Now that Reiji is unable to fight Yuki, where is he going to end up? But Sei vows to believe in Reiji, and looks forward to his eventual return. Meanwhile, Reiji is trembling with fear as Tatsuya Yuki appears before him. And clutched in his hand is the Zaku Amazing!


At Seiho Academy, Sei Iori rushes through the halls. Sei recalls the surprising decline of Tatsuya Yuuki to enter the Japan Block 3 quarterfinals, handing the win to Susumu Sazaki by default. He reaches the Student Council room, only to find Monta Gonda. Gonda explains that Tatsuya isn't at school to head the Plamo club either, and has taken a indefinite leave of absence.

At his house, Sei explains the story to Reiji, who assumes that Tatsuya quit both Gunpla Battle and school. Sei states hat he asked around, but no one really knows why.

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  • The episode title is similar to that of Mobile Suit Gundam 00 season 2 episode 2, "A Reason to Fight".
  • The GN-X pilot from the Gunpla Battle which Reiji sees on the street resembles Gundam 00's Patrick Colasour, who also pilots a GN-X in the series. He is defeated by a young boy piloting an Asshimar. This cameo is possibly a reference to Colasour being defeated in the anime even by some ridiculous ways, yet surviving in the process.
  • The Zaku Amazing kicks the Build Strike Gundam Full Package in the same manner Char's Zaku did to the Gundam in episode 3 of Mobile Suit Gundam. Both Gunpla units explode in the same way as the Gundam GP01-Fb Zephyranthes Full Burnern and Gundam GP02A Physalis in episode 10 of Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory.
  • During the post credits scene, Nine asks Aila to predict the winner of the fight between Kato and Sei/Reiji. She states, "The white Gunpla will win.", a reference to when Lalah Sune predicted the Gundam's victory over the Conscon Fleet in episode 34 of Mobile Suit Gundam, "A Fateful Encounter".
  • The next episode preview tagline ("Gunpla battle! Ready? Go!") echoes the catchphrase of Mobile Fighter G Gundam ("Gundam fight! Ready? Go!").
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