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A New Weapon! Erupting God Finger is the twenty-sixth episode of Mobile Fighter G Gundam.


The finals have started and Domon's first opponent is Zeus Gundam, the favorite to win the championship. Domon is restless, so he goes through Neo Hong Kong looking for a place to stay. He sees the Zeus Gundam and meets its pilot. Domon boasts he will easily defeat him, which provokes the latter into a fight. Domon is defeated by him due to his immense strength and size. Domon is thrown into the sea where he is picked up by an old man and his grandchildren aboard a small fishing boat. The old man gives Domon some advice, and Domon becomes more confident. The match begins, and it looks as if Domon is going to lose, taking several hits. It turns out Domon was letting the Zeus Gundam attack him, and Domon defeats the Zeus Gundam with his new technique, the Erupting God Finger.

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